How Do I Print a MICR Line on a Check?

As the number of transactions through bank checks is rapidly increasing, it is crucial for clearing houses to speed up the process and maintain security. 

MICR or Magnetic Ink Character Recognition is a special technology where specifically shaped symbols and numbers are used to print sensitive information. Using this technology, you can print necessary information on bank checks or other financial documents.

This process makes financial transactions a lot more reliable. It also takes less time for the machine to read the information printed on checks. We will take you through the detailed process of printing a MICR line on a check. Let’s get started.

How Do I Print a MICR Line on a Check?

Printing a MICR line on a check will require a few things and a simple process. We will break the process down here so that you can easily print a MICR line on your checks. Make sure you follow along.

How Do I Print a MICR Line on a Check

Important Things to Consider Before Printing

You need to make sure all the following criteria are met before you start printing your first MICR line on a check.

  • You should use the right MICR ink and paper to print such lines on a check.
  • The special type font E-13B should be used while printing MICR lines. This font contains ten numbers and four special symbols. 
  • You should also remember the margin and border dimensions before printing MICR lines.
  • The characters of the MICR line should be aligned properly with a MICR check position gauge pdf.

Other requirements for printing a MICR line will be disclosed in a moment. We request you to stick to the steps so that you can correctly print the line on your checks. For now, let’s get into the printing process.

Select a Good Printer

The first thing you will need to print a MICR line on a check is a good printer for checks. It should be compatible with special types of papers and inks used to print MICR lines. 

Install ezCheckPrinting and QuickBooks Virtual Printer

Select a Good Printer

Once you make up your mind to print a MICR line, you need to install ezCheckPrinting to print checks in QuickBooks. Once the software is installed on your computer, you should run one or two test prints to check whether everything works fine. If it doesn’t, check the settings and ensure the printer is ready to print.

Run ezCheckPrinting and Fill the Required Information

Open the application and fill in all the necessary details of your bank account and other information. Make sure you are giving valid information to make the MICR line correct. Otherwise, your check might be rejected.

Run ezCheckPrinting

Select the Right Format

After adding all the information, you can choose from different check printing formats. Select the right orientation depending on your preference, and check the final preview before printing.

Print the Check

Once everything is correctly done, you can hit the Print button to print a MICR line on the check. 

Do I Need MICR Ink to Print Checks?

Though the term MICR is referred to as Magnetic Ink Character Recognition, you might not need a magnetic ink nowadays. Instead of magnetic detection, these characters are now often optically detected. It eliminates the need to use magnetic ink for printing MICR lines.

Do I Need MICR Ink to Print Checks

You can now print checks on a HP printer or other printers capable of printing on certain types of paper. By using the right application to process your information, you can print MICR lines with your regular printers. To ensure the lines are detected correctly, you need to check the next section.

Why MICR Line Not Reading?

Often, MICR lines don’t correctly appear when scanned by a MICR scanner. Issues can reside at both the customer’s and the bank’s end. Here is a quick overview of why the MICR line isn’t reading.

Why MICR Line Not Reading
  • If the check is printed with weak magnetic ink or no magnetic ink at all, it can cause problems while scanning.
  • The incorrect positioning and spacing of MICR characters on the check are one of the main reasons behind this.
  • If the check is folded along the MICR line or crumpled, or has worn out MICR lines, it may fail to be read.
  • A scanner with a worn-out magnetic head might also fail to read a perfectly printed check.

What Does It Mean If the MICR Line Has an Intruder?

The MICR Line area at the bottom of a check will have a certain boundary. Anything coming inside the boundary is known as an intruder. This can be the extended part of your signature or the digits showing the date.

When a MICR line has an intruder mobile deposit, it will face issues while clearing the check with magnetic scanners. ATMs might also reject such checks if there is an intruder in the MICR line. So, you should keep the line free from intrusions.

MICR Line Requirements

Besides characters and spacing, you need to focus on some other factors to print a MICR line on a check properly. Here is a brief overview of the MICR line format requirements according to international standards. 

Check Size

According to ANSI, the check should be 6-8.75 inches wide and 2.75-3.66 inches high. 

MICR Line Requirements

MICR Line Features

The line should be printed using E-13B special type font. Other than ten numbers, it contains symbols like Transit, Amount, On-Us, and Dash. The positioning of the characters should be done according to the ANSI standards to avoid issues later on.

MICR Line Placement

You can’t just print a MICR line anywhere on a check. It must be printed in the clear band area. The clear band area is 5/8 inches high. But you can’t use the whole height to print the line.

You can use only 1/4 inches of area to print the MICR line. There should be 3/16 inches of empty space as a border on the top and bottom of the line. If this isn’t maintained properly, the check might get rejected. The best way to easily print your check correctly is to see a MICR line example on other checks.

Final Words

MICR encoding is a great way to optimize the processing time of bank checks and other financial documents. You can easily print the necessary information in the MICR line using your printer, special inks, and the right software.

We showed you the simplest way of printing a MICR line on a check so that you can do it on your own. Make sure you read the requirements and fulfill them properly to print a check that can be read in a fraction of a second.

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