How To Create An 11*17 Document In Word?

Are you composing or drawing something on MS Word that a single letter size page (8.5*11) can’t hold and you’re not allowed to use multiple pages?

In that case the most sensible solution for you comes with the switching of the page size to 11*17. The page with a wider area can meet your purpose most optimally and elegantly.     

Don’t you know how to create an 11*17 document in word? Then, stick to us till the end to learn a most basic feature of Word.    

When To Use A 11*17 Page In Word? 

Before we narrate the method of creating an 11*17 document to you, let us share with you the occasions when this particular size should be your priority. 

When To Use A 11*17 Page In Word
  • Official or scientific calculation or design that should be presented in a flow with no interruption
  • Mapping or drawing that you cannot scale excessively to keep comprehensibility
  • Publication of posters or magazines that you want to draw everyone’s attention
  • Reduction of the number of official papers that you need to carry frequently 

Now that you know the reasons behind using 11*17 size doc., you can be more professional in your presentation and publication. 

How To Create An 11*17 Document In Word? 

Here is how you can switch to 11*17 size in MS Word most accurately: 

Step 1: First of all, open the MS Word application. 

Step 2: Look at the second row from the top of the tab that is well known as Menu Bar. 

Step 3: Locate the Page Layout option that is on the right of Insert or in between Insert and References.

To avoid step 2 and 3, you should press Alt+P from your keyboard to activate the Page Layout option automatically.    

Step 4: Click on Page Layout and you are given a number of further options. Amid them you should find out the option of Size, which should be at the left of the bar. 

Step 5: Got the command? Well, now as you hit that specific box, you get a complete list of available page sizes. From the list, identify 11*17 or Tabloid and hit the option. 

Step 6: You’re basically done in step 5. Now, compose or draw and save the doc.     

If you are an architect and want to print 11x17 paper, here's our article that talks about 11x17 printers for architects.

Can I Make 11*17 Default Page Size In Word?

Yes, you can make 11*17 your default page size in Word by a simple technique. Here goes the method for you:

Can I Make 11*17 Default Page Size In Word

Step 1: The step 5 of the immediate previous section offers you different options for page size, doesn’t it? 

Look at the bottom of the size series where you will see More Page Sizes… 

Click on this option and you are instantly taken to a new tiny dialog box. 

Step 2: In the box, under the title of Paper, you are given the option for the customization of page size (length*width). 

Enter 11 and 17 as the value of width and length respectively. Finally, hit the Set As Default option that is at the left of the box’s bottom.

What Is The Best Alternative To 11*17 Document?

Instead of 11*17, you may use 11.69*16.54 size to deal with the same projects and it even offers you a bit wider area.

However, in case both aforementioned sizes are not sufficient for you, you can customize the doc. size up to 22*22.  

Final Words

To conclude, it is never wise to stick to a specific doc size in MS Word. With the necessity of projects, you should keep switching from one size to another to look more professional and palatable. 

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