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Brothers’ Printer Leaving Black Marks On The Edges Of Paper? How To Fix It?

Brother printers are made with the best art technology to take care of the printing needs at work or home. They Sometimes the issues occur with printers, and all of them are frustrating.

One of them is that the printer is leaving black marks on the edges of the paper, or there are black strips on the printed document.

There are several reasons for it may be due to the sticking of are useless materials to the drum of the printer. Stapler pins, paper residue, leftover glue particles, and labels of the envelope all deteriorate the quality of print.

The black marks appear due to the building of such filthy materials on the printer drum.

So, the question arises that how would you fix them.

Fixing The Drum Of The Printer

Most probably, the black marks are due to the useless materials stuck on the printer drum, so you need to fix it at once. So, first of all, you need to detach the printer drum from it. Then remove the toner cartridge from the drum. Toner allows the materials to be stuck on the drum.

Fixing The Drum Of The Brother Printer

Now examine the parts of the drum carefully and then clean it by wiping the surface of a drum with alcoholic or cotton pieces. Alcohol is best to clean it because the water would not be able to clean up the toner from it.

Replacing Toner Cartridge

There could be an issue with the toner cartridge if the printer is still leaving black marks on the paper the cleaning the printer drum. The leakage in it shows that the toner cartridge needs to be replaced at once.

Also, if the toner cartridge is leaking, the toner would be loose and spread around the drum so that there would be black smudges or black strips on the paper.

Checking The Paper Quality

If low-quality papers are used with the printer, there is a chance start the paper dust, or paper residue would be left out and be stuck on the printer drum.

It does not affect at once, but in the near future, it starts to print out black edges on the paper, instead of spending a lot of money and changing the whole drum itself good quality papers and spend some money on them.

Cleaning The Printer Head

Before anything learn how to check ink levels on brother printer. Ensure that there is enough ink in the tank.

Now, the problem can occur if the printer head is dirty and not working correctly. If the printer is kept unused for days and months, the thing ink gets accumulated in the printer head, blocking it. So, when the printer is turned on to print, it leaves marks on paper because the dried ink in the printer head stops the way of fresh ink.

Cleaning The Printer Head

The dried ink bursts the ink bubble so that ink specks are created on the print. To solve this problem, there is a simple solution of cleaning the printer head using an alcoholic wipe or a cotton ball wet with water.

Before signing off, we would like to inform you that - if you're wondering what is the best printer for crafting, Brother printers are definitely not the answer. And we have reached to that conclusion by practical hands-on experience with their units.

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