How to Print a Poster-Sized Picture on a Regular Printer?

Posters are created for many purposes, including fun and business purposes. Posters are usually printed on large-sized paper. They serve various purposes ranging from banners to advertisement purposes. Posters can be printed in black and white as well as colored, depending upon the reason why you want them. You can also convert someone's picture in the form of a poster to gift them.

So, the main purpose of a poster is to highlight and elaborate the picture or message given with it. To satisfy this need, the size of a poster is generally large as compared to a normal printed page. Poster designing is a very simple and easy process if you know what to do.

If you purchase a poster or get a poster made from a printing shop, it is not expensive, and you have to be limited within your budget. It is also a very time-consuming process as you have to wait for the photographer to make it. So, if you know how to make it yourself, you would be able to save your time and money. So, you can generate the poster according to the size and quantity you want.

What is tiled printing?

To print a poster-size image using a normal page, we employ the technique named tired printing. In tiled printing format, a single piece of paper serves the purpose of a tile as it is a part of a large-sized poster. The size of a poster is not limited, even if you are printing using a regular printer. You can generate wall-sized posters with your little regular printer.

What is tiled printing

Resolution adjustment

The biggest problem that occurs while if we convert any picture into poster size is the resolution. If you want to convert a simple picture into a wall-sized poster, its pixels will blast, causing the image to be printed blurry. To avoid this blunder, you need to halftone your picture before converting it into a poster.

Halftoning converts your picture into a dotted pattern to look like a clear picture from a distance. By converting the image into a halftone, you can enlarge them as much as you can without worrying about the pixels and resolution.

How to create a poster-sized photo?

If you look at the printer and printing options in general, you could see that you can only use standard A4 or A3 paper sizes.

How to create a poster-sized photo
  • Open up the picture that you want to make a poster with Microsoft paint.
  • When you open up the Microsoft paint option, you can see at the ultimate left top corner there is an option of 'file.' click that option and select the option of 'open.' from here, you can select the photo or image that you want to open in Microsoft paint.
  • As your photo has been opened in the Microsoft paint, all you need to do is to direct a Microsoft paint that you have to print that photo on multiple pages.
  • How to print a poster-size photo?
  • Select the option of the file again here, you will see the option of 'print.' Select that option and then select the option of 'page setup.' From there, you can change the layout of the picture.
  • So, a page setup window is opened.
  • So, choose the option of scaling and then choose the paper size of standard A4, and its orientation should be landscape.
  • Save your settings, and then the printer would know that it should print your image on multiple pages.
  • Finally, select the option of 'print' to get your poster-sized image printed.

Well, that's it for today. We'll be covering how to print excel spreadsheet on one page in our next post. Stay tuned for that.

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