10 Best Printer for Crafting in 2022 – Reviews & Guide

In this guide, we will try to cover a handful of printers that are at the top of their game for craft lovers. From paper crafts to professional photos to customized cards for any occasion, you name it, and these printers will do their job and bring your craft projects to life.

There are so many machines in the competition to attract your attention. You are left to make this decision as to which printer is the best printer for crafting. Choosing between inkjet and laser printer, you should definitely go for inkjet printers as per our research opinion.

Best Printer for Crafting

1. Canon Pixma TR-4520 Wireless Color Printer

Canon Pixma TR-4520 Wireless Color Printer

Crafting high-quality prints is now possible with this machine. The cartridges provide up to 1 year worth of ink box. With this, you can enjoy uninterrupted printing and save ink for up to 1 year. The company aims to give the best to its clients by providing printer with best ink life.

This printer should be given the name Inkvestment Bank instead of investment because of the amazing feature it gives. Reengineered ink cartridges have the capability to hold more ink and work with internal ink storage.

This helps in giving you uninterrupted printing with the best experience while doing work. Plus, replacement ink cartridges are pretty easy to get a hold of. Wide range compatibility with other devices makes it an all-time favourite and easy to use Operating System. When you buy a printer, you need to look for all these important points.

Smart intelligence system tells when to change the ink cartridge and when it is running low. It also tells you the amount you have used and how much is left. Playing the wild guessing game to guess when the ink cartridge needs to change is such a hassle, and this model eliminates that.

Compatible with different Mobile devices, Desktop and wireless connectivity printing using Air Print and Google Cloud Print make it one of the most demanded printers in the market. Having so many features in a printer alone doesn't make it a good printer. High-quality performance is also very important to stay in the limelight. Lastly, you can use this printer for label sheets as well.


  • Intelligent refill cartage system that tells how much ink has been used and how much is left.
  • Compatible with all most all the devices. Making it so easy to use.
  • Wireless all in one option makes it the best photo printer for arts and crafts.


  • It doesn’t provide a double-sided printing option.

2. Canon TS6320 All-In-One Wireless Color Printer

Canon TS6320 All-In-One Wireless Color Printer

If you are looking for the best printer in town, look no further. The wait is over; this printer for crafters comes bundled in a 14.4 inch display screen that is easily navigated. This helps to have a clear understanding of your printer condition with print quality.

The display deep is super accurate and delivers excellent colour print on photo paper. At the same time, the LED status bar provides simple commands of the prints to display on printer status information. You can activate this function through wireless printing from across the room. Learning how to connect HP 3510 printer to wifi will allow to connect almost all HP printers to your devices wirelessly. We enjoyed the service of this printing machine while pairing this up with our multiple paper scanner.

We would suggest you invest in a product that facilitates you in the long run. A printer with a smart ink system that allows high-quality prints for text documents in black ink. Whereas colour prints for colour photos, making it the best printer for crafters.

Refilling ink cartridges is so much easier than the normal ones. All you need to do is when your ink empties out; you only need to change only the exact ink, not all of it. This saves a lot of time, money and makes no waste.

Now some of you may be wondering, can you print on cardstock with a canon printer? And the answer is yes! 

With a pull-out feeding tray that automatically expands to catch the paper when the command is send to the printer. This device works so well synchronized with all the smart devices. You can send the print command from any of your smart devices, and even in power-down mode, the printer will take the command.


  • LED Display that allows having a clear view before printing any photo.
  • Wireless printer to print directly from one print command.
  • Refiling ink cartridges is so much easy.


  • It is not like other automatic document feeder printers.

3. HP ENVY Pro 6455 Wireless Printer

HP ENVY Pro 6455 Wireless Printer

Such a smart and simple printer with multitasking quality is easy for arts and crafts to work. It is the best printer for different tasks as a print, scan, and copies in different styles as you want. The automatic two-sided printing allows the prints to be faster and of high print resolution.

Another feature of this printer is to have print borderless as it looks really cool, and when you use these photos for crafting a purpose, you do get amazing results. An automatic document feeder gives the liberty to work hands-free, and this is a great feature for people who have tons of paper to print and scan.

Use it as a fax machine. With the help of mobile, you can use this one printer in multiple ways, and one of them is mobile fax with a printer. Alongside all this, one of the highlighted features I must say is that this printer is made with 20% recycled plastic, making it unique and eco-friendly.

With its hp smart app, you can easily install all the printer setup through your mobile and that too in simple and easy steps. With this, you can easily connect your inkjet printer to all other devices with one touch. The inbuilt WIFI support system allows you to connect to all the other devices easily, making the work easy and fast.

Hp envy printer allows you to print, scan and copy from virtually anywhere. With the use of a smart app, you and everyone in the family can print and scan with their smartphones. You can also save and share it in storage for later use or print photos. Lastly, the unit is also regarded as the top color printer for teachers by many.


  • One of the top listed inkjet printers with double-sided prints.
  • This wireless printer allows you to work from your smartphone on the go.
  • This gives the best result on the paper document as well.


  • You cannot change the document set to a wide format.

4. Canon PIXMA TS5320 Wireless Printer

Canon PIXMA TS5320 Wireless Printer

In the list of best printer canon printers has earned its place by giving what the customer wants and taking care of it in the best way possible. The display screen along with its status bar indicator helps you to easily move around in settings and view your printer status.

The display shows that the colour as accurate as it is going to be on the paper or on a card so that you can have a view before printing and can decide what it is going to look like and how you want it for your crafting work.

With paper and photo printing, you can print on card stocks as well. This one canon Pixma is used by crafters who need to do colour printing on invitation cards. Crafters nowadays do need a printer that cannot fulfil all their printing needs.

Canon Pixma, with its compact, cute and stylish looks, can fit into any space provided and can make it look beautiful because of its personality with four different colours green, pink, black and white. You can choose from whatever colour you like and fits the most with the mood of your office or room.

Easy and simple to use feature makes it to the best printers list. Easy replacement of ink cartridges allows it to give the best quality results in printing simple black and white documents on paper or photo print on card or glazed ones Therefore, you can use this as printers for black and white photos. Enjoy sharp and great looking photos and clear text prints!

Equipped with modern daily use apps. Air print allows you to easily connect with all mac and iPhone devices that you can take out prints wirelessly with one touch screen. Print all your favourite pictures and make a cute card out of them at any event anywhere.


  • It connects via Bluetooth as well.
  • Canon Pixma pro print speed for a black and white document is 13.0 per minute.
  • Print speed for colour paper is 6.8 per minute.


  • It is not considered a laser printer

5. Brother MFC-J995DW Instant Ink Color Printer

Brother MFC-J995DW Instant Ink Color Printer

A printer that gives uninterrupted printing is considered the best one among its competitors. We know what our clients look for the most in any printer. Easy simple and does the best job at printing providing great results in simple wide format or in borderless prints.

The printer ink and toner cartridges are reengineered in a smart way that holds more ink and works more without interruption. Hence gives the best print using this feature. Crafters love to have paper prints that give vivid and bright results as per their demands and wants.

Talking about its compatibility range in other devices as it is a very important feature for its easy and smooth running. The operating system is compatible with PC windows, mac and mobile devices with wireless printing using air print.

One more advantage is that you don't have to play any guessing game anymore as the control panel has a smart, intelligent system that lets you know when the time to replace the ink tank is and how much is left. 


  • You don't have to guess when you need to replace the ink tank. It will indicate itself.
  • Compatible with almost all the modern technology devices making it easy to use. 


  • In the list of laser printers, it is not the very best, but it still does a very good job.

6. CanonPIXMA Mg 2920 Inkjet Printer

CanonPIXMA Mg 2920 Inkjet Printer

Have you ever given a thought to the fact that why smartphones are so much high in demand? The reason is not only for communicational purposes but the wireless capability. The same is the case for printers nowadays as there are multiple benefits associated with a wireless printer.

This one here is wireless making it easy for people to adjust them avoid long wirings, and print documents without any physical connection. It is said to have a hybrid system in which a simple dye is used for colours and black ink for the prominent text.

When you buy a printer, you need to look out for its printing speed. This printer is highly fast as it has the capability of printing eight pages in a minute in case of black colour. While in the case of other colours, it can print four images in a minute.

You could call it an inkjet printer that could be called all in one. It holds print scan capability to create ease for users. It can be used for printing envelopes, photos, and high-resolution images. However, this is definitely not the best printer for envelopes. At the same, if you know how to make an envelope 8.5 x 11 properly, this does the job quite well. 

Now, if you want to use this inkjet printer for screen printing tasks, you won't be able to do so. Anyway, you can link all your devices leading to ease of printing as you can print using your smartphone or laptop, etc. A cloud link can sync all of your data, making it safe and secure during printing. The wireless system automatically gets on and off without you ever noticing because of the quiet mode.


  • Sufficient speed printing system
  • Capable of working without any wire connection
  • Cloud services for saving of documents
  • A hybrid system of ink for type of printing


  • The printing speed is not good enough as certain printers take seconds to print.

7. Canon IP8720 Black Printer

Canon IP8720 Black Printer

You don't need to be stuck with printers of older generations. Keep on updating with the upcoming new printers to keep your life updated. The purpose is to create ease, and this printer has a grace of its own.

Do you feel problem printing photos or artistries that are needed above 10 inches? So why using an old printer when you can have this one which has the capability of printing between 13 inches and 19 inches. The quality of the photos is also above the average printer's.

There are simple buttons to control it manually, while if you wish to undergo fast printing, then the wireless system plays its part. You can use your mobile device to control the printing procedure. No need to go stand around it for controlling it manually; rather, you can be anywhere within its range and just pass the order from your cellphone.

If you want to buy a printer that is cost-effective and produces excellent results, then we believe this is the one you are looking for. Either it is a black and white image or colourful, this one would make you wonder because of every detail it presents on paper.

The level of noise it produces is only 43.5 dB, so you can call it a minimum. Moreover, a user manual is provided for ease of understanding and setting it up.


  • Less noise produced during working.
  • Excellent quality of the image produced.
  • Can print images above 10 inches.
  • Easy to use as per its user guide.
  • Cost-effective and wireless control.


  • There are no cloud services provided for saving documents.

8. Canon TS9512 Wireless Printer

Canon TS9512 Wireless Printer

Are you worried about craft projects? Are you thinking of considering a printer to perform your craft projects with ease? You got it right here, as this one has five different ink types that can help you with this crafting printer.

It is important to have a control panel over the printer because many people find it easy to use. It has a built-in touch panel for controlling the printer and an easy guide about how to use the printer.

You are not only limited to manual control, but you can also print through your devices other than computers like smartphones or memory cards and much more. You can print cards through this printer, so paper images are not an issue at all.

Moreover, it is said to be best for the printing of books. First of all, it can print cards, and then with the 12* 12-inch paper printing capability, you can print entire books. It has an automatic document feeder, and you can also call it one of the best canon printers. It has ports to insert cards or USB for the printing of images.

More this, it has an automatic system that acts to protect images from fading. You can simply use it for any purpose you like either it is scanning or print scan, double side printing, or wireless printing.


  • Touch screen to operate manually.
  • Chroma Life 200 protects images from fading.
  • Printing from your favourite devices.
  • Helps in the printing of cards
  • Versatile and easy to use. 


  • Problems have been reported regarding the printing speed during card printing.

9. Silhouette Crafting Printer

Silhouette Crafting Printer

This printer is one in its league. There are very few printers today that can match up to this one. It is one of the best crafting printers that help in the fast printing of images. It is working to provide new features to the printing industry.

It is unique to find a printer that could perform both etchings as well as stippling functions. If you are working in such an office, then we believe there is no competitor to this printer. It produces exceptional stippling results, and you can get results as good as the real ones.

Furthermore, its new deep-cut blade can help you during stippling or etching and can cut materials up to 2mm thick. You can pass thicker material from the device, and it would cut it as you want to produce the desired result.

Name it, and this printer would never disappoint you with its imaginative results. Crafting is an art, and getting this art from a printer is the product of the hard work of people behind a printer.

Having built-in software for a printer makes it easier to use and understand its feature. Did you ever have second thoughts that this perfect printer wouldn't have software?


  • The capability of dual carriage
  • Software for efficiency.
  • Only printer with stippling functions
  • Cutting blade smoothly creates patterns.
  • Used for crafting and etching as well.


  • There is no wireless capability for easy printing.

10. Brother Scanning and Cutting Printer

Brother Scanning and Cutting Printer

The race is not of getting the best printer but the capability of a printer to perform multiple features. There are very few printers that could perform all kinds of tasks. Although there has been a continuous improvement still the cutting technology remains limited to a few.

If it is crafting that you are looking for, then get this exceptional machine. The reason is that it has built-in 682 designs for creating ease for users and giving them a push start. You can add designs of your own and change them into nine different font sizes.

A touch panel is installed for accessing this printer which has an LCD. You can scan a file in this printer and then send it for cutting into any design or sticker you wish for. There is no need for counting any blocks. Rather just place the design, and you will get it. We had plenty of fun when we paired this up with our sticker printer.

Moving towards the cutting capability, it can go deep till 3mm and can cut any vinyl, wood, or board. This electronic machine cuts anything without effort. Just forget worrying about crafting or stippling because you have a Brother for this. Oh! This brand also produces the best printer for checks as well.


  • High-speed cutting of thick materials.
  • Automatic sensing of material for cutting
  • Built-in designs for beginning crafting.
  • The capability of changing the font of the cutting design
  • Only printer for scanning and cutting together


  • No software was provided to power this printer.

What to Look for Before Buying a Printer for Crafting?

If you are reading this article, that means you want a printer that is best in use for people who are into this business or love to craft something different and creative if you want to print invitation carts that are evolving in design and creativity, then you should buy high yield photo printer with a great resolution of dots per inch.

Printer for Crafting

Are you worried about the printer at your office? Thinking about replacing it with the best printer for making crafts? Believe us that there are a wide number of professional printers that would work at a fast pace and would make your life easy. Still, we agree that choosing the best is one hell of a tough task.

Whether you are working at the office or home, printers are highly required because even if the entire world shifts to the digital world, we still need paperwork or other tags to be printed. So to select one of the best printers you need to give some of your precious time to study them to decide the best one.

There are some brand-specific issues which you may have to face from time to time; for example, brother printer leaving black streaks on paper. However, these require an easy fix.

Printer for Crafting

Getting a top-quality unit will give a clearer and vivid image of your photo, making it look more realistic. Laser printers are best known for this kind of image print. In art and craft, you do want a very clear and sharp real looking print that illustrates what your personality depicts.


1. What are the prerequisites for a Cutting Printer?

It should have enough space to allow the passage of thick material through it. Similarly, the cutting tip should be strong enough to smoothly cut the material for designs.

2. Can I use any printer for making crafts?

Most of the printers that can be used for printing crafting items are usually inkjet printers or laser printers. We recommend that you should first check out the details of the printer for selecting the best one for delivering those crafts.

3. Which printer is best for crafting?

There are a series of good printers for labelling, but our recommendations are Canon TS9512 Wireless Printer and Rollo Thermal Fast Printer because both are fast and easy to use. They can print labels of any kind without any effort. These catergory of printers can also work as thermal printer for ebay.

4. Which printer is better, inkjet or laser?

When it comes to the comparison of both printers, we believe that laser printers are somewhat better than inkjet printers. The reason is that laser can hold large volumes as well as their working speed is faster than inkjet printers.

5. Which printer is suitable for house use?

When it comes to the use of printers at home than inkjets are more suitable because they can print quality colours and are better at blending colours, they can be used on any type of printer.

6. Are a laser printer cheaper to run than an inkjet?

No, laser printers are quite expensive to buy and use. Inkjets are cheaper to buy and mostly suitable for printing images.

Final Verdict

When you are going to invest, you should make sure that it should be the best one. Buying the best printer for every creative crafting sessions would confuse you for sure, but once you have selected a good one, it would make you stress-free. We hope that you would have learned something from our guide. Thank you.

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