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Inksaver Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How does InkSaver work?
A. InkSaver uses patented technology to analyze and control printer data. InkSaver uses advanced algorithms, optimizing printer data so that less ink is laid down on the page and you save money every time you print.

Q. After I install InkSaver, do I need to do any extra steps when I print?
A. InkSaver works behind the scenes, every time you print. Once you setup InkSaver, you can forget about it. Just click “Print” like you normally do and InkSaver goes to work, reducing ink automatically. Additionally, InkSaver also gives you the option to customize your settings at any time to suit the kind of document you’re printing.

Q. How is InkSaver different than printing in Draft mode?
A. Unlike printing in Draft mode, InkSaver lets you reduce the ink you’re using while still printing at a high resolution. A printer typically uses bigger dots and prints at a lower dpi (dots per inch) resolution when printing in Draft mode. With InkSaver, you can print at your inkjet’s highest dpi resolution, using small dots – and because it intelligently reduces the amount of ink laid down on the page, it can reduce ink consumption without noticeably impacting print quality.

Q. Will InkSaver harm my printer?
A. InkSaver is completely safe to use. It uses breakthrough software technology (patented) to reduce the amount of ink your printer uses. It does not affect any of your printer’s components or electronics. InkSaver has been extensively researched, developed and tested by printer improvement software experts at Spline Network.

Q. Will InkSaver work with my ink cartridges or ink refill kit?
A. InkSaver will work with every brand of inkjet cartridge that is compatible with your printer — whether the printer manufacturer or someone else makes the ink cartridge. InkSaver is also fully compatible with ink refill kits.

Q. Where can I buy InkSaver?
A. It is available from leading software distributors and retailers worldwide. For a list of distributors, please click here.

Q. How much will I save?
A. Over the lifetime of a printer, InkSaver can save hundreds of dollars in ink costs. The Ink Savings Estimator helps you keep track of these savings.

Q. Can I use InkSaver for all my printing requirements?
A. It is designed to print everything from Web pages and presentations to photos and text documents. InkSaver will work with any application that you normally print from.

Q. Can I vary the amount of ink I save/use?
A. InkSaver is very flexible and gives users complete control. One simple slider allows black ink and color ink savings to be specified exactly – from ‘0% No savings’ to ‘75% Maximum savings’.

Q. Does InkSaver support my connection method?
A. InkSaver supports the following printer connections: USB, parallel, serial, Shared printer and TCP/IP.

Q. I have two printers. Will I need multiple copies of InkSaver?
A. InkSaver is licensed for use with one computer. This means that if you have more than one printer connected to your computer, you can use one copy of InkSaver for all your connected printers.

Q. Does InkSaver work with laser jet printers?
A. No, InkSaver is only compatible with inkjet printers.

Q. Are there other products that can do the same thing?
A. InkSaver is the world’s first, and to our knowledge, only Windows-based, easy to use, intelligent software solution that enables users to reduce the amount of ink used by inkjet printers.

Q. What operating systems are supported?
A. Windows® 7(x86 x64) and XP(x86)

Q. Is there a Mac version of InkSaver?
A. Not at this time, but we’re considering it.

Q. Can I try InkSaver before I buy it.
A. Yes! A trial version is available. Click here to download.

Q. Is InkSaver available in other languages?
A. InkSaver is currently available in German and Japanese, please contact our Distributors for details. We will add support for other languages in time. Check here to find out when new languages become available.