10 Best Laser Printer For Foiling – Perfect Foiling Everytime

Before we begin, let's talk about why you need the Best laser printers for foiling. A good laser printer will print your plans and ideas into reality. The laser printer is the most advanced technology which offers fast printing efficiency.

People have often used these foiling papers to wrap gifts, whereas others have used them to make good-looking wedding cards. The same can be done effortlessly by using these printer.

These laser printer are known as the best printers for foiling. With that being said, they save a lot of time as well as pages. These pages provide a premium look as well as test your creativity. The ink cartridges stay longer than any usual printer.

These foil fast printers have automatic on/off technology. You can save money and effort with these ergonomic printer. We have come across the most durable and handpicked color laser printer with our experts to make your foiling print speed fast and easy.

Best Laser Printer For Foiling

1. Canon ImageClass-LBP6030w Laser Printer

Canon ImageClass-LBP6030w Laser Printer

Whenever you are looking to make good toner foiling, you can look at Canon llbp6030 for this matter. Offering you the best quality is delivering those results in record time. You can bet the printout will also be astonishing.

This ergonomic one-of-a kind laser printer for foiling is the most wanted and featured item of 2021. This printer is the best known sturdy designed printer suitable for your homes and offices also.

The compact design with duplex printing may fool people for good printing speed capability but don't you be that person as this printer can turn over 19 pages per minute. That means your foiling paper can easily be made flawless through the use of this printer.

The paper capacity is so great you can hold up to 250 sheets in the tray. Keeping the tradition going, Canon makes wireless printing with super-fast speed. Now you can show your idea for wrapping the gift and look for yourself how it looks!

The ink toner capacity is huge in this laser machine. Don't worry about ink until you use 1600 pages. The small premium design and delivery mechanism do not let you understand how in the world does this beast use only 2 watts of energy. You can also connect it with ethernet USB.

You can do so much foiling, and still, this printer for foiling; canon LBP6030 model won't even break a sweat. Create beautiful foiling designs for your art class and ace that exam with ease. That is how it is to use. It can prints more than 19 pages per minute with its laser technology.

The color combination and the precision and accuracy of Canon stand its ground as the best laser printer for foiling in no time. HP LaserJet Pro m281fdw makes this a great deal to buy before your mates buy it and get that reward.


  • Wireless printing and also compatibel with ethernet USB.
  • Smart Canon system allows for efficient use of ink.
  • No clogging of paper.
  • Smooth foiling procedure 


  • Wireless drivers are hard and almost impossible to setup. Multiple connection failures.

2. HP LaserJet Pro-M281 Laserjet Printer For Foiling

HP LaserJet Pro-M281 Laserjet Printer For Foiling

HP LaserJet Pro m281fdw is a world-renowned branded laser printer. HP brand with products delivering top-notch quality. That is why how could it be left behind to be called the best laser printer for foiling! You can make extra special foil prints from this smart printer.

Using the latest technology, the super dense tech makes precise scan copy of a model paper and delivers the best colors in the resulting sheet. You can take this power along with you, help from HP smart app, of course.

The app allows for seamless sheet printing sessions. All this is possible due to wireless connectivity features. Giving its user the ultimate tool to make their ideas of this ergonomic paper into reality in no time. Among the top 3 HP laserJet pro this printer performs its duty cycle with its best featured digital color printer.

Such super-fast speed delivery of 22 ppm makes all the rest of printer`s look like fools' dream. The dual-sided printing makes sure each side is used efficiently. Save the paper and make each side the same color balance in record time.

You will also be saving paper, thus saving on the ecosystem in the process. Now make those wedding gift wrapping designs with a swipe or finger. It also has an automatic document feeder.

The connection with Android and IOS mobile with Wi Fi Direct connectivity makes for a smooth foiling 2021 print ride. Thus, that internet copied foil idea you wanted to use for yourself can now be a reality. Oh, don’t worry about paper capacity, as HP m281 holds the capacity of 250 plus sheets in its feeding tray.

We don't know what dimensions of the sheet you needed, but HP will surely be able to meet your demands with super-fast speed. It prints your media in a maximum of 16.7 x 18.7 x 13.3 inches, so you will definitely be able to score your mark too.


  • Fully interactive touch screen compatible to scan through media.
  • Fastest speed and durable foil making.
  • High storage tray for paper.
  • Mobile and wireless printing options.


  • Print quality fades over time.

3. Brother Monochrome Best Laser Printer For Foiling

Brother Monochrome Best Laser Printer For Foiling

Understanding the basic formula and repeating it with more added features is this model's purpose. This machine is prepared with flat glass bed to scan and fax documents while creating great quality printouts. It is valued by many for these remarkable features at such a minimal cost.

The compact design and soundless working strength make it a desk-friendly buddy for printing purposes. Getting crisp print even after sending a huge amount of documents is brother specialty. Feel free to browser for the next best product that Brother`s has to offer.

This printer is also compatible with the Wi Fi network. Quick results are accomplished only by using laser technology to increase the readiness of printer at all times. The high loading capacity of more than 250 pages makes for worry-free foil production. This printer is also compatible with print scan copy.

The benefit of dual-sided printing with the control panel not only saves you cost on paper but also is eco-friendly. That is what this Duplex printer is all about. Churning out both printed sides with high velocity and precise ink usage for optimum prints.

A premium quality foil fast paper, to be exact, makes it a desk-friendly companion. Receiving crisp print even after delivering a huge amount of documents is its specialty.

Since all its ancestors have wireless printing in place, this model also does not have any dissimilarity. Making this method much faster to connect and print gold foil wherever you are in your home or office. This machine is perfectly made to work with extreme proficiency, speed and accuracy, comprehensive scans of media from one corner to the next are achieved.

The scheme and ergonomics make it a really fast system of documents at blazing fast speed of less than a minute to print media of more than 36 pages. You don't have to worry about ink as you won't be running out any time soon.


  • Print scan copy or media; papers with excellence in light balance and optimization.
  • Ink use procedure is the least, and dual-sided page printing ability lets it to be less costly.
  • Small compact overall size for less space taking.
  • It does have top-notch security features. 


  • The lack of a wireless printing feature might make it look outdated to some users.

4. Pantum P3302DW Compact Wireless Monochrome Laser Printer

Pantum P3302DW Compact Wireless Monochrome Laser Printer

The Pantum P3302DW is known as the best among many others. It has many specifications for the users. A single functional black and white featured laser printer which outperforms the latest advanced technology.

It has high definition printing quality. You can get luxurious foil printing with a laser printer that is perfect for your household as well as running small businesses.

This nice and sturdily monochromatic laser printer is laced with the advanced technology with wireless features. It can print 35 pages in less than a minute with super-fast speed. By reducing your workload in half, you can get maximum output within no time effortlessly.

It has a built-in LCD panel with one-touch optimization and encrypted security features. You can control it with the control panel, with your foil printing as it is highly compatible with your computing devices. Being more efficient, it also offers the users easy and one-step driver installation.

This ergonomic laser printer machine is noise-free. It is highly advanced, giving you the most comfortable environment while the work is being done. Get this one-of-a-kind laser printer for foil printing. You can put this machine at home, whilst it takes a very minimal space.

With this nice and sturdy printer, you can get HD quality resolution results you will definitely love. This laser machine is specifically designed up to the likings of users.


  • Manages your printing with Pantum App. 
  • Wireless laser machine.
    ·Eco-friendly toner and cartridge.
  • Well-suited for the foil printing, labeling, shopping labels, bar codes, media scanning etc.
  • Adjustable paper tray.
  • Suitable for small businesses. 


  • Users have had some connectivity problems with which jamming occurred.

5. HP LaserJet Pro Multifunction M29w Wireless

HP LaserJet Pro Multifunction M29w Wireless

Another extraordinary laser machine by the well-known HP Brand. They have maneuvered all over the world with their advanced technology with print media. They have launched their top-notch LaserJet Pro M29w, which is a monochromatic laser printer. This printer is the best laser printer for MINC and the perfect office equipment.

You can get this ergonomic military design office equipment which fulfills all your printing needs for your household as well as for your businesses. This printer is a multi-purpose machine that does all the hard work for you in seconds. This advanced and modest laser printer is known as the World's smallest 5 hp laserjet pro printer for foiling.

Now you can print as many foil papers as you look with customized designs and formats. You can also scan them, print them, or copy them from this multi-purpose laser printer. This compact-designed laser printer can easily scan through androids and PC libraries. The scanning from this has never been easy but with the HP Smart app.

The fast printing speed has made printing much easier, especially when you are creating unique prints. It prints up to 19ppm speed. An exceptionally small and portable laser printer. You will be getting yourself a durable and reliable printer of all times. It also has an automatic feeder according to the printing needs.

This ergonomic hp laserjet pro multifunction laser printer is a must-have for all of us. This portable printer is well-suited for your office work and your house or running a small business. You can get High quality foiling with this minimalistic designed laser printer. The HP printers for foiling reviews has gained much fame in the past decade.


  • Nice and sturdy laser printer for foiling.
  • Super-fast speed up to 19ppm.
  • HP smart printing app.
  • Scan, print as well as copy the essential documents.
  • Small and portable laser printer.


  • Difficult to setup.
  • Sometimes gets jammed up and starts on its own after a long pause. 

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Buying Guide:

There is a variety of best laser printer out there on the internet. And whether it's a laser printer or the best edible printer, You might get confused choosing the right ones. With that being said, we are here to help you. Follow along, and you'll get the hang of it.

Laser Printer For Foiling

Advance Technology

If you want to draw tons of prints from the printer, then a laser printer is the best option for you. Laser technology is the advanced technology that has brought about the revolution. It uses LED, which projects an image of the page being printed that is super-fast within no time. It has an optional pin pull printing which makes its even more dynamic.

Advance Technology

This technology is way faster than inkjet label maker machines. It also produces high-quality print on paper. Look out for the latest foilinglaser printer models that will make your life easier.

Print speed:

The latest laser printer are way faster than any other printer in the market. You will get your results in less than a minute with high-resolution printing. The printer you choose must be reliable for its efficiency and speed. That is what laser printers are made for.

All in one functionality

The curated list mentioned above serves multi-functions. They can scan, with print media as well they can copy the documents with super fast speed. That's what laser printer have been made to offer the users. Some of these include fax capability.

Laser Printer For Foiling

If you plan to use these makers at a commercial level, you better choose one with multi-purpose features. You can also use them at small offices.


1. Can I use an inkjet printer for foil printing?

No, because inkjet printers spray ink from the nozzle onto the paper. If you use foil paper, it will not stay on the paper because it is laminated, and thus the ink will slide off this paper. On the other hand, if using a laser printer, it charges up the paper with negative energetic ions, and the drum that sprays the ink is charged with others. When they interact, they attract each other firmly, so a laser printer is a better option for foil paper printing.

Can I use an inkjet printer for foil printing

2. Which colors of ink toner does foil stick to easily?

This sheet can easily stick to black color toner ink because of its high density. Although it is attached to all colors pretty well and delivers the best result, black brings out the best in their performance.

3. Where can I use these foils? Ideas?

You can use it to create wedding card art or make gift wrappings prints. You can also make invitations and business cards using exquisite paper. You can print them on cups with laminated sheets to make them look superb and awesome looking.

4. Does foiling use more ink on the printer than normal?

Instead, today's printer comes with intelligent operating system software that helps minimize the use of ink cartridges. You can have any laser printer listed above, and all are efficient, like ink toner-saving procedures. Giving you the best quality using the least resources.

Does foiling use more ink on the printer than normal

Final Verdict

Laser printers have outdated many others with their unique and modest features. With that being said, laser printers are the most reliable and durable to use in the longer run.

With our expert opinion, we have gathered some useful information for our customers to get to know the best laser printers for foiling 2021. These printers can make your tedious work easier. If you are in a business and you need a printer for foiling paper printing, these printers are a must-have for you. Get the top-rated printer before you miss out. These printers are specifically designed user-friendly. Keep reading, and you will get the laser printer of your desire.

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