10 Best Commercial Label Printer (2022)

Courier companies hoarded label printing for a long time. Now you can have this technology at your fingertip. Any printout of custom labels can be done for your store and warehouse needs. Following are the products that we are going to review today. Just keep reading, and we'll guide you through each step.

Do you run a business, and you need the fastest means to print your receipts, product labels and bar codes, etc.? You can use the label printers for the categorization and organizing of data into packets. That way, you can access data easily with descriptive tags. All of these tasks can be done through the best commercial label printer. 

These commercial label printers have a way to make your sale and purchase easy with various versatile features. These features depend upon the size and volume of stock roll that you intend to use. Without wasting your time, you should hurry and search for them more.

Following are some expert reviews of the commercial label printers that might be useful to serve your purpose.

Best Commercial Label Printer:

Our most featured one of the best Commercial label printers are as follows; just keep reading.

1. Rollo Thermal Commercial Label Printer

Rollo Thermal Commercial Label Printer

This must have an item in a delivery store or a warehouse where you have to sort all the items and have all the information printed on the front label. Rollo Thermal offers its users top lightning speed printing with thermal adhesive to stick it on the product.

Just plug and play this label printer to save hundreds of dollars on super expensive label printers. You get free samples along with this thermal printer too. Whether you are a product seller or running a delivery service, this best label printer for small businesses is a must.

Compatibility with software is a huge issue with setting these label printers. Well, that is not the problem anymore as you are getting a windows or mac compatible labeler with high-speed label printing for all online services like eBay, Amazon, or any other.

You are getting a premium quality adhesive label of sizes ranging from 1.5-4.1 inches easily, along with compatibility. You can rest assured as this commercial label printer for bottles has no height or width restrictions so that you can send your product tension-free with no worry of adhesive coming off anytime soon.

This label printing is super easy to use and perfect for beginners to start using technology that courier companies long used. Now you can also look professional with adding all details using the onboard software with ease. No need for inks anymore; just thermal roll it and go with the flow of label printing.


  • Super adhesive thermal material used for sticking to paper packaging
  • Easy to use onboard compatible software with all platforms
  • The stylish metallic design makes the complete look of this label printer professional.


  • Some users have pointed out to have small black spots while printing, so that issue somewhat needs to be fixed.

2. DYMO Twin Turbo Label Printer

DYMO Twin Turbo Label Printer

Get the newest technology label printer from DYMO as you get precise cuts of label prints that are super adhesive. You can create custom text in simple word document files uploaded to DYMO software. The prints are super crisp and readable enough to make barcode scans easy. This one is often included in the best printer for avery labels list as well.

Compatible with windows and mac alike, you can install DYNO's device drivers with a simple link and enjoy flawlessly and experience commercial color label printer yourself. You will be amazed at such high speeds and accuracy, and this device works so well.

You can also make your own custom labels. Thus, it categorizes this one as a commercial kitchen label printer because of its versatile page size prints and easy swapping of reels. The plastic body gives a premium feel to the owner and reliable service all day long.

Providing ultimate efficiency by using separate twin-turbo power of two rolls used simultaneously for label printing, you will complete your store labeling tasks in no time. This, this one is a handy label maker for teachers as well.

Connect it with your computer to have a seamless connection and print elegant labels. Create separate custom labels from spate label printing slots at the same time to organize your office supplies.

Now you don't need to buy ink cartridges to print out adhesive postage stamps in no time. The simple, easy setup allows for seamless process management of label printing.

This set of quality label printers is hard to come by. That is why so many people love this label printer for its precision and accuracy for a long time.


  • Dual high precision label printing mechanism
  • Super-fast printing with high accuracy for longer durations of time with breaks in the regular interval can last you all day long service
  • Compact design allows for easy swapping of reels
  • The label printing for smaller items is super beneficial.


  • The motors are prone to clogging up after long time usage, so the regular interval of breaks is recommended by other users.

3. Arkscan-2054A Shipping Label Printer

Arkscan-2054A Shipping Label Printer

A multifunctional printer specially designed for printing the shipping labels, other labels without refill ink and toner. This printer works on thermal paper and can print various things on thermal paper, such as images and texts from your window's applications, etc.

This thermal paper consists of self-adhesive material, which is perfect for sticking anything. This printer runs at a low cost and with robust connectivity. The Arkscan printer is the most terrific top-rated printer which makes the best labels of any kind.

It is very cost-effective as it allows the label roles and die-cut fanfold stacks from third-party vendors. It is operated by computing devices such as smartphones, tablets, etc. these printers have no control panel.

They have a switch on/off button, which operates them primarily, but they can be controlled by computing devices attached to them. They have a stack of die-cut labels. Through which you can put stacks of papers behind the printer.

This one-of-a-kind, ergonomically designed printer can print up to 5 inches long label in just one second. It can also print warehouse labels inclusive of texts, graphics, bar codes, and much more serializing capabilities.

Its roll paper is compatible with Zebra labels. Its head is designed to produce maximum prints such as 30,000 meters in length, for which you can print 195,850 shipping labels of 4 x 6. Doing the math has shown the maximum life span, which worth doubles the price.


  • Inexpensive and cost-effective
  • User friendly
  • It can be configured to a print of any size
  • Can print out the shipping label, graphic images, bar codes, etc
  • Compatibility with Zebra labels.


  • It doesn't have its personalized control panel
  • Difficult to find compatible driver.

4. Brother VC-500W Versatile Compact Color Label and Photo Printer 

Brother VC-500W Versatile Compact Color Label and Photo Printer

This is one of a kind and a sturdy color label printer for small business.  A nifty little expensive device that comes in handy with full-color labels and a must-have for every entrepreneur.

This color label printer comes in full-color variation and with advanced technology. This is very small in size, e.g., pocket-sized printer and a go-to for your little trips. The modest version of Brother's series ZINK happy Smart App Printer, with some new features.

This printer has modified comparative features, which distinguishes it from many other printers. This sturdy, nice little printer has many specifications. The two tones, with the white and black-sided printer, are operated through the bundled software.

It consists of three power buttons, including Switch on/off, Wi-Fi, and Cassette. Each label that will be printed comes in contact with the slider and slides across the top when your fingers get in touch with the slider.

You can design the label all the way you want on your mobile or desktop software or application. Voila, there goes your colorful print. It works with the super-fast speed, and the wait is all worth the result.

This best label printer for small businesses is a bit costly as it costs you around $2 when you draw out the larger label of 2 by 17 inches. A low model that isn't specified to be used on a larger scale will cost you a huge fortune.


  • Can create and print labels and much more by P Touch Editor software
  • Super-fast printing speed with HD quality prints
  • You have options with 4 width labels
  • Prints labels in varying colors and sizes.


  • Expensive labeling
  • Limited prints every month.

5. MFLABEL Label Printer

MFLABEL Label Printer

In this exquisite and sturdy styled printer, you will get high-quality prints with no jamming or thermal labels and no ink /ribbon requirement. You can draw as many prints as you want with the HD resolutions. Once you get the taste of this ergonomic printer, you will love it.

It is a kind printer that supports high-quality labels and creates them in a variety of sizes and shapes. It efficiently handles your hard task such as labeling, filing, etc. It is restricted to some areas, such as printing the labels, not the receipts.

The compatibility is a bit limited with this one, as it can only stay connected to Windows (XP,7,8,10), whereas not with the Mac and your android phones. It has compatibility just with the thermal paper, not with the plastic one.

You can make this printer work by setting it up with the power source and the port cable. The port cable must meet the computation device from its other end. Install the driver; this will allow you to share data in pdf form. Then comes the final stage of printing labels onto thermal rolls.

The package that comes with comprises the printer, USB cable, adapter, Driver CD, and the manual that goes along with it. The LED status on the printer let us pause, resume the printing process.


  • Compatibility with Windows XP
  • Multifunctional high resolution labels
  • Wide-format for labels for their accommodation up to 108mm
  • Easy to use.


  • No compatibility with Mac
  • It cannot stay for much longer with multiple and extensive printing details.

6. Comer Label Printer

Comer Label Printer

The best of all and known as the best commercial label printer of all times. This printer has been specifically designed to balance and strive for the best results in commercial label printing. The high quality can be maintained through Advanced Thermal Technology that prints out the top quality labels without ink or toner. Thus, there's no need to look for long lasting ink printer units.

It strives for clarity and speed and uploads the label from the editor onto the printer. Thus being advance, it can automatically identify labels. It has higher compatibility with windows 7 and the updated and newer versions of smartphones and the Mac series.

Its quality is ensured by double-checking before it leaves the factory. Customer satisfaction has been taken into account and provides maximum support and guideline for the users. They can also read the user manual book for which they can get maximum clarity.

This printer is a must-have for every household or best label printer for small businesses. It can deliver you a crystal clear label with a high resolution. It has been ergonomically designed to outperform all the given tasks.

It is the most reliable and fastest source and affordable source for printing labels. You don't need to exert effort on buying or getting the ink cartridges with this one. This printer helps in taking small space at your desk. Simultaneously, you can perform major tasks and ease the pain of calculations being the most advanced machine.


  • Reliable, most affordable, and convenient label printer for everyday use
  • No need for ink cartridges
  • Helps in taking lesser space
  • Stores large amount of data
  • A dust-free printer even works efficiently in a rusty environment


  • Only compatible with thermal labels
  • Other than that we found nothing much concerning about this product.

7. Immuson Label Printer

Immuson Label Printer

A very useful piece that must have commercial label printing equipment in every small business or even houses.  This exquisite printer is used commercially for shipping labels, barcode labels, warehouse labels, etc.

It is super-easy to set up, and you can just simply go through the steps that have been ascribed in the manual and get this done. After the setup, you can print and enjoy the latest feature with our brand new Immuson label printer. Follow along, and we will take you through the most simple steps with expert reviews. 

With our commercial label printer reviews, we have come across many other printers, but none of them fits the description. After a little research, we have handpicked some good ideas for your ease. This printer works like a regular printer. You simply need to install the drivers, and voila, there goes your printer, ready for the prints.

High speed lets it take out its print in no more than just a sec with 5" length. All of these features present in Immuson makes it top quality product among all others. It also has the capacity to eliminate the need for ink toner or ink cartridges.


  • Perfect for the stamps
  • Higher quality
  • Reliable printouts
  • Fast speed and compact design.


  • No labels are included as a complimentary package
  • Bulky design requires more space for storage.

8. Logia Thermal 300 DPI Label Printer

Logia Thermal 300 DPI Label Printer

A versatile, sturdy printer with universal features that are the most wanted of all times. You can get this exquisite printer in your possession and can do much more with this little nifty thingy.

This commercial color label printer has lightning-fast performance through which wins the heart of many users. Its premium quality and durability help its users in every way. They let them guide through the brief little details about the setup set up written in the menu.

It has universal compatibility through which you can outperform your business-related tasks and be professional to all in a single platform.

It also includes a bonus level holder as a complementary sign with it. It has compact performance, durability, high reliability, and it is also inclusive of extra supplies included. It can print out labels, bar codes, and other templates.

Stunningly 300-DPI Resolution produces ergonomic results that gives maximum positive and high quality output with your results.


  • It is flexible for business
  • A perfectly portable printer takes minimum space and multiple platforms
  • It has amazing compatibility
  • It has a handy labor holder.300 DPI is great.


  • Does not come with a US power supply.

9. BEST-EASY Label Printer, USPS Label Printer

BEST-EASY Label Printer, USPS Label Printer

It is highly compatible with multiple computing devices. It is a thermal commercial label printing printer that allows the users to connect to any device of their choice. It also comes with a CD, which enables the users or customers to get the idea.

This Compact Disk is inclusive of all the steps, one by one for the setup, and they are optimized to not sticking or jamming of paper inside. This feature enables this printer to work more efficiently and time effectively. It also includes a USB in the package. This package also contains 100 4*6 labels to get them started.

The users find it more interesting and intriguing due to its sturdy design and its compatibility. It has a maximum speed of 102mm with 4" per second. this printer is user-friendly and used commercially. You can get the maximum number of printed labels by this one.

The users are given two options for their printouts; they can either use the folded ones or the rolls. The users highly recommend the rolls as they are super easy to be get printed. The rolls don't get stuck inside or jam the printer.

Super-easy to set up and work with.  You can easily get the idea by just going along with the manual.  And the compact Disk, which includes every single detail of it. This printer is so not expensive, and you can easily work with it.

This ergonomic and best commercial label printer is one of its kind and provides maximum high-resolution commercial labels with maximum output.


  • The minimalistic detail is on the CD
  • Perfect customer support program
  • Super-easy to set up
  • Fast processing speed
  • Compatible with multiple computing devices
  • High-quality paper product
  • High-resolution label printing.


  • The lid stays open as it has a manufacturing fault.

10. Munbyn Monochrome Label Printer

Munbyn Monochrome Label Printer

This dual-sided label printing makes for an ideal commercial label printer for professionals and beginners alike. The ergonomic yet sturdy design makes it a complete labeling printer for all your business inquires. You can use this with most operating systems like windows or mac with easy setup.

Perfect for daily paper printing needs, you can rest assured to get the precise label-sized print for attachment, thanks to its self-learning technology. It is compatible with most online stores and warehouses. Thus the printing speed of 150mm promises to provide reliable labels printed.

While you have this label printer, you need to worry about compatibility with online services like Amazon, eBay, or Shopify stores. You can directly print out the exact format with relative ease. Thus, a quality commercial barcode label printer is visible enough to make scanning upon receiving easy.

There is no need for ink toner printing supplies when you get a thermal adhesive printing capability with such a compact package. The print speed is also blazing at 72 printouts per minute is a marvel in itself. The simple one-click installation method is a lifesaver in a fast-paced labeling environment.

Munn introduced smart technology to help the user detect which font to be used on which page size so that you get crisp writing that is also easily readable. The adjustable thermal head makes for multiple page sizes to be used for printing while cleaning the machine is so simple with wipe and swipe.


  • The protection mechanism against overheat is really a lifesaver for this label printer
  • You can adjust paper sizes according to your labeling needs with ease
  • The cleaning of this label printer is made easy with the simple use of cotton from time to time for maintenance.


  • The minimalistic design may set off some users as some have reported having liked an all-black color

Buying Guide

While choosing one of the best Commercial Label printers, the following are our experts; that you should keep in mind before going out. If you look at an unlabeled product, you will feel doubtful about the quality as it won't have any tag. These tags add reliability and a more trustworthy relationship among consumer's minds.

This would create a bad impression on your business. These incomplete tasks will never be able to satisfy your customers. For this simple purpose, you must need the best commercial label printer. To avoid such circumstances, you need to be more naive in getting a perfect and best quality label printer.

You will never regret choosing from this list, as these are our handpicked and essentials when you start a business. The question then arises is?  Have no fear, and we have got your back.

After going through a lot of variety on the internet, we have come up with some of the best ones currently in high demand among people. Without wasting any more time, let’s dive right into it.


First of all, whenever you are out buying something. Always prioritize the things you want to buy and the ones you don't need when you are out looking for the printers; you should state your purpose clear whether you want it for your house or your office.

Obviously, a commercial printer needs to have certain characteristics that a printer for occasional use won't require. Also, an electrician label maker isn't equipped with the functions of a commercial one. 

Commercial Label Printer

Depending upon the need, select the type you want and for what? And for how much? For example, you may need to print address labels quite frequently after learning how to print labels from google sheets for your business. All these factors must be taken into account before going out looking for the best commercial label printers.


Whether you're buying a label printer or edible ink printer, the other most interesting thing is to go for a reputable brand. Why? They want to announce themselves to the world as a reliable and relevant source of the best 3D printers. So buying from one will definitely guarantee you a good quality product that will require the least amount of repairs.

These reputable brands have to keep their earning their trust with their consumers.


In the modern era, the new commercial labels, or label makers, are completely flawless, representing their unique qualities. They work with much efficiency and they last for many years due to their high-quality material. These can also print labels from Google sheets if you can set print area Google sheets.

Commercial Label Printer


Pay heed to the instructions where necessary. No matter what branded printer you buy, you must find one that retains quality labeling tape for an economical as well as affordable price.

You can also find a printer at a slashed rate. But then you’re stuck with an expensive, third-rate tape. Think of the things that you thought of the same before getting them and ended up as such.

Price matters a lot; once you have bought the one that fulfills the demand you have in your mind, don't let it get away with whatever the price.

Customer Service

Whether you're buying a label printer or a laser printer for foiling, with the well-known and trustworthy industrialized name, you are always sure of the services they provide. Investing in the industrialized machinery has got you covered up. Those who work with your initial sale and offer an exchange with the manufacturing fault are the most reliable resources.


Check out for the warranty, and the industrialized printers have their warranty extended up to a certain period of time. That if anything happens, they provide their customers with maximum support.

Sometimes there are issues in the installation, and these services offer guidance and support throughout how the customer considers rating as highly regarded. By being supportive, these companies or brands with the specified featured item gain the customer's full trust.


1. Are these best commercial label printers compatible with Windows?

Yes, all of them are compatible with Windows 7,8,10, and some are also compatible with the Mac, while some are compatible with smartphones. You can draw the P-Type Editing software while printing their label through the commercial label printers.

2. Does the device set itself up under other devices? Is this correct? 

No, to do that, you need to install drivers into the computer so that the printer would start working on it. The same is true in case of laser printer for envelopes.

3. From where can I get the drivers?

You can get those drivers from the internet by downloading them onto your device, and with installation, your printer is ready to print out some labels.

4. How can I make labels besides printing the shipping labels?

You can use MS-word to create the labels in layouts or use P-type Editor for this purpose. Besides making the layout, convert them into pdf and then upload it to the printer, and your label is ready.

5. Do these printers work on Wi-Fi?

No, it doesn't need to be connected to a Wi-Fi network. You can simply connect it with the port or USB, and then your print is ready.

6. Are these printers portable?

Yes, these printers are extremely small and user-friendly. You can bring them with you, wherever you go. These (printer) devices work on the go. You won't be needing extra space for them. These printers are pocket-friendly and lightweight, high speed for printing, and with an ergonomic design.

Final Verdict

The most reliable and durable source for commercial labeling is our advanced and updated printer versions with all of the things listed above. The highly regarded commercial label printer reviews are based on the expert’s opinion and their research.

These printers have the specifications for which they can be used accordingly. They are crucial for the performance of an organization or business. You can draw stamps, bar codes, store data in coding, and print their labels in no more than just a sec.

These printers have made our daily tasks more easily. with their specifications we can do a lot more as they are time effective.

What you wanted from that best commercial label printer is what you should be asking yourself before getting one. Do some research and read thoroughly while making your decision. Did we miss any of your favorites? Until next time, keep printing.

To establish a profitable business and compete among other competitors, you definitely need the best commercial label printer to serve you that purpose.

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