Cricut Settings For Or 110 Ib Cardstock: Print Thick Papers

A Cricut machine can be used to cover almost everything that comes to your imagination. Its cutting capacity ranges from light, thin paper to a thick wooden slab. It cuts all the materials easily.

With a Cricut, cutting a cardstock is easy because a Cricut machine can cut plastic and wood easily. So, cardstock is not much thicker than wood. If you just know what blades you need, you can cut them efficiently. 

Blades And Shapes

1. Basic Shapes

A fine point and a deep point blade would help you cut the cardstock paper with Cricut efficiently. The shape and designs you want to cut using Cricut determine what kind of blades you would use.

If you want to cut simple shapes like circles, squares, and triangles, then a fine point blade would work well for you. There are two kinds of fine point blades: a premium fine point blade and a normal fine point blade. If you want a deep cut, then a premium fine point blade would do.

cut the cardstock paper with Cricut efficiently

For this cut, the size should be kept greater than one, which shows that the shapes and sizes are greater than the 1-inch maximum. So, you can use regular fine point blades.

The pressure for this would be low because you want a low cut with basic shapes. The Cricut speed should be set between 4 and 5, which means the fastest speed. As far as blade depth is concerned, it should be e dip between 5 to 6 level.

2. Patterned Shapes

If you want more patterns and shapes with Cricut Maker in cardstock, the settings would probably be very different. Patterns include integrated shapes like lines, block patterns, floral patterns, crisscross lining patterns, and many more.

These designs are deep cut, so that you would need a deep cutting blade for this purpose. The size should be kept less than one indicates that the shapes required a cut of less than 1 inch at its maximum. Deep point cutting blades are more durable as compared to the regular fine point blades that come with the Cricut Maker.

Patterned Shapes

While cutting the intricate designs, it is advisable to keep the speed at a lower point so that the Cricut machine has more time to get the perfect finishing. If you do that at a faster speed, it is quite possible that some places of the parts store would be left out and you would have to recreate them again, which destroys its finishing and gives it a very untidy look.

The blade depth should be kept in the range of 1 to 6 at max. The cutting speed should be kept minimum or low ranging from 2 to 5. Deep cutting requires more pressure, so the pressure should be kept at the highest ranging from 4 to 6. The more pressure you give, the more proper the results and you won't need to redo it.

You can learn the best way to fold cardstock to make use of these patterned shapes.

Tips For Getting A Professional Cut

When it comes to cardstock cutting, it becomes hard for many people, even those who are relatively familiar with cricut print and cut size. Because you are making some minor mistakes that need to be rectified and you would be able to get the professional card quickly.

Following are some hacks and tips to help you with a smoother cardstock cutting process.

  • Using the right blade is key. The sharper your blades are as per the requirement of your final product, the more perfect your cut would be.
  • For a matte cardstock paper, the Cricut Maker gives a single cut, and for a glossy or glittery cardstock paper, the Cricut maker gives a double-cut automatically. If you feel that your blade is not fine and you are cutting with matte cardstock paper, then adjust the Cricut settings for glossy cardstock paper, and a double-cut would do an excellent job for you.
  • Always use a fabric-cutting mat for cutting mat with your Cricut Maker. It holds the cardstock paper in place and ensures that your pattern is cut efficiently.
  • Measure paper thickness against the blade properties before you are about to cut. For simple shapes, use a simple blade and for intricate patterns, use a deep blade.

Among the different cardstock or invitation paper weight ranges, 110 lb ones are pretty popular. So, we hope you found this article helpful. Lastly, if you're wondering, can you print on black cardstock, refer to the linked guide.

Happy crafting!

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