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Epson Printer Cardstock Settings For Printing Thick And Heavy Cards?

Epson printer users often find themselves confused about whether or not they can use their machines to print thick and heavy cards. It is understandable to get overwhelmed with technology, so the first thing you should always do as a rule of thumb is that before choosing a paper for printing, you should check your paper requirements against your printer settings.

Paper Setting

The paper setting is different when it comes to printing heavy cardstock paper. A printer, like you have seen in our photo booth printer reviews, usually stacks a bundle of printing paper, but in case of heavy cardstock, it cannot do so.

It is advisable not to make a heavy pile of papers in the printer tray; otherwise, you would face a paper jam error or even worse.

Paper Setting

So, with heavy cardstock paper, make a small pile. And if you want to generate a print on single cardstock paper, then put one paper in the printing tray.

Printing Method

You can use the manual paper feed method with every type of card stock or heavy paper rather it be matte or glossy. The paper weight ranging from 1.3 mm to 51 mm can be used. Epson printed allows A4, legal or letter size with printing papers.

  • Push the output printing tray and then keep the tray open.
  • Now adjust the paper thickness lever to the top position. You can see the paper light flashing rapidly.
  • Then slide the edge towards the right to make space for the cardstock paper.
  • Now open the printer cover of the printer and put a cardstock sheet with the right side of the manual feed slot with the desired side of the paper to be printed, facing downwards.
  • Now keep sliding the cardstock paper into the printer until the top edge is 1 cm away from the grey rollers.
  • Now slide the edge guide in the opposite direction to the cardstock.
  • Now we need to adjust the paper thickness lever to the printing position.
  • Now close the printer cover and press the paper icon to fill the cardstock into the printer.
  • Before printing, ensure that you have selected the manual feed as the paper source you are using to print.
  • This is the manual setting of a printer to print with hard and heavy cardstock paper easily.

How To Print With Windows Using An Epson Printer?

If you are using an Epson printer for desktop, then you can make the following settings with your computer to set the printer to work with Windows. Here, if the printer status is showing offline, then check out the printer offline meaning.

And it's a good idea to clean the nozzle head beforehand. If you run into epson nozzle cleaning not working, then simply check our guide.

  • Go to the start menu and then look at the printer from the tab of printer and scanner.
  • From the option of 'printer,' select the tab of 'printer preferences' and then locate the maintenance option from it.
  • Select a printer and optional information button.
  • Here you would see many checkboxes; now click on the envelope check box.

How To Print Heavy Cardstock With Mac Using An Epson Printer?

How To Print Heavy Cardstock With Mac Using An Epson Printer

While printing heavy cardstock paper using Mac, you can make the following changes to your printing settings.

  • Open the file that you are intended to print.
  • Open up the dialogue box and then access the page setup.
  • Now select the printer that you want to use as the format for setting. For example, in this case, you would select the Epson printer and the model you have.
  • Now make the changes in paper size by selecting one of the options from the tab given below. Make sure that the option you selected is exact as the paper weight and size you are about to use.
  • Now make the proper orientation settings.
  • You are satisfied with the print settings, then click ok and close the setup dialogue box.

After the page setting has been done, you need to make changes in print settings.

  • Now access the print dialogue box and then choose the option of 'print settings' from the menu.
  • Then go to the option of the media type and select the correct media type according to the type of paper you are using, matte finish or glossy, then select color and mode settings.
  • Review your settings once again and, if satisfied, click the 'print' option to start the printing process.

Before we sign off, we would invite you to learn hp printer cardstock setting if you own an hp printer as well.

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