How Do I Create Avery Labels From Excel?

When you have to create numerous labels with different data sets, you must first capture all the details in a spreadsheet. You could import the data to a tool such as Microsoft Word for labeling or mail merging from the spreadsheet. 

However, Word and other Microsoft products don't offer much when it comes to labeling. These products don't allow you to design custom labels, so you have to stick with regular texts and formatting. Such designs are not attractive, easily distinguishable, and can’t grab your customers' attention effectively. 

Fortunately, there's a way out! You can use Avery to create address labels, inventory labels, name badges, and so forth in your spreadsheets. In this article, we will show you a step-by-step procedure on how you can create these labels from MS Excel. 

So, shall we get started?

What you will need to create Avery labels from Excel

Before going straight to the procedural part, ensure you have the following with you:

What you will need to create Avery labels from Excel
  • Active internet connection: We recommend speeds of 1Mbps and above for this procedure.
  • A browser: You could use virtually any browser from Chrome to Opera and so on.
  • A PC: If you have the spreadsheet in question on your mobile phone or tablet, transfer it to a PC using a USB cable, Bluetooth, e.t.c.
  • Email address: You will use this to verify your account. Hence, you need access to its inbox.
  • Basic computer skills: You do not have to be an IT guru to follow these simple steps.

Of course, you will need MS Excel installed on the PC you will be using. If not, you could use its online version from OneDrive. Your spreadsheet should have the following characteristics:

  • A maximum of 3000 rows
  • A maximum of 20 columns
  • Not more than 600kb in size
  • It should be in Xls, Xlsx, and CVC format

Step By Step Guide On How To Create Avery Labels From Excel

Now that you have all the mentioned prerequisites, it's time to start creating Avery labels. Follow the procedure below to the latter. 

Create Avery Labels From Excel

Please note that this is just an illustration for you to understand the procedure. We have picked random shapes and colors to illustrate how you should make Avery labels from your spreadsheet. Hence, be sure to choose your favorite colors or shapes and not the ones captured here.

1. Create the Spreadsheet: Open your MS Excel and start creating the spreadsheet in question. Fill out all the data you need to be labeled. Once done, save the document to a directory you can remember as we will use it later in the procedure.

2. Go to Avery’s official website: You could do a quick Google search to find it or use their official address. 

3. Choose your favorite shape and design: Once the webpage has loaded its contents fully, choose the form, type, and format you want your labels to be. For this tutorial, we have selected an address label template. 

4. Start Designing: Once you have selected the preferred shape and design, it's time to start customizing your labels. Click on the "Start Designing" button as shown below:

Start Designing

5. Sign in or create an Avery account: If you already have an Avery account, use your login details to sign in. If you don't have an account, sign up by providing your email address, First and Last name. 

Once done, you will be redirected to the designing web app. Depending on your PC performance and internet connection speed, the application might take time to load. So, be patient. 

6. Select a mockup: Avery makes your design work easier by suggesting various already-designed mockups that you can use. If none captures your attention, you could start with a blank label. 

Once you have made your selection, be patient for a few seconds as the web app loads its online editing software. 

7. Edit the mockup to your satisfaction: Once the web app has loaded, customize the design to your liking. Note that some elements may require additional clicks to make them appear. 

8. Preview the design: Go through your prototype once you are satisfied with the design. Notice any mistakes or the areas that need to be changed. Take your time to obtain the best result possible. 

9. Import Excel Data: To do so, click on the "Import Data Mail Merge" located at the left side of your screen as shown below:

Import Excel Data

Next, click on "Start Import/Merge." A popup will appear, prompting you to upload your spreadsheet or mail merge data. Select "Browse for File'' and upload your spreadsheet from the location you saved it. 

10. Choose the rows you want to print: Uncheck any column or row you don't want to be included in your labels. Remember to uncheck row and column titles in your spreadsheet. Once done, tap on the "Next" button on the bottom right side of the popup.

11. Arrange the fields: Next, arrange the columns and rows in the order they appear in your label. This step is optional but highly recommended if your designs look neat. For this, just double click or drag and drop them in the text box on your right. Don't forget to add commas and spaces to separate fields 

Once done, tap the "Next” button to proceed to the next step.

12. Finish importing the data: Read the tips on the popup carefully before clicking on the green "Finish" button. 

13. Edit your labels: Ensure every data is captured accurately. To edit a piece, switch to "Edit One" from the navigation pane; as shown below:

Edit your labels

14. Preview the labels: Once you have checked and ascertained that everything is captured correctly, click on the "Preview & Print" button on the bottom right side of your screen. Look at the final design and make sure it fits your needs. If not, you can always go back and edit it. 

Once you are satisfied with the labels, download and print them from the nearest printing shop, you could have Avery print and deliver the designs to you for a small fee. 


1. Is Avery a paid or free software?

Avery is a free web application. It does not cost anything to get started using it. You can design and download any labels you need from the site for free. However, if you need additional services such as designing and printing, you will have to pay for such. Also, if Avery handles label printing, you will be charged a shipping fee depending on how many pieces you have ordered and your location. 

2. Do I need access to MS Word if I have Avery?

No. You do not need to use MS Word for your labels. You only need to enter the data you want to be labeled in your spreadsheet, import it to Avery, and you are done. There is nowhere you will interact with MS Word unless you want to use it for labeling and mail merging in place of Avery. 

3. Can I change my labels after I've created them?

Yes! You can edit your labels anytime you identify any information or design captured wrongly. Use the "Edit All" or "Edit One" feature available in the navigation panel to suit your needs. If you need to edit one label, then use the latter, while for all, use the former option. 


Creating Avery labels from Excel is that simple! You only have to type in your spreadsheet data, go to Avery's official site, choose the design that fascinated you, import the Excel data, and voila, you are done! We hope that the above step-by-step guide has helped you learn how to create Avery labels easily from excel.

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