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InkSaver – Reviews & Testimonials

REVIEWS & TESTIMONIALS Read reviews and comments of what excited customers are saying about InkSaver!



“Black text remained almost perfect at 25% and acceptable at an astonishing 45 percent saving”

Rob Saw, ComputerActive Magazine, 8/02

PC World Australia

“with a 25 per cent saving on colour and 35 per cent on black, the results are more than satisfactory for everyday use.”

Will Head, Australian PC World, 10/02

Windows Made Easy


“a superb and unique piece of software that will benefit computer users everywhere … It’s about time a software manufacturer produced something like this – great value and extremely easy to use”

Stuart Tarrant, Windows Made Easy Magazine, 7/02 (issue 51)

PC Home


“worth its weight in cartridges … The setup is incredibly simple and the software works to decrease the amount of ink used on each print job.”

Poz Hulls, PC Home Magazine, 7/02 (issue 125)

PC World


“InkSaver can pay for itself after just a few cartridges … InkSaver is convenient and works well enough to justify its $35 purchase price”

Dan Littman, PC World Magazine, 8/02

USA Today


“It worked best for printing text, graphics and Web pages on plain paper. At Inksaver’s 25-percent ink-reduction setting, text still looks sharp and presentable… a $34.99 investment in Inksaver can make sense.”

Peter Svensson, Associated Press business writer, 7/24/02

IT Reviews


“InkSaver is simple to use and pretty impressive overall… a very solid application which really does work and will save you money in the long run, particularly if you’re a heavy printer user.”

– IT Reviews, 9/02 (issue 125)


“I have been very happy with the program. InkSaver allows me to put out 1st class letters for my business and still keep my grandchildren happy with their multicolored pictures (with out putting me in poor house).

Stan Ostroff, Hazel Crest, IL

“I was so tired of wet pages and of buying so many cartridges in the course of a year. InkSaver impressed me so much, I bought copies for friends.”

Tom Becker, San Jose

“Does it work? Yes. How? I have no idea!”

Jack Fischer, The Computer Club, Sun City Center, Florida

“The program itself is really easy to use… I can tell my cartridge will last a lot longer.”

Brian Grellmanthi, Richmond, British Columbia

“The cost saving offered by this software is very significant … wonderful and innovative software that lightens pocket load for inkjet users. I will wholeheartedly recommend this software to my friends.”

Jason Niu, Richmond Hill, Ontario

“Installation was easy… Print quality was stunning”

Jon Barron, Chatsworth, California

“I」e been reviewing printers for years, and the most common complaint is the high cost of ink. Finally, someone has come up with an elegant solution to this problem.”

Graeme Bennett, PCBuyersGuide.com

“It performed as promised… Give it a try and save yourself some ink”

Carol Lee, San Francisco PC User’s Group

“I print off house listings on a daily basis, and use a lot of ink. Being able to save ink, while still maintaining quality, is very important to me.”

Dave Lindsay, MacDonald Realtors

“I usually print in draft mode to save ink, but the quality is really poor. Now I can print in Normal or Best mode, save a lot of ink, and get high quality printouts.”

Glenn Jensen, Owner, Legends Neighborhood Pub & Restaurant

“I think InkSaver works great! I truly believe I’ll have saved about $200 after a year.”

Rev. Roger Straw, Benicia, California

“Customers donチt like the high price of ink cartridges, but most people are unwilling to try no-name ink cartridges or refill kits. InkSaver is a great way to save money while still using the printer manufacturerチs recommended ink cartridges.”

John McKay, Manager, Simply Computing Computer Store

“I am most pleased with the program, it’s simplicity, and ease of operation.”

Bill Colotelo, Sarnia PC User’s Group

“With inkjet printers selling at cut-rate prices, consumers are more conscious than ever about the high cost of ink cartridges. The timing couldnチt be better for a product like this.”

Chips Godfrey, Vice President, Levin Consulting

“My first reaction to this product was ヌYou can save ink with software?チ This is really a breakthrough technology!”

Ray Lee, Discount-Software