10 Best Printer for Printing Checks in 2022 – For Business

There are times when you want a high yield printer for downloading bills and checks. While some also offer the ability to scan copy those docs, you can never be sure until you check reviews of it over the internet.

You can even use mobile printing for such services giving high yield inefficiency of that printer. Such laser printer for check exists in today's article. They offer multiple features of their own. Some can integrate so well with your systems, while others offer the convenience of wireless printing.

Whether you get all these abilities or not, having a quality printer by your side is a great companion for your check printing and other tasks. You will be going through this top curated list of 10 best printers for checks all the time. So let us dive and find out which laser printer is best for you!

1. Brother HL-L2340DW Smart Laser Printer

Brother HL-L2340DW Smart Laser Printer

After having made a reputable name in the printing industry, brother offers various ultra-sharp check printing at your disposal. This compact device can make a two-sided printer with the inclusion of the feeder tray and precise OCR technology.

Your document looks sharp with its wide five-coloured ink cartridges. It can print all of your documents in a single go. The super-fast speed, which lets you cash out multiple checks at one time. And if you're wondering, yes, it's compatible with some aftermarket ink cartridges.

The page holding tray allows for 500 pages of check size, which sustains continuous printing at all times. Such a printer is perfect, which does not heat up when performing at high speeds. This capacity holding tray does not cause any kind of jamming paper either.

Delivering premium quality at 27ppm of print speed are some of its highlighted features. The use of toner makes up for adjusting 250 full size paper duty cycle, which is a great achievement. Such efficiency is often rare to be found.

The brother hl l2340dw showcases direct Wi-Fi capabilities, which is best for printing checks and other bills on-the-go. Thus download those checks and pages per month without the need to refill the cartridge or paper.

Dual sides are also available due to its ergonomic automatic document feeder mechanism. Such action saves up a lot of paper and the environment. The wireless connectivity shows the secure use of modern technology in a rather easy way.

Use your mobile device to get the utmost quality printing checks. Thus, a printer for printing payroll is now within your reach. Get those crisp results now with the help of Wi-Fi direct. Such a compact laser printer comes with a user-interactive LCD to guide beginners and professionals alike.


  • Wireless connectivity with high speed USB port.
  • Lots of toner cartridge is used efficiently, which saves a lot of pages per month.
  • Duplex printing even for check sized pages with ease.


  • The wireless connectivity option cause problems when connecting to another new network. Every time, downloading the firmware and drivers again.

2. HP Laserjet Pro P1109W Printer

HP Laserjet Pro P1109W Printer

The super compact laser makes for detailed scanning of a model paper and brings the finest colours in the resulting sheet using modern technology. You can bring this authority along with you, help from HP smart app, of course.  

The ability of hp laserjet pro p1109w to develop checks is a big achievement. Now you can use this MICR printer to make authenticated printing checks from chequebooks. This feature allows it to be accepted by banks and other organizations.

Superior quality magnetic ink spray benefits the check as your employees can use your minted checks for their pay at the bank. Now you can make your own and avoid the hassle to carry chequebooks all the time.

Such super-fast speed transfer of 22 ppm marks all the rest printers look like fools dream. The dual-sided printing makes sure each copy scan function is used professionally. Save the paper and give each side an equal colour balance in record time.

Such speed and agility while giving micr minted checks is a technical marvel. Now you can use this at home or office, wherever you like. All the while, minimalistic per toner use are some of the highlighted features of this model.

The link with Android and IOS mobile makes for an effortless check printing ride. Thus, that internet derived idea you sought to use for yourself can now be a reality. Oh, don’t worry about paper capacity, as the HP laser printer for checks 2021 holds the capacity of 250 plus sheets in its feeding tray.

All this possible with the high yield compact laser hp laserjet pro p1109w running at peak performance. Giving its user world-class printer presto software for their comfort. The printed check is easy to set with 19 ppm of the outcome.

The arrangement and ergonomics give really fast coordination of documents at intense, fast speeds of less than a minute to print magnetic ink on more than 36 pages. You don't have to worry about the duty cycle as you won't be running into any problems soon.


  • Complete user-interactive touch screen.
  • Fast and durable checks making.
  • High storage tray for paper.
  • Mobile and wireless printing options.


  • Print quality might fade a little over time.

3. HP Laserjet Pro P1606dn Printer

HP Laserjet Pro P1606dn Printer

Getting a reliable printer is hard nowadays, with so many other brands offering the same thing. But no one compares to what HP promises and delivers. Whether it is print speed or high resolution, you will not need any other.

The ability to print fast and reliable is often blurred, but the hp laserjet pro does it with a confirmation. Each check printing is MICR encoded for check printing. At the same time, users record 26 ppm of the full-size paper duty cycle.

The Wi-Fi direct feature also highlights mobile printing with the ease of the hp smart app. This lets the monthly duty cycle increase dramatically. All the while, keeping the use per toner to a minimum.

These black and white printing methods use OCR technology in HP printer for printing payroll. This is the evolution of reliable presto software. It is also super easy to set in your room or office. Getting three times the saving cost of paper, ink and electricity provides comfort.

Use different sizes of pages and check to deliver a premium quality product to its users. Such instant-on technology is a must-have printer for checks 2021.

Connecting with android or IOS needs to be superb with no loss in connection. Now make pristine character recognition for the comfort of your home or office or virtually anywhere. The print result is an absolute masterpiece with 600 dpi resolution and crystal clear word definition.

Thus, the speed is unparalleled to any other in the market. With a professional-looking matte finish and premium laser printer, you are sure to fall in love with this model for the comfort it provides.


  • Auto energy-saver feature.
  • High page print count from a single toner cartridge.
  • Great at printing Avery labels.


  • The absence of colour printing is a bit off for some users.

4. Canon Pixma MG3620 Inkjet Printer

Canon Pixma MG3620 Inkjet Printer

Getting all the most wanted features in one single laser printer may seem like a dream for some, but that dream has now become a reality. Thus canon Pixma atones with its high-quality build and easy setup for making checks. 

The software fitted is super modest, with plug & play support included. Such premium quality built and qualities lets for checks colour correction to be detected automatically before the printout. This makes it a must-buy item as you get supreme quality handouts and more.

Getting expert-quality check designs comes at an inexpensive cost of ink every time. Canon Pixma makes use of the minimum quantity of ink and produces everlasting quality printout every time. The light auto-correction develops surreal check printing quality, taking printers for printing checks to a whole another level.

Get crafty with those black and white printouts at super speeds with utmost reliability from canon at your side. Don't worry, and the duty cycle will contribute to peak performance without causing any trouble to the user.

The LaserJet control is perfect; it uses a convenient 8-color combination to provide un-interrupted printing checks sessions. The quality promise is unmatched as the ultra-sharp laser detection will probably never heat up, causing a meltdown while using the printer for printing checks. Using this list of abilities, Pixma MG3620 is idolized by all.

Keeping the laser printer for check running for the monthly duty cycle to print non-stop, and not even one will have any stop will cause issues, so using with care is a must. The quality and durability of Canon are unquestionable.

This one printer is so fascinating; you won't need to print because it will do itself, use its document feeder, and you are safe not to tell the difference between bank checks and yours.


  • Attach your DSLR camera, mobile directly with a USB cable for printing check.
  • Robust and ergonomic design allows for high-res print quality.
  • Easy setup with direct Wi-Fi and other mobile devices.


  • The company prefers their own Canon papers for printing which causes frustration to the users.

5. Brother Monochrome Laser Printer

Brother Monochrome Laser Printer

Printing checks at tremendous fast speeds, you will not be waiting for prints of chequebooks coming along, taking the whole day. As an alternative, get efficient printing pages per minute with extraordinary quality, assured.

Now you can even scan, fax or print with this all-in-one, worry-free device. Brother offers Amazon replenishment ready, making your checks best printer never run out of toner cartridge when the MICR mechanism affects critical situations.

Although the printer will alert Amazon to send in ink cartridge or pages when running low, you don't have to get it yourself. The addition of wireless printing grants easy mobile captures, seamless important documents on the cloud printing with comfort and relief for delivering those checks.

Such a paper arranging slot makes calculating the duty cycle easy. Therefore, the paper is ready for checks 2021 to be minted out with superb quality with no clogging up the whole printer. Are these small cards you need printing or full-sized papers?

You can make this printer run along with. Now, develop more ideas with far greater speed and a minimum amount of space took.

Running an effective machine, this Monochrome agrees to scan or print higher than 50 checks in a nonstop manner soundlessly. Stacking the minimum extent of quality providing pressure on the machine because it already does it with ease.

Furthermore, the ink is also used in such an ergonomic manner that it makes the highest resolution checkbooks and saves up – making it an eco-friendly choice among the best check printers.

The smart ink toner saving mode kicks in when running low, making it a highly convenient printing device. The paper will never hang inside the printer because of the high dense paper holding slot, which holds them in place at all times. Even when working at full speeds.

The ergonomic yet sturdy design allows for small desktop space. It also holds power to make two-sided prints which saves up a lot on paper usage.

Lastly, you may face the issue of brother printer leaving roller marks on paper after some time. But the solution is so easy that anyone can do it.


  • Super-fast instantaneous check printouts with consistency.
  • Effective use of toner and pattern pages with top quality printouts.
  • Amazon replenishment feature allows for full-time sturdy printing sessions all the time.


  • There is no support for 3rd party ink toner.

6. Laserjet Check Printer M15w, Bundle of HP CF248A 48A MICR Toner Cartridge

Laserjet Check Printer M15w, Bundle of HP CF248A 48A MICR Toner Cartridge

Among many other printers, this bundle has an exceptionally exquisite HP laserjet printer geared with modern technology. This printer is designed to yield a maximum number of printed check pages to help users save time and effort.

This ergonomic printer has a pre-installed toner cartridge, which is a unique feature. This toner cartridge is used for printing checks. It can yield up to a maximum number of thousand pages. With this exceptional feature, you can easily print whenever wherever you want with a built-in toner cartridge.

If you are looking for the best printer for checks, we'll suggest you this exquisite printer serving multiple functions. With this one-of-a-kind printer, you'll have a professional-quality output, which also boosts print productivity.

It has a black and white printer with an extraordinary printing speed of up to 18/19ppm. The modest and compact laser printer with a wireless feature can print up to 3 checks on a single page. This printer is solely focused on mono graphics and texts.

You just need to assign a printing check job to this compact designed printer, and the quality will surprise you. You won't be having delayed printing from now on, as this printer will take out its single print within 9 seconds.

This is a great and basic printer, especially when you are printing checks to clear your payments. It lets the users get 500 prints with its built-in toner cartridge that comes with the purchase. The text that it gets on the paper is genuinely subtle and with more clear resolution.

You can always choose to set up with or without WI FI compatibility. It is basically a wireless printer and compatible with Ethernet connectivity, which makes it a dynamic printer. With this super budgeted eco-friendly deal, RT MICR toner is pre-installed in the printer. That said, it is a must-have for every business-related purpose as it is a super-fast portable printer. You will be getting a very deal in very low and economic value with the best printer for quick books checks.


  • Simple and basic printer
  • Eco-friendly printer for checks.
  • Portable and wireless.
  • Good printing speed.
  • MICR toner is specified for Checks printing.


  • Slow printing speed.
  • Light text colours.

7. MICR Toner LBP6230dw Wireless Laser Check Printer Bundle with Canon 126 MICR Toner Cartridge

MICR Toner LBP6230dw Wireless Laser Check Printer Bundle with Canon 126 MICR Toner Cartridge

Waiting long hours to get your checks printed by the deadline must be hectic with the busy schedule. You must be thinking about getting yourself the super-fast best printer for printing checks.

With the latest and compact technology, Canon offers you its sleek peak printer with multi-purpose technology. The all-in-one printer offers you controlled and suitable paper handling.

This portable wireless laser check printer has all the qualities that fit your requirements. Its subtle and compact design, along with its printing speed, makes it one of the most suitable ergonomic printers on the market.

With this extraordinary portable handheld check printer, you can print with attractive, well-balanced paper handling technology and output quality. It also lets users with the most convenient mobile connectivity. This is so far the best monochrome and a fast laser printer for the checks.

It comes with the duplex printing feature, enabling the users to print on both sides of the documents automatically. It has enhanced the feature of wireless Ethernet as well as Wi-Fi connectivity. With the powerful 250 sheets on the standard paper cassette, it limits the interruptions up to zero.

This printer is user-friendly with a built-in powered speed of 26ppm. The fast-speed tech and the duplex printing saves up paper usage, reducing the cost per page.  With these features, it is highly suitable for the printing of your checks.

It is also compatible with your windows, IOS and android phones. You can draw as many checks as you want from your mobile phones by just giving the printer the command. But to do that, your printer must remain connected to the Ethernet or Wi-Fi. That way, it can take out the clear and precise printing check modules up to the users` choices and command per se.

With an impressive output quality, this printer is suitable for your business purposes. It has been known for the high running cost, but it's all worth it with the super-fast speed. This printer is well-suited for your office as well as your home purposes. And that's why it's ofted cited as the best printer for homeschool as well.


  • Portable and small desktop printer.
  • Duplex sided printing.
  • Ethernet and Wi-Fi compatibility.
  • Super-fast speed.
  • Ethernet connectivity.
  • Eco-Friendly


  • Haven't found any concerning feature yet except the fact that it is a bit costly.

8. Renewable Toner LBP6230dw, 126 CRG-126 MICR Toner Cartridge for Check Printing

Renewable Toner LBP6230dw, 126 CRG-126 MICR Toner Cartridge for Check Printing

The exceptionally featured compact designed Canon image CLASS LBP6230dw Wireless Laser Printer is a go-to for every small business for check printing. The best and good printer for printing checks from quick books.

The space-saving ergonomic and sturdily designed outlook makes it more exquisite and one-of-a-kind. You can print high quality checks from this sleek designed printer. In this bundle, with the printer, this deal is also inclusive of CRG-126 MICR pre-installed toner.

With the Canon LBP6230DW replenishment ready check printer, making your checks best printer never runs out of toner cartridge when the MICR mechanism affects critical situations. You must have seen many other check printers as well, but none other than the functions of this ergonomic printer.

That said, this printer will yield high quality check prints for you. It can print a maximum of up to 2100 per page and 6300 at 3 per page. The number of prints getting printed mostly varies upon the required amount of check prints on one page.

With the wireless and portable printer, you can take out prints anywhere you want. By saving space as well, you can also save the cost of printing pages. It comes with a super-fast speed of about 26pages per minute. You will get your first print in no less than 6 seconds.

This printer is highly compatible with IOs and smartphones. Being wireless, you can take some time off, blow the steam of stress while printing. Without interruptions, it gets you super-fast quality printers.

The deal comprises the 1 RT compatible toner cartridge and a sleek designed subtle printer suitable for printing out the checks. The smart ink toner's saving mode recoils when running low, making it a highly convenient compact check printing device.

The paper will never hang inside the printer, which brings us back to the uninterrupted printing. That is because of the high dense paper holding slot, which holds them in place at all times. Even when working at full speeds. However, this is definitely not the best printer for watercolor paper sincce it doesn't support thicker papers.

With the upgraded duplex printing style, this printer is most featured among the users, making it even more reliable and user-friendly. An extreme innovative utility of the best check printer has become a major part of the trade industry. Get this top featured printer and toner deal in your possession before it's gone.


  • Clean prints.
  • No paper jamming.
  • Easy and compact setup.
  • Super-fast speed.
  • Duplex check printing design.
  • Wireless check printer.


  • The toner didn't last long, and sometimes there are smudges on the printed paper.

9. Ampro Laser Check Printer M404N, MICR Printer Bundle with CF258A MICR

Ampro Laser Check Printer M404N, MICR Printer Bundle with CF258A MICR

We came across many of the good printers for printing checks, but the Ampro checks have so far been the biggest inspiration for all others. This printer has an exquisitely dynamic nature with which it saves up energy, cost, space-time and effort.

With a subtle outlook, it outperforms many other printers. This printer is a must-have for every small business as it comes with the built-in replacement toner, from which you can draw up to 4000 prints.

With the most durable control panel, there comes an ergonomic modern technology of paper handling. With this printer, you will be able to auto-feed the printer with the 250 sheet tray. This feature will make the printing go with the flow as it will feed the printer one by one itself, making it a worthy contender for the best check printer title.

With the most advanced feature, the tray consists of a 250 sheet tray; along with that, there's also a 100 sheets override tray which saves up the effort. Going forward, you will also add a 550 sheet drawer along with this auto-feed tray. You can increase this capacity by up to 900 sheets holding a tray.

This sturdy wireless and portable printer has a built-in duty cycle of whopping 80000 pages monthly. The user will draw a secure check print with the encrypted user identification codes with this featuring specification, providing them controlled and complicated passwords and emails.

With their Jet-Advantage security manager, they also check on the records and monitor the unusual logins credentials. They thwart potential attacks and counteract them. With that much security, it also gives a smooth and durable experience with checks printing.

The text, or anything else that you prints with this super-fast ergonomic printer, the well-shaped and legible standard fonts looks extraordinary. It has a sleek outlook, making it even more exquisite and one-of-a-kind and the best printer for checks.


  • Small foot printing style.
  • Super-fast printing speed.
  • Smartphone integration.
  • Windows and IOs compatibility.
  • Auto fed document double-duplexing


  • A bit costly than average printers.

Buying guide: How To Buy a Printer For Checks?

For any kind of business that you are running, you will need the best printer for printing checks, and of course, a thermal label printer. These printers can save you a lot of effort and decrease the aggravation of running towards the bank to check every time you need to pay or get paid.

Printer for Printing Checks

It is mandatory that before going out shopping, you should consider some things beforehand. This will save you a lot of effort and tiring experience. Keep reading, and you will get the expert's suggestion on this one.

Ink Quality:

The ink is the main part of the printing media. With the right and high-quality ink, it could do some justice to your pictures of original documents. Check before getting a printer that it has MICR ink toner.

Printer for Check

These inks are specifically made for checks printing and also to check authenticity.


Check for the speed before getting into the trouble of printing, even if it's a printer for infrequent printing. Speed is very crucial in the printing world as it saves a lot of energy and time. The speed must be ascertained before buying one, and with the most durable and smooth functioning.

Printer for Checks

Built-in Software

For the better results of the printed checks, we sometimes need to crop, resize the pictures. These printers must have this software. Otherwise, there won't be anything tempting to edit the images. These software are perfectly capable of handling such tasks.


1. What kind of printer do I need to print checks?

A laser printer is best for such tasks. That is because there is a risk of any spills or ink droplets sprinkled over the chequebook. For this reason, the best laser printer for stickers also use this technology. An inkjet printer is best for printing black and white or super detailed printing projects.

On the other hand, laserjet ones use UV light to scan and paste an image in fine-looking details. All the while not compromising on quality at all.

2. Which printer is best for Cheque printing?

Hp laserjet is known to have the best results in terms of making checks. That is because it uses the latest image to scan technological abilities to enhance any photo. As a result of this, the resulting checks will also look super crisp as long as the original copy is mesmerizing.   

3. Can I print checks without MICR ink?

If you are making checks just to keep the balance of what is paid and what is left, then there is no need to use MICR ink.

But if your accounts are cleared through bank transaction, you need to develop proper standard checks, which the banks and other organizations follow. That will involve the use of MICR ink.

4. How can I print a Check?

In order to print a check, you can use a copy of the original check. Just pass it through the scanner and have its copy in super detailed format. Afterwards, enhance it a bit to view clear characters. Use MICR ink to make the character imprinted at the bottom of the check. For this case, use thick paper.

Final Verdict:

Before going out for the printers for checks, keep in mind to invest in that thing that stays longer with the most durable features no matter the cost. Whether you get all these abilities or not, having a quality printer by your side is a great companion for your check printing and other tasks.

These printers are perfectly designed for maximum durability and longevity to provide users with a more reliable and trustworthy experience.

That said, we have handpicked some of the best printers for checks and reviewed them with our expert opinions to help you get through this search. You must be going through this top curated list of 10 best printers for checks all the time. For that reason, you've just arrived at the right spot. Get these economic and top quality budgeted printers in your possession. Until then, keep on reading and let us know what we have missed.

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