How To Fix The Hp Printer That Prints Blank Pages Only?

A printer was something unique in its early years when the technology was not so old. Nowadays printer is found almost everywhere, and everyone knows what a printer is.

You can see all types of printers, whether laser or inkjet, in schools, offices, universities and even in the household. A printer has made our lives and works much more convenient.

The documents from the soft form are converted into hard form with the aid of a printer almost instantly. But a machine is not so reliable and trustworthy all the time.

They can malfunction at any time. Suppose if you have successfully completed your assignment and tried to print it.

But all that comes out of the printer is a blank page with not even a single speck of ink. It is quite a frustrating situation. We faced this nuisance while reviewing the 11x17 printer for architects.

Now, there can be many reasons for it, the topmost being that your ink cartridge is empty.

Check Your Cartridge

There can be a problem with your ink cartridge. Almost all the time, there is an issue with the cartridge. The ink cartridge might be empty, dried up or else disconnected from the printer.

Check Your Ink Cartridge

So, whenever a blank page is printed out, check your ink cartridge and fix it. If it is empty, then get a new one and if the cartridge is loose, then fix it up again.

Check Printer Head

It can be a problem with your printer head. There can be a blockage in the printer head due to which the ink is unable to reach the paper, and a blank paper is emitted out from the printer. 

Try using the printer's cleaning cycle to clean the print head automatically. You can also try cleaning the printer head manually using some syringes and a wet towel.

Inappropriate Paper Size

Inappropriate Paper Size

A blank paper is also printed when the printing paper size is inappropriate. The printer can not recognize it, and a blank paper is printed. It is a little careless and can be corrected if the paper size is changed. If a properly sized paper is used, the print would be appropriate. Learning how do I print on thick paper with my epson printer may also help.

Check Ink Levels

Keep in check the ink level of the cartridge. Sometimes there is ink in the cartridge, but the ink level is very low that it cannot write. So, it prints a blank page.

Check Ink Levels

This error can be rectified by refilling the ink cartridge. Your printer will be printing the page normally in no time.

Software Malfunctioning

There can be a problem with software if the printer suddenly turns out to print blank pages. To rectify this issue, you need to uninstall and then reinstall the software.

Before uninstalling the software, you can try disconnecting and reconnecting the printer with your device.

Power Issue

There can be a power issue with the printer. It so happens that you can get a blank page from the printer by some issue in the power supply or power button of the printer that as it started to print, it got stuck halfway due to power failure. So, a blank paper comes out resultingly. Now, if, for some reason, you don't know what does it mean when printer is offline, check out our previous post.

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