10 Best Printer for Watercolor Paper – Reviews & Guide

Art has always been an innate characteristic of human beings. It is an art that took the form of sculptures, and afterward, it became a painting. Paintings of beautiful sceneries and other humans were a primitive concept.

From classical times till today the art has considerably evolved, and present art is termed digital art. Digital art is no based on electronic devices rather on human effort. For this purpose, watercolor papers were used.

There is a wide range of functionalities of printers for watercolor papers. What you would buy depends upon your concerns and demands you have from a printer. For watercolor, a printer should be capable enough for printing on that paper. Just forget about your worries and check our recommended list.

You ask why watercolor paper? This paper is designed for the printing of colorful pictures of other designs on it. It has a variety of textures, so they are most suited for scanning and printing. They don't provide harm to the environment and are acid-free.

So you don't need to worry about your safety or environment. We hope to help you in choosing the best printers for watercolor papers, which are the following.

10 Best Printer for Water Color

1. Epson Expression Photo XP-15000 Color Printer

Epson Expression Photo XP-15000 Color Printer

The Epson expression photo HD xp technology used for this printer is inkjet. So you need not worry about the cost of the printer as this technology is not expensive. Moreover, this one has the best outlook and design, making it the best printer for watercolor paper.

There is no need for an ink cartridge other than Epson cartridges as it is compatible with it only. No need to doubt the print resolution as it prints borderless images at 13" * 19". It has an ultra-high quality photo.

If you are concerned about two-sided printing, then be at ease because photo HD XP 15000 would do its task with black and white prints that are evenly enhanced because of the six color inks it is comprised of. This printer comes with dash replenishment that helps in saving ink, and ink never ends as it notifies you earlier.

The coverage on this best printer for watercolor paper reviews are unique than others of its previous generations. It has a rear tray that can hold almost 50 papers and print at high speed. Additionally, the front tray has the capability of holding 200 sheets which makes it highly desirable as you can print a book in one go.

You can also connect your smartphone with Epson expression photo HD xp 15000 printer for ease of being the best printer. It can print 4" * 6" photos in almost 27 seconds which is even less than a minute. The additional LCD over the printer is for ease of manual usage for printing through this inkjet printer.


  • Wide-format printing
  • The affordable price of the printer
  • Wireless printing making it compatible with smartphone
  • High-resolution color plus black and white photo
  • A rear tray to handle 50 sheets at a time


  • The ink cartridge is only compatible only with Epson, so it cannot be replaced by any other.

2. Epson WF 7210 WorkForce Color Printing

Epson WF 7210 WorkForce Color Printing

The company always keeps its promise to deliver the best of the best. The print resolution provided by workforce WF 7210 is even better than laser technology, although it is a simple inkjet printer.

Are you worried about the text or image that it might go out after some time? Relax, as workforce WF 7210 produces high-quality results that ensure superior resolution of graphical images for some time. For getting a good quality image, this wide format printer is the best so far and has exceptional results. And that's why it's also hailed as the best printer for screen printing transparencies by many.

Furthermore, you can easily connect your laptop with a tablet or your smartphone for ease of printing. It has automatic two-sided printing, and the wireless connectivity enhances the capability of print at higher speed. The exceptional sheet capacity makes it one of the most desirable printers on the market.

You would be amazed after reading about its art papers sheet capacity, which is almost 500 sheets in a front tray. We don't think so there are many printers with such a high capacity that could connect wirelessly with different devices. It saves you a lot of time and money owing to its remarkable features.

It has dual trays, and the output tray can handle at most 125 papers. So even if the workload is quiet, you don't need to worry about it as well as the workforce WF 7210 would carry out the stressful task in a matter of minutes. Best of different marketing materials as it can print up to 13 x 19 inches.


  • The front tray can hold 500 papers
  • It can be connected wirelessly
  • Easily compatible with smartphone
  • Automatic two-sided printing
  • A series of buttons for manual control
  • Capable of printing up to 13 x 19 inches.


3. HP Pro 8025 Smart Printer for Watercolor Paper

HP Pro 8025 Smart Printer for Watercolor Paper

For watercolor paper HP office jet, pro 88025 is best suited. You ask why? The reason is that this printer can perform against multiple media types, which include envelopes, glossy photo paper, and other superior art papers. There is no such task HP office jet pro 8025 cannot perform. However, this can't be used as a stand alone envelope printer.

Moreover, if it is the speed of printing that you demand, then congratulations, you have got this one. It can print almost 20 pages per minute. Along with fast printing, you get exceptionally high-resolution results of the printing image.

There is no such task that this smart printer cannot perform. Either it is printing, faxing, or scanning, you won't need to worry as this best watercolor paper printer can perform all kinds of tasks. The world nowadays demands a device that can perform all kinds of features, and this hp officejet pro 8025 here is the product of that demand.

Using the HP smart app, you can connect your smartphone with the printer that would help you in organizing documents and printing from smartphones. You can print remotely using the HP smart app. It would help to adjust the printer anywhere in the room, and you can print while sitting away from the printer.

There are multiple other features like there is an automatic document feeder up to 35 pages, so just place the sheet, and you would get the print in the tray with ease. The 225 sheet input tray gives you additional support during printing. You can print an entire book in one go because of the capacity it has, and fast speed would act as a catalyst in this process.


  • Ease of use through the LCD screen
  • 14% smaller than the previous generation
  • Fast printing speed with 20 sheets per minute
  • Made from recycled plastic
  • HP smart app helps in wire free printing
  • An automatic document feeder can hold 35 papers


  • There is no internal paper cutter in case of print of limited size.

4. HP Officejet Pro 8035 Wireless Printer

HP Officejet Pro 8035 Wireless Printer

The printer is made by HP, which is a renowned brand in the world. There is no doubt that this brand remains at the top in terms of computer accessories. This device is not going to disappoint you either as its features would make you buy it.

The printer has Wi-Fi direct connectivity, so you don't need to worry about remote print option. Moreover, the Wi-Fi direct is self-healing, meaning that in case of signal downfall, it would continue its optimum connectivity so that the best printer for watercolor paper reviews could be continued for a long time.

The HP Smart app provides additional features as you can connect your tablet or smartphone through the app and customize the print and arrange documents functionality through the use of smartphone easily.

There is a small LCD in front of HP office jet pro 8035, which is direct access to the control panel of the device. So if you wish to manually operate or feel easy through it so it could become an easy way for you, this would make sure that you are having some physical exercise while working at the office.

Additionally, it can print watercolor paper in different formats. You can print wide formats on watercolor paper or photo paper. Similarly, the advanced security features installed in the device to ensure the safety of the data is an appealing feature as well.


  • Smart app for customizing images.
  • Security feature for protecting data.
  • For photos and scanning, a USB port is given.
  • Sustainable design to adjust it easily.
  • Built-in ink for eight months.


  • The LCD screen is quite small for ease of usage and creates hurdles in multiple tasks.

5. Canon TR8520 Cloud Printer

Canon TR8520 Cloud Printer

It doesn't matter whether you use canon pixma TR8520 at the office, school, or home. This printer would fit at every place you desire of. The flatbed design printer comes with comfortable to adjust and easy to borderless printing sessions in offices with ease.

You can get black and white as well as color documents in a matter of seconds owing to the fast speed of this device. There is an individual ink system that consists of 5 colors that help in an appealing look of picture resolution.

Moreover, the cloud services are also available on this canon pixma device as you can print, scan, copy and more, directly through the cloud or go to the website in this browser and print from there directly. This also helps you to sync all devices using the cloud and print from there.

The smartphone connectivity fills up the remaining gap needed for an exceptional print quality. The print resolution is above the charts as its resolution is around 4800 x 1200 dpi that produces high-quality results of images on paper.

The most exceptional feature of this canon pixma is the 4.3 inch LCD that has almost all of the control of the printer for watercolor paper. The paper size ranges up to 8.5 x , and an additional memory card slot is given for saving the data on the SD card.


  • Highly fast printing
  • High resolution 4800 x 1200 dpi
  • Additional memory slot for saving documents
  • Internal memory capacity of 250 pages
  • Cloud services 


  • There is no smart app provided for customizing through a smartphone.

6. Epson T5170 Wireless Printer

Epson T5170 Wireless Printer

If you are looking for an all-in-one printer, this is one of the best options. This printer prints watercolor paper within 31 seconds, saving your precious time. You now no longer have to wait, as it's quick and accurate print quality produces perfect A1-D size prints.

Unlike other printers, the T5170 printer has a compact design. It does not cover more of your workspace. It has a sleek style that can be fixed or placed anywhere easily. This is one of the best printers that have an ultra-small footprint, and its style helps you instantly enhance and upgrade your working area.

Do you want a less complicated printer that prints your watercolor paper in one go? Then this is the best option for you. Its easy-to-operate feature makes it one of the best printers. The printing task is performed by a color touchscreen which makes the job even easier.

These Epson printers are easy to use since they have high-capacity cartridges. These ink cartridges can be filled up to 50 mL color and 80 mL black ink. So yes, this will solve your problems regarding scan, copy and replacing ink now and then, and you do not have to go out to refill the ink again. You hardly run into issues like- epson printer head cleaning doesn't work with this unit.

This wireless printer can be used anywhere, any working place, or even in your house. You can print virtually anything you want using your smartphones along with a router free Wi-Fi direct printing. This makes the T5170 printer very handy and user-friendly.


  • Wireless printing.
  • Virtual printing using smartphones.
  • Efficient printing.
  • Simple to use.
  • High-capacity cartridges for inks.


  • It needs a Wi-Fi connection to work.

7. HP T130 DesignJet Printer

HP T130 DesignJet Printer

This printer has a wide format. A wide format printer helps to support maximum print roll. The T130 printer produces 70 A1 prints every hour. It takes 35 sec to print one page on A1. Its efficiency makes it one of the best printers for watercolor.

This printer has a color touchscreen. Wireless printing makes the printing process easier and convenient. You can easily print using your smartphones or tablets. This easy-functioning printer can be used through WiFi by anyone if they already know hp deskjet 3510 wireless setup.

It is a dye-based and also pigment-based printer making it user-friendly. After Giving you these options, this printer is one of the user-oriented printers making it comfortable for the users.

It has separate media handling portions in the printing machine. A sheet feed or roll feed is present in the printer that feeds the documents easily. An input tray and an automated horizontal cutter are also some of their features.


  • User friendly.
  • Wireless printing.
  • Both dye-based and pigment-based.
  • Easy media handling.
  • Wide-format.


  • Covers more space.

8. HP T530 Designjet Wireless Plotter Printer

HP T530 Designjet Wireless Plotter Printer

These top 5 HP designjet printer line is ideally used by engineers and architects. All the construction professionals use this printer to increase their ink cartridges efficiency and productive capacity. A compact 24 inches plotter not only takes less space leaving your working space more spacious but also is easy to be moved around anywhere in your office setup.

Such best printer for watercolor paper printer has a handling media that includes an input tray and also a media bin. An automatic cutter easily cuts the art papers itself, giving the printed sheet a nice finish. It also comprises a sheet feed and a roll feed.

The media that is to be printed has a size range of sheets from 8.3 to 24 inches in width. It also includes 11 to 24 in rolls. It is one of the printer for printing large format plotters that can cover less space as it is the smallest compared to other format potters. It can easily fit any space in your office so that your working area becomes roomy. If you look for a budget-friendly printer, this is one of the best options you go for.

This printer is simple and understandable yet producing good quality prints. Now you do not have to go for bigger printing machines to produce more printed sheets when you can place this printer anywhere at your own house. It saves your precious time and provides you with whatever amount of printings you need without leaving your house or office area.

You are able to print your pages within 30 seconds per page. Its fast connectivity and high-speed printing save time in office settings, where time is an important part of the productiveness of businesses. This printer also allows free premium photos and graphics using HP Poster App.


  • Fast borderless printing.
  • Fast connectivity.
  • Easy to understand.
  • Large format plotters yet covering less area.
  • Best for professional use.


  • Requires internet connectivity.

A Complete Buying Guide Before you Buy

Print Resolution of Best Printer for Watercolor

Whether you're buying a watercolor printer or the best shipping label printer for ebay, you have to be wary of some specifications. It is the demand for watercolor paper to get printed with quality resolution. This paper is made to achieve a higher resolution than usual papers. It is, therefore, mandatory for a printer to exhibit higher resolution while printing on watercolor paper.

Printer for Watercolor Paper

Moreover, you can check out the product description to get an idea of resolution of the printer. Generally, it is preferred that it should be above 600 dpi to reap the benefits of watercolor papers. You can also follow the reviews of the printer in terms of the print resolution to affirm results.


This is one of the most important factors because it would create ease for you. Although wired connectivity has been a blessing but don't you think it also has certain limitations? Like you cannot move the printer.

Now, most of us print a lot of documents and are usually stored in cloud services, so for that purpose, you need a printer that can access cloud services and print.

Printer for Watercolor Paper

A printer that can connect to a smartphone or tablet would surely have Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity through which you can print directly from a smartphone or other devices. This would probably relieve you from the stress of wiring the printer and its portability. It would be convenient for you to use it.


Whom would you prefer? A kid that can perform multiple tasks or a kid that only performs a single task. Most probably the multitasker, right? The same is the case of the printer for watercolor paper. In fact, the case is the same even for black and white photo printer units as well.

The fact that would attract you the most is the number of features that a printer can perform.

Moreover, the capability of the printer to scan and fax along with connectivity to a smartphone is the product of the efforts of multi-function capability, so you should check out the features and versatility of a printer.

The printer should also have easy-to-use user interface. For example, the factory reset setting should be as easy as learning how do I reset my canon printer to factory settings.

Handling Paper

Doing art is not an easy task. Either it was manual by human hands, either it is digital printing of photos. It is quite important to check out the size of paper it can handle. The wide format of paper can be handled using a printer that can handle papers of all formats.

Try to buy a printer that can handle multi-sized paper rather than one that can handle a single sized.

Furthermore, you have to check out the type of paper it can handle, like glossy paper, photo paper, luster paper or watercolor paper, and much more. Paper handling is important because you have to make printing of different sizes. So, to handle papers of different sizes, you need to go for a multi-functional printer.

Printer for Watercolor Paper

Also, you shouldn't have to scratch your head too much learning how to check printer ink levels. The process should be comprehensive.


1. Can watercolor paper go through a printer?

Yes, it is a high probability that you can pass a watercolor paper through a printer. There are printers of different types, and thick papers like watercolor might bend passing through it. You should check the manual of the printer before buying it. It would tell you whether it can handle a watercolor printer or not.

2. What type of paper is best for watercolor?

Many speculations about the paper should be used. But generally, there are certain standards that a watercolor paper should have. Its weight should be less than 150lb which is less in weight and economical as well that would be best suited.

3. Can you print on watercolor paper with a laser printer?

There is a high probability that a dry toner printer with laser technology cannot be used on watercolor paper. The reason is the toner might not stick to the surface, plus the heat of the laser might damage the paper as well.

Therefore, even if you own the best laser printer for crafters, that device won't be of use here.

4. What weight paper is best for watercolor?

The general standard accepted for the weight of paper is 140 pounds. If your requirement is heavy paper, then 300 pounds is the heaviest one around.

5. What surface is best for watercolor paper?

If you are looking for the best printer for watercolor paper, then we would recommend cotton or wood pulp as its quality is up to mark. It provides stability and keeps paper up to standard.

Final Words

Watercolor papers have several applications, and printers that can print on watercolor papers are somewhat different because the paper is quite thick. You can use this printer to produce images that would reflect your art. Art is only admired when it is presentable to see, and its quality is quite high.

You might have some other printers on your list that you would like to share. You can feel free to tell us. The list we have presented consists of some of the best printers according to our reviews. We hope that this list would help you in finding the best printers for watercolor paper. Thank you.

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