How Do I Reset my Canon Printer to Factory Settings?

Canon printers are widely used throughout the globe cause of the privileges that they offer, and the features are pretty unique. The inkjet printers generate prints almost instantly with HD quality results. People who know how to print on cardstock canon pixma just can't seem to have enough of these printers.

But sometimes, it happens that the users feel some difficulties while working with the Canon printers, and there is no other option to rectify them other than restoring the canon printer to its factory settings.

Following are some techniques to help you

Resetting the wired printers

Resetting makes the printer work efficiently and resolves issues with it. 

Resetting the wired printers

Power reset

It is the most basic form of resetting that all of us do when the printer is not working. Turn off your printer and then disconnect it from the primary power source. Allow it to rest for 10 minutes, and then plug in the switch again and start printing. 40% of the issues are resolved by doing this simple power reset. We found this method helpful for ocr compatible scanners as well.

Cartridge resetting

The cartridge is an essential part of the printer, and any problem with the cartridge can result in the malfunctioning of the printer. Remove the ink cartridge from Canon and then place it into the ink checking mechanism. While holding the cartridges to the ink checker, wait for a while until it blinks the light that symbolizing that your cartridge is perfectly ok.

After inspecting your ink cartridge, install it back into the canon printer and start the printing process. And if you need guidance regarding connecting it to your laptop, then learn how to connect a Cannon printer to a laptop with a usb cable.

Cartridge resetting

How to do a quick factory reset?

Push The stop button instantly until you can hear the alarm of your canon printer. Then push the start button under the alarm has rung almost 19 times. This restores your device to the factory settings.

The printer has no memory of the previous connections, so you need to reinstall the devices in drivers on your computer and then reinstall the printer with it.

How to do a quick factory reset

How to reset with the help of default factory reset settings?

The default option of restoring factory settings of the Canon printer is given on its menu board.

  • Press the 'stop' and 'power' buttons of the printer simultaneously and keep pressing them for about 5 to 10 seconds.
  • Some advanced printers have the option of restart button given at the top, press it for about 5 to 10 seconds.
  • You would be restored to its factory settings within no time.

Resetting with the resume button

In case if you want to reset your ink cartridge, try pressing the resume and power buttons simultaneously to restore the ink levels in cartridges.

Resetting with the resume button
  • Press and hold the resume button from the main menu panel of the printer.
  • Similarly, press and hold the power button.
  • Now gently remove your hand from the resume button.
  • While keeping your hand at the power button, press the resume button quickly for about 5 seconds and keeping tapping.
  • Now remove your hand from the power button.
  • The light symbol depicting the ink level of the cartridge would stop blinking by then and would be stabilized at a green color, showing that your ink cartridge has been reset and the printer is ready to use.
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