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How to activate inksaver.

How to download the registry file.

Click the æ³¥ownloadbelow and save the file into any directory.

File name: ISLicenseCheckerEN.exe
File size: 339 KB
How to apply the registry file.
  1. Download "ISLicenseCheckerEN.exe" and save it into any directory.
  2. Run "ISLicenseCheckerEN.exe" as administrator. Right click on "ISLicenseCheckerEN.exe" and select Run as administrator. If User Account Control window appears, click Yes to proceed.
  3. InkSaver registration utility window opens and click on Register product key... button.
  4. InkSaver Trial Activation window opens, enter User Name and Registration Code, and click OK button.
  5. To confirm activation, open Configuration window, select Help menu, and select About InkSaver.
InkSaver helps you save money on ink. Lower your cost on inkjet printers with InkSaver. Save ink cartridge costs. Save Canon inkjet ink cartridge costs. Reduce inkjet printer costs. Save money, use less inkjet refill kits. Reduce discount office supply costs.

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