Can Any Printer to Print Checks? Or a MICR Printer Is Needed?

Any printer can print checks, including the inkjet and laser printer. But you also need the MICR printer, especially while you are printing checks on the blank check stocks. Printing check is possible using different printers, but you may encounter problems like improper features, standards, and fonts. 

However, printing checks from any printer don't meet all the banking standards and security features. The bank will reject your check if it doesn't meet the essential standard. Thus, you also need the MICR printer to ensure protection against check fraud and bank rejection. 

The MICR printer meets the bank standard, ensures security features, fine-tunes the MICR line, and generates security fonts. Thus you require the MICR printer for printing checks.

Can Any Printer Print Checks? Or You Need A Special One?

Yes! You can print checks using any printer such as laser, inkjet, or even offset printers. Some printers have unique features that boost the check's security, such as thermochromatic ink or watermarks. 

Can Any Printer Print Checks

Do You Need A Special One?

Not necessarily all printers that print checks meet the check's basic security and banking standards. Thus if you use any printer for printing checks, your check should have all the security features. It will help you to avoid the check's rejection and fraud. 

However, If you use the special printers compatible with magnetic ink, it would be better. For printing the check's MICR code, you require magnetic ink and magnetic toner. 

Do You Need A Special One

Magnetic ink is usable in inkjet printers, and magnetic toner is usable in laser printers. So make sure that you are using a MICR laser check printer with magnetic ink for printing checks. 

The major two types of printers that you can use to print checks are the following:

1. Inkjet Printer 

You can print a wide range of office collateral, including checks using the inkjet printer. Ink cartridges are required to run this business check printer. Using an inkjet printer is very easy. It's user-friendly, and this printer is effortless to manage. Inkjet printers use the MICR ink to print checks. 

The business owner can print checks and print sales packers, office flyers, or even invoices using this printer. If you know how to print checks, you will easily be able to print your business check using this printer. In-house printing or printing checks by yourself reduce the business checkbook's misplacing chance. 

Inkjet Printer

Benefits of Printing Checks Using Inkjet Printer 

  • Efficiently prints check and fulfill multiple purposes
  • Upfront costs are low
  • Requires minimal space

2. MICR Laser Printer 

The MICR laser check printer with magnetic ink is another option for printing financial documents and security checks. This printer melts the MICR toner on your business check papers using laser technology. Through melting the MICR toner, the printer produces secure MICR characters. 

One of the unique magnetic toners is the MICR toner. And this toner helps to eradicate the check rejection and check fraud possibility. The laser printer prints check using the iron oxide additive and original MICR toner. After Printing it, this MICR toner guarantees the check's readability and high quality. 

MICR Laser Printer

Benefits of Printing Checks Using Laser Printer 

  • Reduce check rejection and check fraud
  • In the long run, printing check using this printer is more cost-effective
  • Improves efficiency, check's quality, and readability

What Factors Should I Consider in Choosing Inkjet or Laser Printer?

Though you can use the inkjet printer or laser printer for printing checks, there are many differences between these two. You should consider several factors to know which one is the best or the mobile check printer. 

What Factors Should I Consider in Choosing Inkjet or Laser Printer

These factors will help you to choose the best printer. Before selecting a printer for printing, check and consider the following key features.

  • Printer Volume (Number or item the printer can produce)
  • Ink and Toner
  • Speed
  • Printer's size
  • Upfront cost

What Is A MICR Check Printer?

MICR check printer prints the business checks and personal check's bottom numbers using the special toner and MICR ink. This MICR printer is also known as the magnetic ink printer. This printer successfully prints the check's MICR line using magnetic ink. The MICR line contains the account number, check number, and bank routing number. 

The MICR check printers are popular among different financial institutions. Various institutions significantly reduce their check fraud and check rejection possibility using these magnetic ink printers. 

What Is A MICR Check Printer

Also, printing checks using this MICR printer increases the institution's overall financial security. The MICR check printer is a secure printing option for both small businesses and financial institutions.

Can Any Printer Use MICR Ink?

No, any printer can’t use the MICR ink.

The Inkjet printers use magnetic ink or MICR ink for printing checks. However, this printer magnetically prints the routing number, account number, and check number on the check's MICR line using the MICR ink. 

On the other hand, the MICR toner is also required to print the check's MICR line. But only a Laser printer can use this special magnetic toner. Also, several special dot matrix printers can use this special toner, but not all printers can use this toner. 

Can Any Printer Use MICR Ink

Both the MICR ink and toner meet the check printing standards. You can easily print checks on a hp printer using the MICR ink and toner. 

Final Words

You can print your business and personal checks using any printer. But not all printers ensure the check's banking standard and other security features.

Thus, you should use the MICR laser printer to print secure financial documents and checks. The MICR printer uses laser technology for creating the check's line items and secure MICR characters.

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