Printer Status Spooling: What Does It Mean and How to Fix It?

Printer spooling is software that controls the data being given to the printer for printing. It sort of acts as a communicator between the computer and the printer. So, if this connection fails, the data sent to the printer is not printed, and as a result spooling error occurs. The computer gives the notification repeatedly that your printer status is spooling. We encountered this issue while doing the edible printer reviews.

This error is really very annoying and makes anyone frustrated, just like when your hp printer won't recognize new ink cartridge. The purpose of the print spooler is to allow the user to delete some files that are in a printing process or that are kept in the waiting line to be printed.

The print spooler works to do the printing process smoothly, and if there is some delay, the problem might be with the print spooler.

We get frustrated because most of us are unaware of the term "spooler." There is a question why a computer uses such a difficult language, so we cannot respond instantly or troubleshoot.

The answer to it is yet unknown, but there are a few strategies that you can adopt to fix your printer spooler issue.

Why Does Spooling Occur?

This issue occurs when the data is not properly accessible to the printer. There can be a lot of problems why the data is not being transferred efficiently?

The printer might be disconnected. If the printer is wireless, there can be some issue with your internet connection, or the printer software might have collapsed.

It is quite an interesting fact that a printer's memory is very weak. It cannot hold the data for too long if the connection is lost. So, it needs to get active access to the files, documents, or pictures it is about to print. When the spooling error occurs, you need to fix it; otherwise, there is no other option.

Printer status spooling

In a workplace, generally, there is a single printer, and many devices are attached to it. It is a bright chance that every computer does not have a separate printer attached to it. So, as many users are accessing the printer at a single time, printer spooling occurs.

The spooling sorts line up the files to be printed. The order of this lineup is not fixed or predictable, but mostly it is in the order of the files being sent to it.

So, if it frequently occurs at your workplace, do not panic and wait patiently for your turn. Let the printer do its work gradually.

How to Troubleshoot and Fix Spooling Errors?

There are a few simple methods you can adopt to troubleshoot this problem.

Use the Taskbar

The most simple and easiest way to stop spooling is by closing it through your windows. Almost everyone is using Microsoft windows. So, go to the taskbar through the startup menu and then go to the services option.

Use the taskbar

In the queue of services mentioned, the spooling option is visible. Select the spooling option and then close it if you want.

Administrative Tools

Using administrative tools is another option you can use to quit the spooling error. You can find the administrative tools in your control panel. First, click the start option or window icon given at the ultimate left corner of your computer screen.

Using administrative tools

Then go to the control panel and choose administrative tools from it. From administrative tools, you can find service options.

There is a printer spooler option given. Right, click on that option, and you will see a series of actions you can take. Select the pause printer spooling option.

Using the Shortcut Keys

Use a common combination of shortcut keys, i.e., ctrl, alt, and delete at once. It would open the taskbar manager. From here, you can choose the end task option. It shows you a series of windows that are running. Choose the spooler option and then select the end task. It would close the printer spooler error at once.


If a printer spooler error occurs, it is better to wait than to close it. Let the printer rearrange the files themselves and complete the printing process. But if you wish to close it. It also has a benefit, if you take your files back, it will lessen the workload on the printer, and it would work efficiently.

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My printer isnt printing from wireless computers. It keeps coming up as spooling. How can I get it to print again


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