10 Best 11×17 Printer for Architects in 2022 – Reviews

Are you looking for the best 11x17 printers for architects? Many architects suffer from finding a wide format printer that they can use to print out their ideas onto reality. Therefore, a lot of times, those people require prints of a bigger size than usual. This can be brochures, a company's profile page, or a map of building structure altogether. We have gathered some expert architects` reviews upon the printers and their specifications in this article.

In the digital era, when people are using computers as a means for education, they need something they can rely on when it comes to documentation for their business purposes. That being said, the printers save them from this pain.

Whether you want to scan, fax, or print out documents, these printers can do the job well. This curated list allows for well-researched and best 11*17 printers used in the industry for architects, home-based, or office. Even running a full-sized operation ring of constant printing pages at variable sizes, all is possible with today's printer capability. That is where the era of printers with larger-sized image producer printers comes.

The size of 11*17 is considered a standard for creative designs and for high resolution quality. Now, these printers are home or office, both compatible so that you don't miss out. The following list will surely contain a printer for architectural drawings.

Best 11×17 Printer for Architects

1. HP Wireless 7740 Office Jet Pro Printer

HP Wireless 7740 Office Jet Pro Printer

Considered a standard by many and choice of architects, this all-in-one printer allows for scanning, printing, and faxing functions in one single machine. The top-notch print quality allows for 11*17 sized printouts, which makes for an efficient machine. Similarly, scan and fax documents can also be achieved easily.

Nonetheless, the printer makes different-sized prints easy. Whether it may be dual-sided or a single page of paper with multiple images, all is done at blazing speeds with super-fine quality, reducing the cost and saving time in the process. The efficient use of toner makes it ideal to be the best 11x17 printer for architects.

With easy setup features and a mobile app for wireless color wide format printing options sets it apart.

Viewing toner remaining and scan documents directly from your mobile makes it ideal for on-the-go users. The unit is also compatible with some of the remanufactured toner cartridges. Whether it is a small palm-sized print or 11*17, the quality will not fade, nevertheless.

Simultaneous printing and scanning capabilities allow it to be ranked in this list. Whether you will be printing architect plans or scanning notes for a demo, professionals and home users can use this printer.

The possibilities are endless when you can print 11*17 sized printouts with premium quality coloring and an easy touch panel for navigation and instructions. Rest assured, the easy setup and print from the cloud are really terrific additions in such a nice, small package. Plus, we had plenty of fun using this with our document scanner for mac.


  • Silent but deadly speed makes it ideal for home-based architects and designers.
  • A simple touchpad allows for easy navigation.
  • Simultaneous printing does not heat the printer. Even printing 11*17 sized printouts.


  • You can print 11*17 sized print one at a time, which may be frustrating to business owners and architects.

2. Epson expression photo HD Wireless Artisan 1430 Inkjet Printer

Epson expression photo HD Wireless Artisan 1430 Inkjet Printer

The color inkjet printer, which allows for modern technology to take place with the least amount of computer involvement, is considered an ideal for printing from Epson. The premium quality Epson expression photo HD prints out 30 pages per minute, ranging from a letter to 11x17 inches sized photos, make it the best printer for architects for their project designs.

The variation of color and high density resulting architecture Epson workforce as one of the best color printers makes up everything look super cool. The end-to-end complete page utilization capabilities of Epson printing are unmatched. Epson Expression photo HD printers are believed to hoard loads of ink cartridges, but actually, it is quite the opposite.

The efficient machinery that goes into this product is because the company wants you to have the best everlasting experience after using this one printer, big printouts, and smaller ones and not make a quick buck out from their customers. That is why Epson's workforce with the printing architect plans has never been so easy and effective.

The use of Wi-Fi direct makes every idea to the possibility in mere seconds. Just connect your mobile to the printer, and you can transfer your files with speed via ethernet connectivity while at the office or work so that you receive complete printouts when you get home. Even printing off a CD/DVD is available through this printer as users can print out images of a CD/DVD in no time. You can get all these features in just one printer.


  • The inclusion of a CD/DVD tray in this printer makes for an exciting and amazing feature to be included.
  • You can print on these CDs/DVDs too for safekeeping high quality.
  • The Top-notch quality performance in terms of 6 colors prints for exotic-looking printouts.
  • Reserving every detail. Ideal for professional architects
  • The noiseless feature is perfect for home use.
  • The expression photo HD XP is the best feature so far among these wide format printers. 


  • Printing on paper less than 10mm might not be possible as some users have pointed it out missing in Epson's guidelines, which is a huge flaw for some customers.

3. Brother Wireless Inkjet Printer

Brother Wireless Inkjet Printer

Bringing their big printing Goliath, Brother printer does more than it aims to achieve. For some, printing 11*17 printers for architects print-ready pages per minute is a daunting task with a single one-on-one page or other caveats. Such a beast holds the power to print twice the number of pages per minute of normal printers and, above all, with wireless connectivity.

Delivering top premium level quality prints with surreal paper handling and color distribution makes it the most desired product for people in business and home users alike. The ink cartridges are upgraded and can take one year before needing replenishment—an all-rounder in providing a professional scan, fax, and send with speed due to Ethernet connectivity so print with no overhead bottling, demonstrating its raw power.

The paper handling and ink capacity with the exquisite media handling allow the brother mfc not to bother the user when performing a critical task (pun intended). Therefore Amazon Dash Replenishment is enabled, which allows for alerting Amazon to send in ink or paper when running low on either.

This feature allows for a relaxed feel and peace of mind for the best 11x17 printers. The big size means a bigger print size and speed in wireless connectivity with professional, ultra-realistic print quality,

even on sizes as 11x17 printers for architects require such big prints for their frequent daily tasks thus requires an automatic document feeder. That is why, don't worry about any paper handling or architecture printing errors, just let brother take care of that problem.

NFC tags' inclusion makes them readily available for simple touch and print function without the need for any connection. Thus consider professional versatile delivery ,paper handling mechanism and wireless connectivity or wired using ethernet cable for huge media size helps in offline printing capabilities and monitor ink usage to reduce wastage by almost 50%.


  • This printer has a huge ink tank, and page storage allows for a whole year of tension-free printings.
  • Ergonomic designs make a beautifully colored printout with long-lasting colors.
  • This offers one wide format black printing exceptionally well with near-perfect color-balancing.


  • The scan design is good, but low for some unknown reason, users have reported that the borderless sheet scanning cannot be achieved whatsoever, which makes this a design flaw in the machine.

4. Canon Pixma Mark-2 Inkjet Printer

Canon Pixma Mark-2 Inkjet Printer

Capable of producing super crisp printouts, even at the size, it is a spectacle to watch. It even takes less than a minute to churn it out. The heavyweight paper allows for super fine detailed end-to-end printing capabilities. Thus making it an architectural printer paper sizes churning device and a must-have for professionals and beginners alike.

The software installed offers super simple, with plug & play support included. Such premium quality built and features allow for color correction to be observed automatically in the printout. This makes it a photo printer for the chief architect as you get supreme quality paper handling, handouts, and more.

Receiving professional-quality photos and designs from this canon pixma ix6520 comes at an expensive cost of color cartridge every time. But not for Canon Pixma ix6520 as it offers the least amount of cartridge and produce superior quality printout with blazing speed in no time. The light quality offers auto-correction allows for surreal image quality, taking your professional printing to a whole new level.

The inkjet control is so accurate that it uses only 2pl droplet size of 8-color combinations to provide uninterrupted individual ink printing sessions. The commitment to quality is unmatched as the nozzle will probably never clog up, causing a spillover while printing architect plans. Using these features, Pixma Mark-2 is adored by all.

You can just keep the printer running 50 plus photos to print non-stop, and not even one droplet size of inks will have any spills on your artworks or important documents. That is the quality and durability of Canon. The printout is so mesmerizing; you won't be able to tell the difference between a computer screen and a picture.


  • Achieve direct DSLR camera, mobile connection for printing photos directly.
  • Sturdy and ergonomic tray design allow for high-resolution print quality.
  • The heavyweight paper used for printing produce ultra-realistic pictures with no scratches and spills whatsoever.


  • The company prefers their own Canon papers for printing bigger illustrations which causes frustration to the users.

5. Epson Expression Photo HD, XP-15000 Wireless Printer

Epson Expression Photo HD, XP-15000 Wireless Printer

Whether you are a home user or looking for what printers do architects useEpson is here to take that job and perform exceptionally well. This can be seen by its high-quality printouts that make it a really easy purchase. The two-sided printing design with 15000 wireless color wide ability means you do not waste space providing eco-friendly gestures.

This supreme compact XP 15000 wireless color printer build may look small but can deliver prints up to sizes of 11x17 inches without diminishing quality. It is allocating cartridge resources intelligently to provide an ergonomic printer for long use. Given that, it does not cause any disruption in the quality of the print, and it is very easy to set.

The sleek and silent printing abilities make it run in the background while staying worry-free for any kind of spills. The huge storage capacity of pages per tray of different weights makes this ideal for the least hassle. That is why the ink replenishment feature allows Amazon to send ink or pages when running low on either automatically.

The highest quality pictures are achieved only via six colored palate nozzle gun. Such firing of beautiful color patterns with peak accuracy is mesmerizing to see in the final product. Whether you are printing cards or big as 11x17 inches photos, this wide format printer gives outstanding picture quality.

The super convenience you get from this printer is its stylish, matte-finished, small design every page per minute. This makes placing it along your desktop to be print-ready at all times. Now print hundreds of pages in silence and non-stop, no heating curated printing device.


  • The replenishment feature allows for an uninterrupted printing session.
  • A small compact body makes for sitting along perfectly, taking the least amount of space on your desktop and ready for printing.
  • The wireless feature included makes cloud printing easy by a just swipe on your mobile and hassle-free.


  • Only Epson cartridges are to be used with this printer. Any other refilled or manufactured by other ones will not work, making users upset from this product.

6. WorkForce WF-7710 Wireless Wide format Color Inkjet Printer

WorkForce WF-7710 Wireless Wide format Color Inkjet Printer

A multipurpose 7710 wireless connectivity, wide-format black printer that produces shop quality colored prints with workforce WF-7710 with wide format. An ergonomically designed colored printer which features up to 250-sheet tray, with rear feed for the specialty that can hold a minimum of 20 photo paper in the photo tray or at least 10 envelopes.

Workforce wf 7710 wi fi direct printer is professionally capable to produce automatic 2-sided prints, with 8.7 ppm (ISO) in black color and 6ppm in colored form. It comes with a 4.3" inch touch screen for the programmed printing. The designs of this printer look unique and one of its kind.

This premium printer is also known as the HD format color inkjet printer. This printer has been specially designed for printing glossy photo paper, plain paper, and envelopes (FYI, it can't be used as a foiling paper printer). It can also perform functions other than just printing papers such as the double (2) sided print, copy scan, and fax, with an additional 35-page auto-document feeder.

You can get 4 durable ultra-inch cartridges with three different colors, including one instruction manual and a power cord in the bucket with the purchase. You can easily set up your printer with your devices for communicating with your computer for getting access to the documents.

With this wf 7710 wireless wide printers, you can always set up additional settings for their application onto the desired number of prints. This is one of the best 11x17 printers for architects. This printer is well known for wireless color wide formats. Once you get ahold of this luxurious printer, you will love printing some creative and good stuff with this.


  • Featuring multipurpose printer which has in-built wired and wireless networking.
  • Prints can be drawn from tablets, smartphones with WIFI Direct.
  • Encryption compatibility over insecure network connections.
  • Pigmented ink.
  • Rare and one of the best sublimation printers. 


  • It does need Ethernet as well as a printer cord.
  • Sometimes, users have argued about spitting prints in spurts by this printer.

7. Canon Pixma iX6820 Wireless Printer

Canon Pixma iX6820 Wireless Printer

One of the best-known branded Canon Pixma business black printers is printing architect plans for most uprising businesses and has been commercially used. This 11x17 printer for architects has solved many problems. It has been designed for multi purposes with unique features. You can enjoy many features which are advanced and are built-in specifically for the ease of customers.

The most up-to-date printer is precisely compatible with Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 7 SP1, SP2. It has in-built fine print HD technology, which offers users a highly premium duty cycle with the ability of scan, copy and fax and prints upon various papers. It has the ability to print up to the resolution of 600x600 dots per inch.

It has an amazing automatic document feeder which is the best feature for Canon Pixma pro 100% recommended by the users. It also gives you ease with the 5 ink tank systems. The HD resolution gives your paper quality and brief detail in the printed documentation with a stylish tray.

You can also use this printer for architectural drawings with the full HD movie prints beautifully with 3D resolution. It can print with the fastest speed, 14.5 images per minute. It also lets you print from your smartphones using the PPS app, which is convenient nowadays.

The one feature that's a must-have for the printers is that this printer allows you to develop print in a noise-free environment. The process of printing an uncountable number of pages won't disturb the others around you. It also allows the plug-in flash drive for the fastest data transfer means. However, if you're looking to use this printer for planner stickers, you'll be disappointed.


  • Automatic power on the system whenever you send any document to be printed.
  • Noise free environment.
  • Features WIFI direct for transferring of data.
  • Prints document in no less than 1 minute with a speed of 14.5 images per minute. 


  • It does have certain limitations for the printing of pages with the Canon app.

8. Brother MFC-J6930DW Color Inkjet Printer

Brother MFC-J6930DW Color Inkjet Printer

A highly recommended and user-friendly, and one of best Colored printer has brought revolution among many others. This printer has been ergonomically designed and with a sturdy outlook that makes it more compelling for the customers.

The Brother MFC printer is among the top 10 best 11x17 printers for architects. It is the most professional inkjet printer, which is all in just a single printer. It can print, scan and fax up to the 11x17 inches ledger-sized scan glass. It is eco-friendly with a low sound, as low as 50db.

It comes in 4 cartridges and with the CD-ROM with the user manuals to understand the customers. It is very easy to setup. The best 11x17 printer has flexible and durable page handling and the right printer. It has a single-pass duplex scanning feature which enables it to hold 500 sheets in the tray. This feature makes it time effective as well as cost-effective.

The multiple trays of brother mfc make it useful for higher page yielding so that users won't have to replace the cartridge every time they use it. It can print up to standardized size of paper, which is 11x17 at its best. It has been designed with 3.7 inch color screen display for automatic media updates. It is also compatible with the Wireless WIFI direct, ethernet, and with Cortado workplace.

This is known as the High-Resolution printer so far with a maximum speed of up to 22ppm/20ppm. When it comes to business, you can also use it at a more professional, more commercial level, as it gives you fine prints.


  • Duplex scanning feature.
  • Superfast printing speed and known as the best 11x17 all-in-one printer.
  • High Definition quality with the high-resolution color print.
  • Cost-effective.
  • Cloud integration.
  • Print ledge-sized 11x17 paper sizes with maximum speed. 


  • Many customers have reported · Constant reinstallation of drivers.
  • You need to print at least one page in the week for keeping the ink tank. Otherwise, they will dry out soon.

9. Canon Pixma iX6520 Inkjet Printer

Canon Pixma iX6520 Inkjet Printer

Among the top 10 architectural drawing printers, ergonomically designed black colored printer is economical and compatible for your everyday use. It can support various media types ranging from 4" into 6" and upto 16".

It has the ability to produce amazing and beautifully designed architectural designs with print head technology. It has a super-fast speed up to a maximum of 37 seconds with the borderless sheet of 4" into 6" inches photos. It is the best among many other 11×17 printers with a two-sided printing feature. The ink tanks can last much longer, giving you enough time to refill and cost-effectiveness.

It can also create and produce business documents, templates, and flyers, and documents with the built-in software that contains versatile templates, which always comes in handy. It has an extraordinarily high-quality resolution with HD photo quality. It has in-built ethernet connectivity.

It also gives up to a 4-page word document and one four-page pdf document. Many users have recommended this printer, and a must-have in your houses, which also eases the pain for which every time you had to go out for low-quality and costly printing documents.

This printer is very easy to set up and has 3 canon Pixma with an ink system that is individually arranged. It is highly compatible with smartphones, on plain papers, and glossy paper.


  • Super-fast speed, with Wi FI direct feature.
  • Do multiple prints at a single time.
  • Professional HD movie print.
  • Amazing photo printing versatile nature.
  • Automatic document feeder. 


  • Not a wireless printer.
  • It needs a stock of ink, and you also have to print a small amount every day to keep the ink tanks intact.

10. Brother MFC-J6545 Color Inkjet

Brother MFC-J6545 Color Inkjet

This up-to-date printer has many features. If you are searching for a printer for architectural drawingsthen you're just at the right spot. It has advanced features. It is highly compatible with mobile devices, from which one can easily get output in a High definition quality.

It has an individual ink system that comprises copying, scanning, and faxing of the documents. The full package includes the manual user guide, installation disc, starter tanks, reference, and product safety guide. This package is inclusive of up-to one-year ink tanks. This printer also has the Ethernet connectivity compatibility.

It has a large tray that can hold up to 100 pages and 50 auto-update automatic document feeders and a sheet feeder. This printer has a wireless color wide format which is very suitable for wide-format color inkjet. The built-in tanks can hold more than average or normal ink tanks as a storage house. It can hold up to HD media size movie resolution imaging.


  • Delivers HD quality reliable performance.
  • Convenient and uninterrupted printings.
  • Copy and use the scanner for up to 50 sheet of paper.
  • Enhanced productivity and efficiency. 


  • You need to turn it on and off manually when it goes to sleep mode, which becomes a bit irritating

Buying Guide | 11×17 Printer For Architects

Do you need to look out for what type of ink cartridges this particular printing machine use? This will affirm you about the best choice as many, like the edible printers or the best commercial label printer, come with their own company's inks and do not allow to run any other ink from other reputable manufacturers, whatsoever.

We know, staying within a budget limit is very hard for a printer that churns out such massive 11*17 sized prints. Before buying a printer watch out for the best 11x17 printers for the architects with a little research that we just have made easy for you. With that being said, you can be smart about it as some printers and paper are cheap, but their inks are expensive, so get one whose ink prices are around a justified range that of the printer.

11 17 Printer for Architects

Determine whether you need a laser or inkjet printer with high image resolution. You can always use the browser for the next best thing you want in your printer, voila` there you have it.

Despite laser printers offering the best print quality, they are pretty expensive too. Therefore, you need to consider what can do your job well? Understanding what you require from a printer will answer you what type of printer you should be getting.

Many printers, just like photo printer for photo booth, come in additional features, offering offline printing, wireless, and much more. You need to consider these deals as they can help you out. Using the latest image borderless technology to your advantage is always a plus.


1. If we use printers infrequently, what happens to the ink tank? Does it"dry out" or forms the clog if it is not used frequently?

If you have left your laser printers/scanner untouched for a longer period of time, it could dry up the cartridge. That way, the cartridge becomes useless for you. It would be best if you also kept the cartridge, or the tank waste must be cleaned every day to avoid the inconvenience you face when the printers get dried out. You must make sure that your ink tanks are clean to avoid further disruptions.

11 17 Printer for Architects

2. Can any of the above-mentioned printers do Borderless prints 4"*6"?

Yes, these 11×17 architectures printers can do up to 13x19 quality prints. These all are specified according to their features and built-in specifications. This also depends upon the quality of paper you are using for the outcomes. This feature has been a perfect design for the Canon brand printers.

3. Do these printers come with ink tanks?

Yes, some of them have the luxury of in packets inside their packets. Some have tanks that last for almost a year. But you always have to buy and clean every couple of weeks to make sure that your ink are clean and working efficiently.

4. Can these prints patterns heat transfer vinyl?

Some of them are good in ink pigmentation so far. Those who have are the best printers, but some are eco-solvent vinyl printers, so whenever you're out shopping for the laser printers, make sure by looking at their specifications and functions.

4. What happens when 11x17 printer goes offline?

When a printer goes offline, some have built-in software that has the design to save the instructions, but some get paused, and the instructions you've uploaded get lost. So you might have to go through with all the steps again.

These printers, which are discussed above, have architectural printer paper sizes which need proper specs about their production, so when this gets lost, the printers might get multiple prints or none at all.

Final Verdict

You have seen which inkjet ones and which ones are the best 11x17 laser printer for architects. This expert opinion-based list offers a wide variety of fine print head technology printers ready to go. We have discussed all these top-notch quality printers here so you can make a knowledgeable decision. Save the strength and money you pay as cost per page sheet by getting one of the best architectures design laser printers. They are super easy to set and comes in a variety of b&w photo printer.

You can always go through the best 11x17 printers for architects in our article and search in the browser for the next updated review, for the selection of your desired product. If you have any thoughts on what should have been included here, let us know by sending us your name, Email and website of that item you want to add and we will surely add it in the next update. Soon enough, you will be able to print your architectural designs and ideas to reality. Until next time, thanks.

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