How To Make Cardstock Boxes At Home Easily?

Cardstock boxes are made up of cardboard. They are easy and convenient to make, just like printing on black cardstock. You can make any shape and any kind of cardstock boxes you like. Card boxes are cheap and simple. Plus, they have a lot of hidden space to keep your things beautifully in place.

Cardstock boxes can be used to make gift boxes, cardstock cupboard, cardstock houses and many other things you need.

So, if you have cardboard, do not throw it away as it is very useful to create new, unique and colorful stuff. You can not exactly categorize what is the most appropriate material to make a cardstock box.

You can use empty chips boxes, shoe boxes, cereal boxes, cartons, and milk boxes for creating awesome things with them.

So, all you need is some time, some equipment and some creative ideas to make wonderful and useful objects with cardboard. Here are a few ideas to help you.

Making Cardstock Gift Boxes

Suppose you give someone a gift with a simple wrapping sheet on it, and if you give someone a gift in a well decorated and unique cardstock box. Wouldn't it be special?

And if you are making it yourself, it would add to its importance and shows how much that person means to you.

Making Cardstock Gift Boxes

So, all you need are a few very easily accessible things and get your cardstock gift box ready in no time.

First things first, knowing how to fold thick paper will make the process of making gift boxes with cardstock paper pretty easy. Here, you need a ruler and a lead pencil. So, take your cardstock box and place it on a flattened surface. Make the markings of the size of your gift, and then cut the box accordingly.

When all the pieces are cut, glue them together in the right direction and then allow them to dry. When dried, you can paint the walls if you want. For a quick solution, you can paste wrapping paper on it with the help of glue. Now, allow it to dry.

The wrapping paper itself is enough, but you can add some props or toys with it to add to its beauty. You can also try using glitter sheets patches. It would create a ready-made type of box.

Making Cardstock Games

You can use empty shoeboxes to create fun games for your children. Creating a football field would be an exciting idea. You can paint the bottom green and place small plastic nets in it. You can also use plastic figures and football to add to it. You can make a maze in it.

Making Cardstock Games using shoe box

Making some ball games would be exciting too. You can also put some marbles in it. Try making a decoration out of it. For this, take a shoebox and cut open one side of it. Then add some multi colored stones to it. Then put some sand over it and spread it all around.

Then place some grass or dried leaves over it. Now paint the outer sides of the box. You can also use brown or grey colored cray paper to cover the sides. It would give a beachside look. Place it anywhere in your house.

Toilet Rolls And Chips Boxes

Now, these two can create extremely interesting as well as handy things. Every morning when you open up your dressing drawer, you find all your makeup brushes scattered around. You know that they are getting rough. So, keeping them secure is very easy when the solution is in your hands.

You must have empty or near ending toilet papers in your homes. If not, any other chips box or any circular box would do. So, take an empty toilet paper roll or circular cardboard box and start working it.

Cut the rough upper edges of it to form a smooth area with the aid of a cutter. If the box is large, you can cut it according to your needs.

In the case of a chips box, peel off the covering over it and expose the brown area of the cardboard. Then coat a layer of water or poster paint over it. Allow drying. If you want to create a theme, then it is more exciting. Stick all the required things on it with glue, and your makeup holder is ready.

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