10 Best Photo Booth Printer Reviews in 2022 – Buying Guide

For a long time, the photo booth has been used to capture memories in an instant. They were present in shopping malls where you could get a decent photo while you are on-the-go. Awarded with decent picture quality, you did not have any complains whatsoever.

However, still wanted to have this photo booth in your purse to have those beautiful moments captured. Today, such photo printing can be done right from your palm devices. Some churn out dazzling images with professional image quality.

Some printers make use of efficient ink use, while others use different techniques to give the user full HD photos and results in record time. However, that doesn't mean printers that use less ink are inferior in terms of output photo quality.

Today we are going to review some of the best photo booth printers and find out what it takes to be number one! How they have improved in quality and what new salient features these small, portable devices carry and much more.

1. Victure 3 x 3” Portable Photo Printer

Victure 3x3” Portable Photo Printer

Delivering their masterpiece, this easy to carry photo printers are a staple in the industry. You are Getting super crisp; high-resolution prints are child's play for this printer. The connection with a mobile device allows for convenient photo event at all times.

Take gorgeous, candid pics of nature and its beauty. Receiving super raw and sharp image results. It comes packed with eight sheets of the paper cartridge to develop 3 x 3 print sizes. Such an elegant white body with a matte finish. 

The printing speed allows for 35 photos to be developed in a single charge. Such accurate premium quality needs long-lasting batteries too. This lets us make direct connectivity with mobile devices for reliable prints.

This booth weighs less than 20 pounds in total and lets us quality print media in different sizes. Therefore, capture and print are seamless. Download their app and enjoy the front-loading of images in mere seconds. We were able to test this feature with our portable scanner for mac units.

The build material is sturdy enough to withstand minor damage. No paper jamming of any sort makes for a durable photo booth on hands. Enjoy high-resolution printouts in your hands as soon as you capture them.

No need for any additional software; just make multiple prints if you are not satisfied. However, it makes sure to enhance the photo quality much further than the original. Your new photo is ready to be added to your album, only using 2 6 strips of photo paper.


  • Portable and rechargeable photo printer
  • Fast connectivity with mobile devices allows for super-fast printout sessions.
  • Least photo paper usage with no spills of ink or colour dullness.
  • Perfect weight balance for carrying around in your pocket.


  • To claim a warranty and free sample paper, you have to subscribe to their YouTube channel and give a five-star rating on Amazon, which seems like a bribe to some customers.

2. Zink Kodak Step Photo Printer

Zink Kodak Step Photo Printer

Make best times last longer with Zink Kodak portable printer. Get premium colour photos with just a click on the app. Having the latest technology with Kodak reliability, you are sure to get a supreme printout with perfect lightning and much more.

The wireless feature allows for getting results soon as you capture them. Connect on-the-go while getting instant pics in your hand right away. No need to wait when you have the best photo printer. A perfect photo booth with you, always.

No need to worry about ink as it comes with special photo gloss paper designed to innovate photo media. Connect via USB to charge or fast transfer media. Make spectacular 4 6 inch sized photos in mere seconds.

You can use this portable device at events for making cool art and stickers on paper. That's why it's often listed in best printer for stickers list by many crafters. This is possible with the help of the app with instant editing options. Make more than six print in less than 30 seconds.  The sheet reliability is super adhesive and having an alternative to the booth makes it hard to resist.

Thus, very simple and easy to carry with high-quality print media is a must-have for anyone. Stick them to the wall or album with no drips or spills because no ink used. Don't worry, per print page is also not super expensive and uses a mix of dye-sub to bring out the colours in the pictures.

The small compact size also means less than 6 inches in length and weight of 4 to 6 pounds in total.  Such a lightweight and ergonomic wireless option with a rechargeable battery for uninterrupted pics sessions.


  • Pictures can even stick to walls.
  • Small design with rechargeable Lithium-ion cells to give a long-lasting experience.
  • The easy and editable app allows for text and sticker animation addition.
  • No need if ink cartridges but special plastic sticky paper for protection against wear and tear.


  • The colour quality of the picture feels quite uncomfortable and unpleasant to some users.

3. Canon Selphy CP1300 PicPrint Device

Canon Selphy CP1300 PicPrint Device

Bringing the best of their photo booth options, canon Selphy is the way to go. Get those images dry super quick. Get a glossy, matte finish on each for protection against wear and tear. The options on this model are long and definitely needed for everyday use.

Display these pics, and you can make continuous prints per hour without any heat up. These photo booths help in getting these pictures, fast print speed and easily in your hands. Get the app and start your photo booth business as fast as the inkjet itself.

Develop those images via USB or use a memory card, whichever suits you best. Such superior portable design makes canon Selphy 1300 a partner to carry for reliable and enhanced pictures and more. The tilt adjusting touch screen makes for a friendly photo booth business.

Don’t worry about the print speed, going up to 18 different photo sizes of your choice. Thus a photo booth printer capable of generating 4 6 inches for making greeting cards. Every new photo is a technical marvel from the previous.

The best photo quality booth provides crisp, sharp images. This canon Selphy printer can also make editable media options on the app and saves up on ink per print with high efficiency. Besides, the pristine finish of the body is really something to look out for.

Enjoy those pictures with the sharp colour combination, all due to seamless connectivity. The wireless feature lets us make jaw-dropping imagery while having a full recharge all day long.  This battery bundle from canon Selphy gives the user the utmost reliability.


  • A sheet tray to hold images for continuous sessions.
  • Different sized photo quality settings.
  • Touch screen option even when low on battery.
  • USB and memory card slot for hectic prints per hour.


  • The support for canon model drivers is misleading and causes trouble when a newer model comes out.

4. Kodak Dock Photo Printer

Kodak Dock Photo Printer

The superior-high-quality image can only be expected from Kodak. They offer durability and long-lasting images with no colour deterioration whatsoever. The sleek design and use of the latest features for fast delivery makes it the best photo booth printer.

Such simple and easy to use for its one-button press print. The body has a premium black finish to it, while the phone docks on top of it for uninterrupted photo booth setup. Thus, the colour quality is off the charts with this one.

Using the latest dnp ds thermal imaging technology to give you a spill-free printout at the end. High-end premium print speed aims for a trustworthy result. There is also size variation which allows multiple size printing in no time.

The docking system makes the booth compatible with android and IOS devices for effortless picture development. You can charge while on the go. The photo quality is supreme and requires no extra ink but instead saves up.

The dye sublimation helps to create stunning looking images, while the media and other screenshots can also be printed out. The app allows worry-free editing and giving you the best level of pictures result on the market.

You can print per hour, and there will be no change in picture quality. That is because the AC power supply makes sure to keep it plugged and up to photo booth printing quality standards. It may be considered as a replacement to some.

No need to go to photoshop now as you can make them at your place. Such an efficient and ergonomic design is loved by most users for its print speeds.


  • Super elegant one clicks print design. Easy for beginners.
  • Crisp images with a protective coating.
  • Compact and portable with professional colour printer alike.


  • The app has some bugs which do not select some photos for no reason at all.

5. Kodak Smile Instant Photo Printer

Kodak Smile Instant Photo Printer

If you are looking for HD resolution images from a carry photo booth printer, then look no further. You are getting one from Kodak with all these qualities and a faction of a price. This simple and smart 4 6 inch printer comes in variable colour choices too.

The thermal adhesive makes it sticky on the attaching end, which lasts longer than any other printer. You can get one in less than 6 seconds for its size. Now capture beautiful imagery on-the-go. Making cool media has never been easier without this photo booth in hand.

Take a new photo every 10 seconds later with 2 3 strips of a sheet used. This makes the user of efficient use of ink. Thus wireless connectivity allows for secure and fast delivery.

In an instant, you will be able to churn out your desired images. The app allows for a friendly user interface, even for beginners. This small, durable device is perfect for candid photo takers and professionals alike.

You will have the printer turned on for hours, and the battery will keep its performance-matched to the end. Such power is unrivalled with the others. The slim, ergonomic design fits in a traveller's pocket and gives desired premium images of their trips.

No need to wait for a connection to a PC. You can do that while you are on the way. Check out the result of image quality with the sample cartridge provided along for your satisfaction.


  • 2 x 3 size makes it perfect for official image requirements.
  • No need for ink, but use special eco-friendly paper
  • A protective coating of lamination on each picture.
  • The sticky back allows attaching easily to walls.


  • Colour dullness occurs after long usage.

6. Canon SELPHY CP1300 Wireless Compact Photo Printer

Canon SELPHY CP1300 Wireless Compact Photo Printer

The Canon SELPHY has launched its most luxurious and portable best photo booth printer. Melting both the digital and physical Polaroid technology altogether to get the most ergonomic and sleek portable photo printer.

This exquisite printer allows you to take SELPHY anywhere you wish it to be. This portable handheld printer is everything that you need in this modern era. With the dye-sublimation print quality, the ink can last up to 100 years of its composition.

This printer is highly compatible with computing devices. With the Canon Print app's installation, you can print from your devices with single touch optimization. You can sit back, relax on your comfy sofa, and by clicking on the printer button, you will get a fine and precise print of your desired photos.

With the internet connectivity, you can print straight from the iPhone and iPad with AirPrint technology. It has modified and improved user interface with up to 3.2` LCD screen with intuitive control and tilt.

With the optional battery pack, you can use it anywhere without connecting to an external power source. This sturdy portable wireless printer is a must-have if you are a professional photographer.

With the compact features, it lets you share memories wherever you are. It has built-in SD card memory, which lets you save the previous documents or pictures. It is also highly compatible with your computing devices and Windows, OS with your android devices.


  • Easy to use.
  • Super-fast printing speed
  • Highly compatible with connectivity specification
  • High-resolution prints quality
  • Perfect for home offices as well as for business purposes.
  • Automatic document feeder.
  • Budgeted rate photo printer.


  • It has only One USB port, neither compatible with android nor with A

7. Victure Photo Printer, Print (4 x 6) inch Photos, Bluetooth Instant Photo Printer

Victure Photo Printer, Print (4 x 6) inch Photos, Bluetooth Instant Photo Printer

A flatbed compact and portable Victure Photo Printer, which is compatible with Bluetooth compatibility. This connection is more stable, and it gives them a user-friendly experience. This sturdy minimalistic printer provides the user water-resistant, fade-proof photos which last longer than usual.

Among the top quality best photo booth printers, this one-of-a-kind printer is specifically built for brilliant and HD quality photo printing. Now you will be able to get more precise high-resolution images with this ergonomic printer.

It has built-in Due sublimation thermal transfer technology with which it produces HD quality 4`×6` sized photos. This sturdy little flatbed printer occupies very little space. It can be used as a desktop printer as well. It has many functions. It has personalized filters, stickers, card templates, and collage makers starting from specifications to enhance and illuminate your photos.

It comes with the instant paper cassette, power adapter, without the ink cartridge, and print paper. It can print out your memories by giving them a nice touch with reality. It has an exclusive Victure app through which you can make anything real on paper. However, if you're searching for a printer for watercolor paper, then this won't cut it.

With this ergonomic printer, you will draw prints with much advanced super-fast speed than any other printer could give. You can also print from small to regular-sized photos with this printer. With the simple setup, it is very user-friendly. You can bring it to your home, office wherever you want.

This printer is not compatible with Wi-Fi, and it can be tethered with Bluetooth. It comes with an ink cartridge and 40 print sheet pages.


  • Portable handheld printer
  • Simple and easy to use
  • User manual for the built-in software app
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Water-resistant prints
  • HD quality imaging
  • Automatic document feeder
  • High-resolution print quality


  • Firmware update keeps appearing, a concerning issue for many customers.

8. Epson Picture Mate PM-400 Wireless Compact Color Photo Printer

Epson Picture Mate PM-400 Wireless Compact Color Photo Printer

Laced with modest technology, geared with innovative features, Epson presents you with the multi-purpose photo printer. This ergonomic printer has a versatile design and comes with a unique blend of ink cartridges. Thus being known as the best photo printer for the photo booth.

A smart investment towards the greater good of your future. Especially if you are a photo lover, it gives you full satisfactory HD resolution photo prints. A white-colored inkjet printer is a must-have for your domestic as well as office use.

This ergonomically designed one-of-a-kind printer is well-equipped with modern technology. Mate Pm-400 is designed to be used with the Epson-designed ink cartridges only. These prints will stay longer than any other prints on the paper. So, even if you get the best remanufactured ink cartridges, those are pretty unlikely to work.

This ultra-compact designed printer is a very lightweight and portable printer that saves up space. It can be used as a desktop printer as well. It is a wireless printer, and you can draw prints from your android device, iPad, and iPhone.

The super-fast ergonomic printer will let you print up in a maximum of 36 seconds. It also uses a 2.7` color display to preview photos. These printed photos are of high quality, smudge, and water and scratch resistant last longer than any other printer.

The HD color display on the glossy paper shows the top-notch quality of this exquisite printer. With that being said, this is so far the best printer for the DIY photo booth.


  • It has unbeatable quality and price.
  • It can be used in the long run for almost 8 hours/day.
  • Personalized Epson ink cartridges.
  • Super-fast speed to print in less than 36seconds.
  • Wireless photo booth printer.
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • USB compatibility
  • Single touch optimization


  • Haven't found anything yet concerning.

9. Kodak Dock Plus Portable Instant Photo Printer

Kodak Dock Plus Portable Instant Photo Printer

One of the best photo booth printer which prints your memories into reality. It is geared to work efficiently, and precise modifications have turned it into the most reliable and durable printer. This printer is a must-have for your HD quality photographs.

With the stable Bluetooth connection, it gets you the best time and effortless printing experience ever. It lets the users draw instant photographs from its Stellar Photo Quality. It uses 4Pass technology with the Kodak Dock Plus, with which you will experience instant flawless printing.

In this ergonomically designed top-notch photo printer, you will get each photo layered with ribbons. This layered photo has been processed with the laminating procedure that makes it water-resistant. With that being said, this sturdy portable printer produces fingerprint-resistant photos into reality.

These printed photos then have a nice print that stays longer. With versatile photo frames, stickers and filters, it gives users the best experience. It works with the Free Kodak App. This app is featured to work anywhere.

This instant and advanced technology best printer for the photo booth is compatible with Android devices and Apple OS. This minimalistic portable printer allows you to print images anywhere. Being the most modest technology, you can share these unique and timeless memories printed from this printer with your loved ones.

This intuitive printer is equipped with the USB-C- docking pin and an illuminator or lightning connector for the IOs users. It can print your memories onto 4`×6` size papers. The package includes the ink cartridge, 10 photo papers, power cord, instruction manual, paper cassette, etc.


  • Super easy and compact printer
  • HD quality photos
  • Bluetooth compatibility
  • Compatible with Android and IOS devices.
  • Instant printing
  • Fingerprint and water-resistant prints.


  • The printer disables the paper cassette, and the cartridge stops working.

10. SereneLife Portable Instant Mobile Photo Printer 

SereneLife Portable Instant Mobile Photo Printer

The photos in your phone need to have a touch with reality. This instant and portable printer with the photo booth printer reviews gives you HD quality with versatile features. The built-in battery lets you do the magic everywhere. Now you can print your photos anywhere with this ergonomic minimalistic printer.

The best photo booth printer is highly compatible with the android and Apple iPhones and tablets. This sturdy printer is laced with super-fast technology. You can print up to a maximum of 25 photos with a single-charged battery.

This portable mini printer can fit everywhere, whether it's in your pocket or your bag. You can bring it anywhere. It comes with self-cartridges, also inclusive of paper and ink toners. This compact printer is of very low maintenance. You will get fingerprint-free prints and water-resistant, which stay longer than usual.

This compact printer produces 2 "×3.5" borderless prints. It prints the unique blend of HD resolution images with full lamination. This printer prints up to 291dpi glossy images. This printer is geared with the built-in PICKIT mobile app.

You can now draw High-resolution prints with this exquisite printer. With the PICKIT app, you can choose the photos from your phone gallery and edit them. You will be able to crop the photos, change filters, color resolution, and whatnot. It has built-in Wi-Fi. So you can take it anywhere and print hassle-free photos with it.

This printer is cost as well as time-effective. You will feel absolute astonishment the minute you get this amazing printer.


  • HD resolution
  • Compact and convenient printing
  • Easy setup and mess-free 
  • Borderless 2" ×3.5" photos
  • Prints 1o photos with 291dpi
  • Best print speed and quality
  • Fingerprint free cartridges of low maintenance


  • Each print draws 10% of the printers` battery, so you need to be careful about that.

What to Look For Before Buying A Photo Booth Printer?

The photos that stay longer in your phone must be the best memories you've got. To print them into reality, you must be needing a minimalistic and good quality printer.

To ease your findings, we have provided you with the best photo booth printer reviews. You can read all you want until you get yourself a compact and a nice sturdy printer.

Connectivity Options

With modern technology, printers also need to be up-to-date to compete in the market. The printer you are searching for must-have built-in Wi-Fi compatibility that will connect you with your smart devices. With Wi-Fi compatibility, you can print with one-touch optimization. 

Bluetooth connectivity is another luxurious feature these modern printers have. Speaking of which, we have covered a few laser printer for foiling with these connectivity features in this post.

Auto-document feeder 

Suppose you want your printers to do self-printing once you've fed the data. Then your printers must have an automatic feeder with a paper tray. You need to put papers in a large paper tray; with the help of a feeder, this paper is passed on to the printer itself, saving you time and energy.

 Photo Booth Printer

Dye Sublimation printers

The dye sublimation feature has brought about a change in the printing tech. These printers are way faster and very easy to set up. They are usually less expensive and with a longer span. These printers have dry ink, with the 300 dpi quality. They are a bit different from inkjet and laser printers but with more advanced features.

This type of technology also comes in handy for the best printer for infrequent use because the ink is already dry, so there's no chance of ink dyeing issue over time.


Before choosing any printer, you need to do some research on it. Brands are usually more reliable in that matter. They provide you their most featured item with a warranty and good customer service. They even offer replacement or exchange if there's a manufacturing default. Go for the brands, as they are more reliable.

 Photo Booth Printer


1. Which is better, ink or refillable paper for printing pictures?

You should be aware of which printer supports which type of method of printing those photos. This way, using the right one will help you in the least amount of hassle.

Ink cartridges can create perfect quality images but have the risk of spilling dots over them after some time. Special paper eliminates this issue but creates somewhat dull photography for professionals.

2. Does printing work reliably with all mobiles?

The quality of a printer to work flawlessly with a mobiles connection depends on brand reliability. Many photo booths have rechargeable batteries, so they might save up on power and may not form a good connection with the mobile device.

3. What are the different sizes you can print out?

You can make many different sized images. May it be postcard size or the document size! Some printers allow for default settings, and the sizes are set while others are to be entered manually. You need to check this out before making the purchase of such a specific model for your needs.

4. What to do if any jamming occurs?

You need to look at the instruction manual provided along. If not, look for the solution on the internet. But a simple photo booth only requires a simple straight, not pointed metal stick that you need to enter inside the slot of the image.

A simple tweezer will be very helpful in this matter as you need to drag out this jammed image. Don't worry; the paper is in a flatbed, so it does not cause any residue left behind. After that is done, run the printer dry, and it will push out the small portion if any.

Final Verdict

For the best photo booth results, you must be needing the best quality photo printer. There are versatile printers out in the market, which sometimes confuses you. Our experts have reviewed some of the best printers, highly recommended by the users. These top-notch printers allow you to do magic with your photos.

You should invest in the quality and brand that offers you the best customer service along with the most featured photo printers. Get yourself a portable minimalistic photo booth printer that you can take anywhere you want. Keep reading, and you'll find the one suitable for you. Until then, good luck with your search. Oh! If you're looking for an edible ink printer as well, check this link.

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