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Registry file for uninstalling inksaver

Please carefully read the cautions below.

Caution 1

Please make sure that inksaver is already uninstalled.
Other problems may occur if you execute registry file before you uninstall inksaver.

To uninstall inksaver, follow the procedures below.
  1. Click the start button in Windows task bar.
  2. Select All Programs, InkSaver, and Uninstall InkSaver.
  3. Follow the instructions in the window to complete the uninstallation.

Caution 2

This registry file must be used under the circumstance.

An alert window below appears after uninstalling inksaver and newly installing inksaver.
How to download the registry file.

Click the 泥ownloadbelow and save the file into any directory.

File name: IS-clearInstalled.exe
File size: 220 KB
How to apply the registry file.
  1. Double click 的S-clearinstalled.exeand decompress 的S-clearinstalled.reginto any directory.
  2. Double click 的S-clearinstalled.reg
  3. Read the instructions in the Registry Editor and click yes when necessary.
  4. 的S-clearinstalled.regis applied to the registry automatically.
After 的S-clearinstalled.regis applied to the registry, the alert window is not appeared while installing inksaver.
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