10 Best Medium Format Film Scanner – Reviews & Guide

The digitalized world has certainly reduced the dependency on analog cameras. But even today, the need to preserve the pictures taken on negative films is still in high demand. For this purpose use of the film scanners is optimum as they are a bridge between both.

Worrying about figuring out the best scanner for medium format film? No need to worry now, as we recommend some of the best ones according to our expertise. It is ideal for getting a scanner that could compete with cameras today. We aim to help you with your decision.

10 Best scanner for medium format film Scanners

1. KODAK Scanza Digital & Slide Scanner

KODAK Scanza Digital & Slide Scanner

One of the perfect slide scanners with a high optical resolution. Have you ever thought that you could jump from negative films to a jpeg image? This scanner is most suitable for film scanning and converting it into digitalized form.

Kodak Scanza is here to solve your problems related to film slide scanning. It can scan a wide variety of films which includes 126mm, 35, 110 films, and converts this film to digital form.

Moreover, the additional LCD screen over the scanner helps you control the scanner and is easy to operate. You can view the image on this LCD in the form of high resolution, leading to digital files' formation.

One of this scanner's key features is that the image can be edited to increase the image quality and high resolution of the scanned image. It has a built-in tray and a gallery to browse photos and documents to be deemed one of the best medium format scanners.

There is no need to worry about the Kodak scanner digital film; rest assured after getting this as it lets you scan digital film with ease. This unit falls in the category of mac compatible scanners along with PCs.


  • Slot for insertion of SD card
  • Multiple output ports for collection of photos and documents
  • Compact in design and light in weight
  • Fast process of inserting and scanning
  • Scans a variety of films of different sizes
  • Dust and scratch removal.


  • The scanning capability is limited to certain films.

2. Magnasonic Film Scanner

Magnasonic Film Scanner

You would probably love a scanner that could have all the features you wish for. You have just got that one scanner right here. It is extremely light in weight and responds to 35mm slides. It is a negative scanner and has the best image quality.

You can easily get an insight into already scanned slides because of the massive led screen that would amaze you with the high-resolution display and take your heart away once and for all. Your slides would be automatic updates, so you need to worry about attaching them to the PC for updating it.

As far as the working is concerned, rest assured as you can get a film scanned in less than 5 seconds and without cutting slides. You can get a color scan and support black and white; negative and slides for scanning from films to a digital image.

The extremely large built-in 128MB is enough to save your photos and documents with high image quality. You can change the orientation and format of the image with ease. Moreover, the option of the additional SD card is there for holding more data.

There is no complex software or working. Rather it is convenient and user-friendly. You can even edit the traditional images on films and even connect them directly with TV output for watching on TV. Certainly the best photo scanner of all time.


  • Fast and easy scan
  • Images can be edited
  • Light in weight and portable
  • Connection with USB and TV
  • High resolution digital image scan results in 22MP photo


  • No additional tray for ease of scanning.

3. Epson V550 Document Scanner

Epson V550 Document Scanner

Are you brand conscious? Or do you have faith in the fact that devices bought from a suitable brand are more reliable? Then you should get this scanner as it is the best scanner for medium format films. It has a glossy look and is quite attractive in use.

Furthermore, the connectivity means for accessing this scanner for medium format is a USB port. This scanner would prove to be your best partner for a good format film as it has one-touch scanning technology.

Additionally, this film scanner has a result with excellent 6400 dpi optical resolution. You can scan up to 35mm film with this scanner in medium format. You can bring the old and faded photos and documents to life through this medium format scanner.

If your films have dust and scratch by any chance, then no need to stress out as a photo scanner would restore them through digital ice technology, proving to be the best medium format film scanner for a reason.

Remember! Getting a good scanner is not a mere coincidence. It would be best if you were very precise about what you are looking for. It has an LED light source that helps in warm-up time and fast scanning.


  • Can convert existing documents into text that can be edited further
  • Easy to restore colors of photos and documents
  • Cloud service for uploading
  • Digital ice to restore dust and scratched films
  • Film holders for a proper scan
  • A 48-bit color image can be achieved


  • It has excessive weight making it large in size and less compact.

4. Epson Perfection V600 Document Scanner

Epson Perfection V600 Document Scanner

Looking for perfection? You can get the idea from its name. This Epson Perfection v600 scanner can handle multiple types of media like films, negative, or photos. There is no limit to the capability of this scanner. You can insert an SD card for additional memory to store your high-quality photos.

If your concern is resolution, then Epson perfection V600 can provide 6400 x 9600 dpi. In addition to this 6400 x 9600 dpi resolution, the maximum area it can scan is 8.5* 11.7 inches making it the best negative scanner for medium format.

Epson Perfection V600 can remove dust and scratches due to the digital ice that makes it even more desirable among medium format scanners. You can edit the highlighted features of documents and photos using the easy photo fix to support you in format film.

It can be used for slide scans of films or photos with ease, and the scanner offers the renewal of faded photos with its high depth colors and would completely revive the photo. The LED light source supports in no warm-up time and consumes less power so that you can use it for more time without any worry.

There is nothing you cannot perform using this scanner. It has all the built-in features like additional buttons for manual control of the scanner. There is a resizable window for previewing photos or documents.


  • Easy to connect using USB
  • Large area for scanning
  • Highly efficient for energy consumption
  • Cleans film from scratches and dust
  • Scanned data can be edited


  • Lack of convenient touch screen for previewing photos

5. KODAK Eco-Friendly Film Scanner

KODAK Eco-Friendly Film Scanner

Have you ever thought of buying such a film scanner that would use your smartphone? This scanner would use your smartphone for bringing the faded pictures to life, and you can edit all pictures using a smartphone.

You can scan, edit format, and share using this medium format film scanner which is highly compatible with a 35mm mounted slides scanner. It has an additional cardboard platform that could help you get the best film photos you could ever desire.

For higher illumination, a LED acts as a light source for 35mm film strips negatives to be brought back to life. It is super easy to operate as you have to place the film and place the smartphone at the recommended place, leading to easy scan.

Resolution can be easily adjusted by moving the negatives and slides, and similarly, the format can be adjusted using the smart app. You can also focus the picture using the phone, which would make the picture even less blurry. Besides these, this medium format can use multiple media types like negatives, photos, and slides.


  • Extra source of light for higher illumination
  • Easy to use and convenient to adjust
  • Black and white plus color films can be scanned
  • Battery operated so no dependency on the power source
  • High resolution of scanning


  • There is no USB connectivity port

6. DIGITNOW All in One Film Scanner

DIGITNOW All in One Film Scanner

Are you thinking of reviving your old photos in traditional films? Well, do you think it is impossible because of the multiple sizes of films you have? Be at ease as this is a 120 film scanner to handle films of different sizes.

There is no such complexity in scanning through this medium format scanner. You ask why? Because you just have to take film and slide it through the scanner, and thus you can see the image preview on the large LCD screen that would help you adjust the brightness or screen resolution for high image quality.

This one with 120 film scanning option, can even convert super eight films, 35mm and 120 mm films. If you are thinking about the scanning time, it takes merely 2 seconds to convert it into a jpeg format photo. It can transfer any 120 film or other to an SD card without the need for any PC.

As far as the optical resolution is concerned, it can also be adjusted using this medium format 120 film scanner. The additional software helps you to change the photo quality to a 22Mp digitalized photo. Moreover, it is highly compatible with all types of smartphones, tablets, laptops, and PCs.

The ability to edit 120 films or super eight films is highly limited to this scanner. The versatility of adjusting from super 8 to 120 film is unique as well. The size of this scanner for medium format is also small to adjust anywhere you want.


  • Compatible with multiple media (digital images) types.
  • Small in size and compact design
  • Adjustable brightness and resolution using the LCD screen
  • Compatible with PC and Mac
  • No need for a computer to work.


  • No light source for higher illumination

7. Wolverine Reel Converter

Wolverine Reel Converter

Do you remember the old cassette tape that had to reel for recording data and information? This scanner has a fully automated system that digitizes super eight films and a 3 to 5-inch reel in digital photos.

There is no difficult task as you just have to mount your super eight films on the reel to record data. Works in a step-by-step procedure as it completely changes the old photos to digital pictures with high quality of the image.

It can be deemed the best medium format film slide scanner because it can convert entire videos in MP4 format, and you can also see the results on the screen that are mounted on it to bring back old memories.

You don't need to worry about saving the videos because as it lets you scan, also tends to save the videos on an SD card that has the capacity of 32 GB. You can connect it to the TV for enjoying the scanned videos on TV, and an SD card can be inserted and remover depending upon the requirement you have.

It has the optical resolution because CMOS technology used in the smartphone camera, and weight is also less depending upon the functions it has to perform. You can get low-quality negative films in 720p image quality.


  • Premium quality results after scanning
  • Easy connectivity with smartphones, laptops, and PC
  • Super 8 movies can be converted
  • Light in weight and durable
  • Installed optical sensor for high image quality


  • Limited to the media type as only scans photos
  • The movie cannot be edited

8. Wolverine Titan Film Convertor

Wolverine Titan Film Convertor

This is one of the most recommended film scanners by us. It is highly cost-effective, and there is just no match of the working efficiency. It is like a dream film converter that you can play with for reviving your old memories of all times. This film slide scanner has features that would make you fall in love with it.

The flashy color of this convertor would make it attractive wherever you place it in your home. Moreover, it can scan 35mm, 126Kpk, 110 slides, and negatives into a digital form in a matter of seconds, making it highly desirable for a medium format scanners.

As far as the connectivity is concerned, it is connected using an HDMI cable, and if you wish to save the converted files on an SD card, then that option is also available for you. HDMI would help you get high-resolution negative and slides, films on the TV screen. You can enjoy the old memories with your family with ease on TV.

The image quality is measured through resolution, right? It provides a resolution of 20Mp, which is comparable to modern smartphones. Moreover, this scanner's size is quite small and is less in weight compared to other film convertors.

There is no need for any kind of software for this film convertor. Neither is there a need for any computer for running it because it is independent in working. Further, there is a large LCD over the head of the scanner for checking out the quality of the images or films that are being scanned. Just enjoy the perks of this device.


  • Super-fast scanning of negatives and films
  • Compact design and light in weight.
  • Features multiple media types like slides and negatives
  • Large 4.3'' screen for enjoying moments
  • Stand alone as no need for a laptop or smartphone.


  • The HDMI connectivity restricts it to use because most devices today require USB connectivity.

9. KODAK Slide Scanners

KODAK Slide Scanners

There are probably some expectations of yours before buying a medium format film scanners. These demands depend upon the application of the scanner or what you perceive from it. This particular scanner would fulfill all of your demands. It proved to be a nice addition for our projects which already employed picture scanners auto feed.

Starting from the LCD, which is five inches, is comparable to a smartphone. So, in other words, you can enjoy the scanning of the film while watching high-quality images yourself. You can edit photos on this display like increasing brightness or cropping and much more.

The additional buttons over the top of the scanner are best for manual operation and convenience. There is an easy feeding tray from where the film would be entered and scanned as it passes. There is an easy user guide to understand the functioning of the scanners.

The film holder trays come in a variety to convert 35mm, 126mm, and 110 mm films to digital photos with ease. There are cleaning brushes provided for film scanning and removing dust from the films and scanners. Moreover, there are HDMI and USB cables provided for increasing connectivity to other devices.

There is no such difficulty setting up this scanner because there is no complex software rather an easy one. Just simply press the scan button, and your film would be scanned in mere seconds. You can adjust the brightness and add the time of images for the record.


  • Large screen for ease of usage.
  • Simple buttons for convenience of users
  • Multiple trays for different sized films
  • More connectivity owing to additional HDMI and USB cables
  • Bui-in memory with the option of SD card


  • No additional battery source in case if the power goes out

10. Plustek 82001 SE Slide Scanner

Plustek 82001 SE Slide Scanner

Are you worried about the dust and scratches on your film? Do you think that the pictures might have been distorted because of these? There is no need to worry because this scanner for the medium format has an infrared channel that helps identify these defects and can provide support in their removal from the films.

Slides are mounted on this scanner and provides a resolution of up to 7200 dpi. In other words, a 69Mp result of the digital image after scanning through this one of the best film medium scanners.

Further, additional software is provided for editing the images after being scanned. You can improve the image quality change its brightness, and undergo other editing features for bringing them back to life.

This scanner is highly supportive of windows 7, 8, and 10, and even Mac. So need to worry about compatibility when you buy this scanner. The infrared light becomes a source for an even higher resolution of the image.


  • High compatibility to all devices.
  • Compatible with different media types
  • High-resolution image 7200 dpi
  • Infrared built-in light can detect multiple scratches and remove them
  • High-resolution input and output


  • No touch screen is leading to difficulty in usage.

Buying Guide: Things to Check Before Getting A Scanner For Medium Format Film

Before buying the best medium scanner for films, it is necessary to look for your demand and expectations, just like you did for the scanners with ocr software. You need to affirm the following factors before buying it. Hopefully this buying guide will help you getting the right one.


It is important to look at the cost of the film scanner. It goes with the fact the higher the sugar, the tastier it is sweet. So if the cost is high, then the film scanner should be multi-featured and should be able to handle films and negatives of different sizes. It also depends upon how much you are ready to invest.

Working Efficiency

If you ought to buy a scanner for an office, it should work fast with minimal breakdowns. If it is for home, then working efficiency can be compromised. Look out on internet for its highlighted features.

Medium Format Film Scanner

So do check out the scanner's efficiency by going on the brand's website or features that are out-listed by the company. You can also get some insight through reviews.


1. How do I scan a medium format film?

Just go to the settings and select the size of your medium format. The format is different for different films, so after adjusting it, just press scan.

2. What should I look for in a film scanner?

You should probably look for the scan noise it produces or the speed at which the film would be scanned. Other factors like image quality or accessories are also important.

3. What resolution should I scan 35mm negatives?

The resolution of the scan depends upon the file size. The higher is the resolution, the higher would be the size of the film. The ideal resolution for 35mm is 3000-4000 dpi.

4. What is the best way to scan old negatives?

The use of a macro lens is most recommended for filming the entire frame of old negatives. You can use a silver card placed at the back so the light can reflect properly.

Final Verdict

It is important to look for considerations and concerns you have. The choice of the scanner is also derived strongly by the application of the scanner. You can aim for a scanner that has different tray sizes and compatibility.

Hope this guide would have helped you, and next I comment, it would depend upon your reviews. Thank you.

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