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How To Set Print Area In Google Sheets?

Google sheets allow you to have control over how you want your pages to be printed. You can select the layout scaling and format of your document manually. Remember: selecting the print area is an easy process, whether it is a word file, a spreadsheet, or an image. The need to set up a printing area […]

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10 Best Shipping Label Printer for eBay

We agree it is a challenging task to find a printer that best suits your needs for eBay; this is especially because different people use their home and office printers for different reasons.Label printers, without any doubt, have a high demand because of the wide range of applications they offer. They also  create ease for […]

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How To Print Cardstock On A Canon Printer?

Printing on heavy cardstock paper can be tricky and result in malfunctioning of the printer if your printer does not support this function.There are many other means to print out card stock papers so if you are sure that your printer is able to do it, then go ahead with that, or less you would […]

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Can I Use A Cricut Cartridge That Has Been Linked?

Cricut cartridge is a very interesting thing and easy to use. Before going into the details of its usage, we must understand what it is. Cricut cartridge is a pattern carved in a little plastic box.There are a thousand Cricut cartridges for a single theme, for example, Christmas, birthdays, or Halloween.A linked Cricut cartridge is […]

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How To Print Mirror Images In MS Word?

MS Office is a popular software used worldwide. It provides different functions so you can use it accordingly. In our previous guide, we showed you how to print envelopes in word. Here, we’ll talk about another interesting feature that allows creating and printing a mirror image. Microsoft word can create mirror images if you just […]

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How To Make Cardstock Boxes At Home Easily?

Cardstock boxes are made up of cardboard. They are easy and convenient to make, just like printing on black cardstock. You can make any shape and any kind of cardstock boxes you like. Card boxes are cheap and simple. Plus, they have a lot of hidden space to keep your things beautifully in place.Cardstock boxes […]

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How To Override HP Ink Cartridge Error?

The printer is the most handy device of all, but where it comes to issues, they are really frustrating ones. Sometimes the error is something like the hp printer paper jam error but no paper jam, or sometimes the printer not recognizing ink cartridge or low levels of ink in the cartridge.In HP printers, there […]

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Laser Printer Vs. Inkjet Printer Key Differences?

The printer is a hardware device connected to the computer externally. The electronic information stored in a computer is transferred to hard form with the aid of a printer. It is an output device used almost everywhere in schools, offices, firms, and houses as well.Evolution Of PrintersThe history of the printer is very interesting. Charles […]

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Best Printer for Homeschool 2022

Who would have imagined that the invention by Johannes Gutenberg would one day become the need of every home, school and office work? One of the best human supportive inventions is the printer as it has changed the thinking and working conditions for us.So, if you are in search of the ten best printer for […]

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