10 Best Portable Scanner for Mac – Apple-friendly Scanners

There are often complaints heard by people that their scanner is not compatible with Mac. The dawn of the technological breakthrough has changed this concept, and new scanners are being manufactured that are compatible with Windows and Mac both.

There is no need for a secret feature to choose the best portable scanners for Mac. Rather the basic features like speed, electricity consumption, and compatibility remain the same. Let's get an insight into these scanners.

1. Portable Fujitsu Scan Snap S 1300i

Portable Fujitsu Scan Snap S 1300i

Increasing Mac customers have also increased the need for Mac compatible operating systems scanners. Whenever you are going to get a scanner, what is the first thing that attracts you the most? Most probably, that slim flat surface that, when attached, would increase its grace as well.

In the case of this one, you don't need to go through a series of menu items. Rather it has a built-in Quick menu that produces ease in the scanning of documents. The best part is the high-speed document scanning as it can scan almost 12 documents in a minute, which makes it even more desirable. Thus, it features in the best document scanner list of many reviewers.

When it comes to the weight of this scanner, then you would be amazed as it is only three pounds, so it is both lightweight and compact. It is a USB-powered scanner for Mac, so you don't need to worry about setting up a scanner after going through several steps.

One of the interests of customers is usually the cloud services provided by the scanner, and this scanner has direct access to Dropbox and Google Drive to create your ease. You can access your document from these services at any time you like.

It is of the type that supports the easy scan of double-sided documentation. The best part is the automatic image processing so that it can detect colors were required, and the device could provide ease to the user.


  • Automatic image detection systems like paper orientation or size detection.
  • Compatible with multiple cloud services.
  • High-speed documents are scanning with a space of 10 documents in the document holder.


  • There is no backup battery system as there is no extra battery provided.

2. Doxie GO SE Rechargeable Scanner

Doxie GO SE Rechargeable Scanner

If you are thinking of buying a scanner that can fulfill your one in all requirements, then we believe that this is the one you have been looking for. The main idea is to buy a portable scanner, and it is the best portable scanner so far.

If it is the small size you are looking for, then it is only 31cm long, and if it is the weight you are considering, then its weight is hardly 1.18 pounds. So what can be better than this one in all packages?

It can scan both sides of a document with colorful scanning in just 8 seconds, making it a high-speed scanner device. It has a fast rechargeable battery, and the duration is also high, as if one time recharged, it can scan 400 pages in a row. Moreover, the small size is just like a dream coming true as it is most suitable for daily use scanner.

You can simply move it in a bag or placed it in a drawer. For a single-page scan, you can rely on it like your best buddy. The Doxie Go SE app can sync all your devices, and you can check it on any device.

Moreover, the OCR technology makes a wide difference. It helps in recognizing the text, and later on, you can use it for making a PDF. The built-in intelligent adjustment system can create support for users, making it user-friendly.


  • Smart in size and can be adjusted in any place, either the workplace or home.
  • Fast scan speed as it can undergo a full-color scan in 8 seconds.
  • Rechargeable battery with long duration as it can scan 400 pages per charge.


  • The manufactured quality is not too good as you have to take special care of the scanner because of its foldability.

3. Epson WorkForce ES-50 Document Scanner

Epson WorkForce ES-50 Document Scanner

The concept of the scanner is evolving at an exceedingly fast pace. There is just no break in the evolution of technology. The Epson workforce es scanner is deemed as the fastest mobile scanner and has a class of its own.

You don't need any kind of extra power source for carrying out the task. Rather it is USB-powered, so working becomes easy as you can use it when required. There is no difficulty in scanning as it is quite easy to use.

You can save your document once it is scanned. ID cards and other business cards can be scanned through it at high speed.

One can use it for handling different types of papers and can scan in one go. The OCR helps in creating PDF files, and the scanning speed is almost 5.5 seconds making it the fastest scanner so far.

There are additional cloud services provided to ensure that documents remain safe after you are done scanning. It meets your requirement of compatibility with both Windows and Mac device. So you don't need to worry at all when you have this portable scanner for Mac.


  • Fast scan speed as it can scan a document in mere five seconds.
  • Light in weight and mobile scanner.
  • No external power source is required.


  • It scans one at a time leading to slow speed for more documents.

4. Brother DS-640 Document Scanner

Brother DS-640 Document Scanner

People often want to buy a compact and lightweight scanner that can become as useable as their smartphones. Saying this is easy, but this lightweight and portable scanner is like a dream coming true. People often avoid complexity, and it is easy to use because there are no lengthy steps as you just have to pass the document through it.

Brother DS helps in scanning fast, and scanning speed is 16ppm for black and white papers. But you don't need to worry even if your concern is with a color scan because it works at the same pace in the case of the color scan.

The compactness of Brother ds item is off the charts as it is hardly one foot and you can use it anywhere. The small size and smooth surface would make it even more attractive while using it. You can place it in your pocket while traveling.

You can use its app to get documents from other devices. The smart system helps in document orientation, enhancement of text, and much more.

Moreover, Brother Ds 40 has the ability to scan to destinations is one of its prime features as you can change the location of scanned double sided documents to where it is required. It can be powered by your computer, so there is no separate battery required.


  • Flat and smooth in design.
  • The compact design helps you in saving space.
  • It can help in optimizing text and pictures on documents.
  • Compatible with Mac Os and other windows.


  • There is no cloud storage provided for the saving of documents.

5. Canon Image Formula P-215

Canon Image Formula P-215

There are very few scanners that could compete with this one. You can call it one in its kind. Name it, and this scanner would provide it to you. Cloud storage? You got it. Duplex scanning? You got it. There is no such task that this cannot provide.

When it comes to speed, there is no match for it as it can over 15 pages in a minute. When it comes to the sheet feeding process, it has an automatic sheet feeding software system of up to 20 pages. Try it, and you would never be disappointed by it.

Highly user friendly as helps in document management, documents receipts, organizing of cards, and much more. It can be moved from one place to another if it is extremely light in weight.

Powerful software is installed to ensure quality work. You can go for long documents, photos, or reports. It would surprise you every time you use it. One of the best portable scanners in the market.


  • You don't need specific space to accommodate it.
  • Compatibility with multiple types of systems.
  • Efficient and can work up to longer durations.


  • No automatic processing of images.

6. Wireless Scanner by Fujitsu iX100 ScanSnap

Wireless Scanner by Fujitsu iX100 ScanSnap

You must be looking for a flatbed scanner that comes in handy when you are on the go. You don't need to be a businessman to have one. It is the need for a new world of documents. People use to record, make receipts, and collect all sorts of data on paper and store it in paper form too.

The world has changed now, and we called it a digitalized and global world for a reason. If we explain this in a simple and systematic way, computers allow all the manual data to be stored in, and scanners help in doing so.

There are a lot of scanners in the market specially designed for catering to the customer's need. Portable scanners are in demand nowadays. Fujitsu scansnap gives a one-touch scanning option. This saves and sends the documents automatically to the designated cloud services.

This is said to be the best portable scanner for mac, as it gives one of the best and easy to use features. Wi fi and USB connection give so much easy-to-use accessibility. You can scan as much s you want and send it via WI-fi to your windows and mac compatible devices.

The scanner has a built GI processor that is best known for its intelligent image enhancement. Old images and colored pictures do need more focus and need high resolution to get the best results. And that's what it gives.


  • Automatically saves the document and sends it to the cloud in one touch.
  • Connectivity with the devices via WI FI and USB.


  • Intelligent image enhancement sometimes makes the documents extra bright.

7. VuPoint Solutions Black Portable Magic Wand Scanner for Mac Os

VuPoint Solutions Black Portable Magic Wand Scanner for Mac Os

The name magic wand is not just a name. It does work as if you say a magical spell and swing the wand, and voila! The scanner has done the magic, and the document is in digital form now.

All you need is to put the documents and color photos you want to scan and move the wand. You will get the digital files in searchable PDF form.

The files you scan stays in the archive, and you can later connect them via the SD card and USB powered port available with the cable. You can view it first and, when you are satisfied with the result, can transfer it to the computer compatible with windows.

The OCR software allows the saved documents to be in an editable format so that it helps you to edit the document later and use it as you want. You can edit them in a spreadsheet or MS word as it is compatible with both.

The scanner comes with a drawstring pouch that allows easy carry. The lightweight of this device makes it the portable fast scanner for mac, doing all sorts of work, indoor and outdoor. The design is specially made for compact and easy to carry along in your purse or laptop bag.


  • Save and use the scanned documents later when connected with the device.
  • It gives different resolution setting for documents that demand different treatment, 300dpi, 600dpi and 900dpi.


  • It is not compatible with mac.
  • SD card is also not included.

8. Magic Wand Portable MUNBYN Photo Scanners for mac

Magic Wand Portable MUNBYN Photo Scanners for mac

In the list of portable scanners for mac, this one is quite Impressive in Clarity & Speed. With its best optical resolution feature, the conversion of your pictures and documents into digital form is done with high quality and details.

In the market, there are so many best portable scanners compatible with mac. What makes it different is that it gives building wi-fi options. This makes it easier to use. The rechargeable powered battery option makes it handy and gives a long working time.

Document scanning software with this scanner is comparatively far much better than so many others in the market who claims to be the best portable one. The design is so lightweight and sleek. In fact, it does not affect its efficiency at all.

The built-in wi-fi allows this scanner to easily connect with mobile to send the documents directly and review them before saving them. Connectivity with other people is made easy on the go.

You can scan all that you can. Copy all the notes in one go and can view all the documentation right then and there on your mobile. It is undoubtedly so much better than a flatbed scanner as it is more efficient in working.


  • It is very small and lightweight to carry around, making it the best portable scanner for mac.
  • Built-in Wi-Fi to connect with other devices.
  • Compatible with Android, iOS, Mac, Windows 7/8/10/XP, Linux.
  • This scanner allows easy digitized photos and searchable pdfs.


  • It scans a single page manually.

9. CZUR Aura Light Weight and Portable Book Scanner

CZUR Aura Light Weight and Portable Book Scanner

This scanner is designed in a way that it can easily scan both and save the digitized format. It has a built-in battery that increases the mobility of this scanner. Makes it a travel-friendly document feeder scanner.

You are on a business trip and forgot to send an important file to your client. The impression of a businessman is very important. To save yourself from embarrassment from the client, you can use this portable scanner to scan and send the document before the meeting starts.

This portable scanner has the self-developed technology of curve flattening. This allows the scanner to replicate the original form of the page, making it the best portable scanner for mac. It is a desktop-style scanner and has an extra feature of a lamp with its light on its top.

The light on top of the head of this portable scanner allows it to capture the best results while scanning. Scan documents only give the best experience when they are clearly visible on the application you are using.

It is a portable scanner for mac as well as windows. The software supports editing and converting them into PDF and JPG with a fast scan speed of 2 sec per page and 30 pages per minute.


  • Has a built-in rechargeable battery.
  • Foot pedal to trigger scanning making it hands-free.
  • Connection of USB cable.


  • Does not have a card slot.
  • Cannot scan both sides at a time.

10. Magic Wand Style Scanner

Magic Wand Style Scanner

Buying best portable scanners for mac is a tough and risky decision that you need to make. We are here to provide you accommodation with all the information you are looking for. A scanner should have the best software that is an integral part of any scanner.

Automatic document feeder, with the saver feature allows saving in google drive or on any other software that gives similar features. It's efficient and quick working speed works at almost 25 pages per minute. However, if you're looking for the best multiple page scanner, this unit won't be enough.

Double-sided duplex scanning for documents is one feature that makes it the best portable scanner. The resolution this document provides is the best in such a small and portable size. It's unlike other document feeder scanners where you put in the documents, and the work is done.

The OCR software only supports Windows, not mac. Otherwise, this is a scanner for mac and is compatible with it. It has a USB port through which you can transfer the documents when the scanner is done scanning.


  • It comes with a memory card as well.
  • The USB port is available for transferring the documents.
  • So small and stylish making it the best choice for portable scanners for mac


  • It is not an automatic document feeder.
  • The scan pages may not be directly available on the mobile.

Buying Guide

When you search the market for a specific product or for that product to do a certain job, you want to see those specifications in it, as its features. And it's true whether you're looking for a portable mac scanner or the best medium format film scanner. This buying guide is made specially to remind you that what you are looking for is more important than any other thing.

 Portable Scanner for Mac


A scanner that is compatible with mac is the main specification that you are looking for. Other features that come with are only there to add extra spice to the main dish. These extra features justify the price that the company offers for the product, but they shouldn't deviate you from the main feature you want in your scanner.

Quality of the Product.

The quality of the product is so much important. You need to invest in something that is long-lasting and gives you the full ride of your money invested.

 Portable Scanner for Mac

Don't spend your money on a product that has bad reviews or lacks in providing you a detailed overlook of the product. A good product comes with its complete guide and doesn't shy away from answering any query.


1. What scanner works best with Mac?

We believe that several scanners are made specifically for Mac. But you should go for a scanner that would be suitable for both. The best portable scanners for Mac, are the one that could support the IOS system.                              

2. What is the best portable scanner to buy?

The possible best portable scanner is the one which can be used while traveling or in other places. Some ideal traits would be lightweight, compactness, and compatibility. A fast and reliable portable scanner can create ease in work.

3. Can I scan wirelessly to my Mac?

There is a certain portable scanner that can be connected to Mac wirelessly. How? Scanners that have an app system can be used in this regard. As you can install the app to your mac device, and once it is scanned, you can use destination scanning for wireless scanning of the document.

4. Our handheld scanners any good?

These scanners are best for professional work because smart things are most preferred today. These are small in size and can be easily moved.

5. Are they powered with Duplex scanning feature?

Yes, almost all of scanners discussed above can efficiently perform double sided duplex scanning.

Final Verdict

Finally, we would recommend you one thing. That whatever you find best that suits your needs and demands, only spend your hard-earned money on that. Carefully explore all the options and then make the decision. It is going to be a long-term investment, and for that, you need a little extra time to make the decision.

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