How To Print 11*17 On Epson WF-7720?

11*17 size paper, popularly known as a tabloid, B size sheet, or ledger, is used comprehensively by professionals. These professionals include CAD drafters, architects, and engineers.

As the size is a bit unusual, it is estimated that you will be facing issues while printing out the sheet. To help you circumvent the complexities, today, we will give you a detail on how to print 11*17 on Epson wf-7720 like a boss.

Be sure that your attempts will keep failing if you’re not at the end of this write-up.

Why Use 11*17 Size Particularly?

Does your curious mind want to learn the convincing reasons why 11*17 size is unmatchable?

11*17 Size

Allow us to quench the thirst of your curious mind!

Extended Area

Unlike a standard A4 size paper, a tabloid sheet can house official documentation and designs of larger size.

You can present a whole idea using less paper; thus, you needn’t to carry a heap of sheets to your workplace.


As a user of CAD software, it becomes far easier for you to read and comprehend the CAD-created drawings as you don’t need to scale those too much.


Posters and magazines made with this particular size are more conspicuous, thus getting more buyers’ attention.


By cutting or folding a single sheet symmetrically, you can create wide fragmented sections. Every section can be used to meet a specific need.

This cuts off the potential risk of losing one single paper.

What Size Does The Epson WF-7720 Print?

To be straightforward, Epson 7720 is essentially built to print 13*19 size paper, which is also known as Super-B size. It is even mechanized to scan documents having a size of 11*17 or less than that.

Now, the question is - can the printer print papers of 11*17 size?

Epson WF-7720 Print

The printer can deal with this specific size elegantly with no visible issue, according to the users.

How To Print 11*17 On Epson WF-7720?

Here is how you can make the printer print 11*17 papers for you:

  • First of all, open the search engine on your computer and search for
  • Navigate to Epson WorkForce WF-7720. There you will see the Download option.
  • This is the option that leads you to the official printer driver. Complete the installation. 

Remember that as soon as you don’t install this particular driver successfully, the printer will never allow you to print out your expected-sized sheet.

How To Print 11*17 On Epson WF-7720

Once the driver is installed with success, you can proceed with the following steps:

  • From your computer’s file section, open the doc. that you will be printing.
  • Select the file option and from there hit the print button
  • Click on the properties, and you will be given another option named preferences
  • After hitting the preferences button, choose the paper/quality tab
  • Just next to the paper size option, there is a drop-down menu for you. Click on it and choose the size 11*17.
  • Confirm your size by clicking ok and finally press the print button. 

If you follow our steps carefully and consecutively, your attempt should succeed. In case you fail once, don’t hesitate to try next.

Can Epson WF-7720 Print Document With Photo?

Don’t be concerned if your word document contains a relevant photo. The printer can print that too, although the accuracy of color might not be fully satisfactory.

 Epson WF-7720 Print Document With Photo

However, if you want the printer to print a photo only, remember that the recommended size is 4”*7” or 5”*7”.

Final words

So, this is how you can print 11*17 tabloid paper with Epson wf-7720. You may try the method with any other branded or modeled printer, although we don’t guarantee you the professional outcome.

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