InkSaver helps you save money on ink Lower your cost on inkjet printers with InkSaver. Reduce printer costs with InkSaver. InkSaver saves inkjet cost. InkSaver,the only product that saves ink. InkSaver saves ink. InkSaver is a unique product that saves printer costs.



The best way to save ink while maintaining print quality
inksaver allows you to control the amount of ink used by your inkjet printer, making your ink cartridges last longer. Using patented software algorithms, InkSaver optimizes printer data so that your printer uses less ink – even when printing at your inkjet’s highest resolution.

See how much money InkSaver can save you:

Average # of pages you print per week: 1 cartridge
should last*:
Cost of cartridges per year: With InkSaver set at
50% you can save
75 pages/week 4 weeks 455/year Save $225/year!
50 pages/week 6 weeks 300/year Save $150/year!
20 pages/week 15 weeks 120/year Save $60/year!

Saving money with InkSaver is like getting up to a 75% discount on every inkjet cartridge you buy - once you install InkSaver, you continue to save every time you print!

Simply adjust the ink savings slider and print!
Behind the scenes, InkSaver's patented technology optimizes your printer data so that you use less ink.

Saves Money
InkSaver lowers your ink consumption and can extend the life of your ink cartridges by up to 4 times.

Better than Draft Mode
Unlike printing in Draft mode, InkSaver gives you control over your ink without compromising print quality, regardless of whether you are printing in best, normal or draft mode.

InkSaver is Easy to Use
Configurable ink savings levels let you choose the ink savings you prefer, from 0 to 75%.


inksaver works with your inkjet printer
InkSaver works with ALL printer brands including HP®, EPSON®, Canon®, Lexmark® and many more. Inksaver also works with any type of ink or refill kit.

Savings Estimator
An intuitive savings estimator lets you see how much money you can save.

Customize Inksaver to Fit Your Needs
You can configure your ink savings once and never worry about it again, or you can adjust your savings level for every document you print.

*This information is based on a $35 cartridge yielding 300 pages


Will InkSaver work with my printer?

inksaver works with all inkjet printer brands including HP®, EPSON®, Canon®, Lexmark® and many more

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Rated "Best Buy"
5 Stars by Windows Made Easy

"a superb and unique piece of software that will benefit computer users everywhere"
- Stuart Tarrant, Windows Made Easy Magazine

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How does it work?

View a flow chart of The InkSaver Printing Process and see how InkSaver can save you ink and money.

Find out how it works

InkSaver helps you save money on ink. Lower your cost on inkjet printers with InkSaver. Save ink cartridge costs. Save Canon inkjet ink cartridge costs. Reduce inkjet printer costs. Save money, use less inkjet refill kits. Reduce discount office supply costs.

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