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How To Fold Cardstock Paper/A Quick Guide To Folding Thick And Heavy Cardstock Paper?

Folding heavy or cardstock paper is not an easy process like adjusitng the cricut settings for cardstock. If you have tried folding hard paper with your hand, you must have faced some difficulties. The folding is not so easy, and cracks quickly start to appear on the paper.

To avoid this, you have to first make a line or mark in the cardstock paper to fold it in a proper way. This marking or lining is called scoring – the purpose of which is to prevent cracks, perfect the folded crease, and present a professional-looking piece.

There are several ways to carry out the scoring task on the types of cardstock paper you can find on the market:


Home cutlery items such as forks and knives can actually help you with the scoring process efficiently. For this purpose, you need a knife and a scale or ruler. Now mostly, cardstock paper needs to be folded from the center into two equal halves.

Measure the width of the cardstock paper and then make a mark with a lead pencil in the exact center of the cardstock.

Now place your scale in a straight direction longitudinal to the mark you have made. Hold the knife in your hand with the sharp blade facing upward and make a mark by pressing the knife exactly with the scale. Your cardstock is divided into two equal halves.

Bone Folder

Another option is to use a bone folder. It is a more suitable option and is mostly used for craft purposes. It is made up of plastic or bone and is used for marking purposes. Its usage is the same as that of a knife. Keep the ruler straight and make a mark with it.

Scoring Boards

Scoring boards are typically used for this purpose. They are used to work with the markings. To work with them, place your cardstock paper in a latitudinal direction with the scoring board. This would show you the measurements of the cardstock paper.

Scoring Boards

At the exact center of your cardstock paper, make a mark, and then draw a line perpendicular line to that with the help of a bone folder or a knife. It is helpful because it ensures the correct markings and measurements.

Using A Folding Machine

If you want to print on a folded cardstock paper, then you need to take care of the folding process because if the cardstock is not properly folded, you may not get your required result, plus there is a chance that it might stuck in the printer, resulting in a paper jam.

Use professional folding machines available to fold heavy papers and cardstocks. Take the folding machine that folds the paper without decreasing the diameter of the paper much and without causing wrinkles on it.

Using Hand

If you are in a hurry and do not have time for the folding machine or don't have instruments, then you can try folding it with hand using a scale only. Now measure the length and width of the cardstock paper using the scale and then draw a line in the exact center of the cardstock paper with your nails. Recheck it once again and then fold it.

There is a small tip to help you with the perfect folding. To fold cardstock paper with the hand, hold the edges of cards away from the place where you are folding it. Press the folded area with some scale to get the perfect results.

Using An Iron

After the scoring process is done, the next step is folding. With the aid of the crease marks you have made using your hand or some instrument. Start to fold the cardstock paper gently to make an equal folding.

If there are still some creases on the paper, try using the cloth iron for ironing the cardstock paper. If the cardstock paper is matte, it would be better with iron. The purpose of ironing is that it gives a perfect finish to your folded cardstock paper, making it look like a professional card.

What Is The Benefit Of Scoring?

  • It gives a neat folding to your cardstock paper.
  • Scoring is an easy process and can be done with the aid of simple home instruments or with hand.
  • Scoring gives a professional look with your touch to the cardstock paper.
  • The scoring process makes folding much easier and feasible.

Lastly, if you are wondering how to print on black paper, follow the linked article.

Take care!

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