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Tips & Tricks

Like most users, we’re always looking for creative ways to lower our printing costs. We’ll share our favorites here, and will add more as we come across them.

Printer Improvement Software
Printer improvement software is a new category of software with the goal of reducing printing costs without sacrificing print quality. InkSaver is the first printer improvement software product that actually improves the productivity of your inkjet printer. InkSaver is the easiest way to save money on ink, allowing you to adjust your ink savings up to 75%.

Duplex Printing
Duplex printing is a great way to save paper when printing drafts, emails, etc. Many printers will print duplex automatically if you select that option in your printer driver. You can access these settings by clicking the Properties button on the Windows Print dialog. However, if your printer does not support automatic duplex printing, you can still print duplex. In your Print dialog, first print the odd pages of your document. Once complete, feed these pages back into your printer and print the even pages.

Print Mode
Most inkjet printers have three print quality modes: best, normal, and draft (Epson is more specific, quoting resolutions for print modes). Interestingly, many printers use almost the same amount of ink when printing in best and normal modes. The main advantage to normal mode is that the page is printed more quickly. Draft mode, however, will significantly reduce your ink consumption. The tradeoff to using draft mode is that you often get results with very poor print quality.

Print Multiple Pages per Sheet
Most inkjet printers enable the user to print from one to 16 pages per sheet of paper. For very long documents, printing two or four pages to a sheet of paper is often a great way to edit and proofread without using a lot of paper. You can access these settings by clicking the Properties button on the Windows print dialog. Combine this technique with duplex printing and InkSaver to maximize savings when proofing documents.

Optimize Page Layout
Before you print, use your application’s Print Preview function to determine how your document is laid out. If you find that you have a few lines of text on a page, you may be able to make small adjustments to your document layout, such as increasing your margins or removing blank lines, to pull that text back to the previous page.

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